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7/13/2022 - Chief Justice John Weimer wins legal ruling, can run for re-election to Supreme Court

6/18/2022 - Former District Court Judge Mike Erwin passes away at 72

6/18/2022 - Seventh insurer in state collapses

6/18/2022 - Louisiana officials ask U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in redistricting case

6/18/2022 - Appeals court serves win for Oceana

4/9/2022 - Mark Ballard: Some reform supporters have had enough of trying to lower auto insurance premiums

3/31/2022 - Jeff Landry spent $420,000+ from campaign donors on his own staffing company

3/22/2022 - Robert Kless, Louisiana judge for four decades, dies at 81: 'Everybody's favorite jurist'

3/20/2022 - In staged accident scheme, New Orleans woman becomes 31st defendant to plead guilty

3/15/2022 - Weimer calls on state lawmakers to adequately fund judiciary

3/15/2021 - 2022 State of the Judiciary Address

3/14/2022 - Excessive litigation costs Louisiana $3.2B, thousands of jobs

3/10/2022 - La. Dept. of Insurance announces Castastrophe Reform Package

3/10/2022 - Excessive tort costs take a toll on Louisiana's taxpayers and economy

3/9/2022 - 4th JDC is one messed-up court district as evidenced by neverending Palowsky-Cork-Campbell-judges soap opera

2/23/2022 - Louisiana Supreme Court denies writs, alllows judge's suit against The Advocate to proceed

2/17/2022 - Jack Watson, Louisiana Supreme Court justice from 1979 through 1996, dies at 93

2/14/2022 - 7 More Charged in Louisiana Staged Automobile Collision Scheme

2/11/2022 - GOP lawmaker proposes second majority-Black distric for Louisiana's Supreme Court

2/11/2022 - US judge strikes down Biden climate damage cost estimate

2/10/2022 - 3 Terrebonne residents accused of staging car crashes in New Orleans for insurance money

2/8/2022 - State could see lower auto insurance rates in 'several years,' tort reform supporters now say

2/7/2022 - Louisiana courts should be funded by taxpayers, not tickets, fines, task force says

2/3/2022 - Ethics complaint filed against federal judge who insisted lawyer remove his mask

2/4/2022 - Funeral services set for Judge Martin Feldman

1/31/2022 - Appeals court Judge Regina Bartholomew-Woods resigns, will take job at Entergy

1/28/2022 - Baton Rouge judge can keep seat despite election after turning 70; high court cites pandemic delays

1/26/2022 - Jim Brown: Auto insurance rates skyrocketing

1/25/2022 - Judge loses seniority lawsuit against colleagues on East Baton Rouge bench; appeal likely

1/23/2022 - When a judge sues other judges, who hears the case? A seniority lawsuit has made it an issue. 

1/21/2022 -
 Commissioner Donelon Places Americas Insurance Co. Into Receivership

1/21/2022 - Louisiana attorney disbarred for multiple alleged violations

1/20/2022 - Commissioner Donelon Places Americas Insurance Co. Into Receivership

1/20/2022 - Tort reform has yet to lower Louisiana auto insurance rates, new data suggests

1/19/2022 - Nov. 8 special election set after judge's death

1/19/2022 - Cause of Louisiana judge's death uncertain after autopsy

1/16/2022 - District Court judge Christopher Dassau found dead in his home Sunday, Baker police chief says

1/15/2022 - In New Orleans staged accident racket, Lafayette man is sent to prison

1/15/2022 - Lafayette Man Sentenced for Conspiring to Stage Automobile Accidents

1/13/2022 - 5th Circuit's Costa to resign, giving Biden second vacany to fill

1/14/2022 - Former judge to run for Odinet's vacated seat following racist video

1/14/2022 - Brad Myers, ex-federal prosecutor, running for vacant 19th JDC seat

1/13/2022 - Harvey Woman Pleads guilty to Conspiring to Stage Automobile Accident in Order to Defraud Insurance and Trucking companies

1/13/2022 - 1st of 43 lawsuits accusing Big Oil of damaging Louisiana coast back to state court - again

1/12/2022 - Louisiana Supreme Court exteneds courthouse closure

1/12/2022 - What are the most expensive states for auto insurance?

1/11/2022 - Consumer advocate concerned about rising car insurance rates

1/10/2022 - Trucking Industry Needs Protection From Huge Legal Verdicts

1/10/2022 - Parish tax officials seek dismissal of federal lawsuit challenging Louisiana sales tax system

1/7/2022 - Louisiana Supreme Court upholds vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

1/4/2022 - Jonesboro Fire Chief and a Jackson Parish Sheriff's Deputy arrested for insurance fraud

1/9/2022 - Judges sued by colleague use $170K in court funds to pay private lawyers - but is it legal?

1/9/2022 - Real Reform Louisiana says car insurance rates continue to rise despite 2020 tort reform claims

1/8/2022 - Louisiana judge indicted on tax charges tied to wedding fees

1/4/2022 - Court Order: Orleans Parish Civil District Court and the First and Second City Courts have suspended all civil jury trials until March 1, 2022 because of COVID-19 

1/4/2022 - Op-Ed: Coastal credit schemes are a paper tiger for coastal restoration

1/3/2022 - Appeals court rules in favor of Terrebonne Parish government in coastal lawsuit

12/31/2021 - Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet resigns after racial slurs caught on video: 'I am sorry'

12/31/2021 - Louisiana appeals court orders land transfer for levee project

12/17/2021 - Louisiana insurer agrees to take on 30,000 customers stranded by carriers insolvent from Ida

12/19/2021 - Letters: Louisiana has a long way to go building a better legal systme for business, consumers

12/18/2021 - Baton Rouge lawyer has been suspended for two years with no full hearing, raising concerns

12/17/2021 - Appeals court reinstates Biden's vaccine policy for businesses, setting up a likely showdown at Supreme Court

12/17/2021 - Houston woman placed on probation for staged accident with 18-wheeler in New Orleans

12/16/2021 - Texas Woman Sentenced for Conspiring to Stage Automobile Accidents in Order to Defraud Insurance and Trucking Companies

12/15/2021 - Proposed bill aims to protect trucking industry from insurance fraud

12/14/2021 - Graves' legislation would make staged collisions a federal crime

12/13/2021 - Report: LA's Civil Justice System Costs State Billions

12/12/2021 - Louisiana judges facing disciplinary hearings could now be on the hook for more court costs

12/12/2021 - After tort reform failure, time for real insurance reform

12/12/2021 - Louisiana still a 'judicial hellhole'

12/10/2021 - Rep. Graves proposes bill to make staged collisions a federal crime, lower car insurance rates

12/8/2021 - Supreme Court Justice Jeff Hughes' lawsuit against The Advocate can move forward, court rules

12/7/2021 - Ron Haley Jr., attorney for Ronald Greene family and rapper Lit Yoshi, suspended fofr 6 months

12/7/2021 - Louisiana Supreme Court hears arguments from Ochsner, employees over vaccine mandate

12/5/2021 - Louisiana judges often resign while under investigation. There's a new penalty for that

11/30/2021 - Louisiana legal system blamed for rising auto insurance rates

11/29/2021 - Waiting for State Farm to reimburse you for Ida evacuation expenses? That could be awhile?

11/29/2021 - Louisiana judges get pay cut after courts collect fewer fines and fees

11/29/2021 - Critics cite concerns over oil-and-gas 'credit schemes' said to help environment

11/24/2021 - William Morvant, longtime 19th JDC judge, retiring with 'no regrets' during 'most rewarding career'

11/24/2021 - Housing issues deserve Capitol spotlight

11/22/2021 - Louisiana Supreme Court announces amendments to judicial discipline rules

11/23/2021 - New rule could make disciplined judge pay costs of probe

11/19/2021 - Jim Donelon: The facts about auto insurance, rising and falling cost

11/18/2021 - As voting rights lawsuit looms, Louisiana lawmakers consider adding high court seats

11/18/2021 - Commentary: "Tort reform" rightly under fire as insurance rates rise

11/17/2021 - New Orleans Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Stage Automobile Accidents in Order to Defraud Insurance and Trucking Companies

11/15/2021 - Auto insurance rates have gone up since new law to bring them down, insurance commissioner says

11/10/2021 - Insurance agents fear rising homeowners insurance companies leave Louisiana

11/10/2021 - FedNat Pulling Out of Louisiana, Texas Amid Heavy Storm Losses

11/10/2021 - Louisiana's top insurance regulator seeks court-ordered take-over of failing insurers after Ida losses

11/7/2021 - A Tax Break for Trial Lawyers

11/7/2021 - Mark Ballard: Haatred of insurance companies becoming bipartisan issue in Louisiana

11/6/2021 - Boil 'em alive? Insurers face angry Louisiana politicians as policyholder frustrations mount

11/6/2021 - In judicial seniority spat, colleague seeks dismissal of Judge Beau Higgibotham lawsuit

10/25/2021 - Louisiana court system needs modernization makeover, study finds

10/18/2021 - State Sen. Rick Ward confirms potential run for Governor in 2023; expresses appreciation for "insight" that trial lawyers may actively back his candidacy

10/15/2021 - Federal Judges or Their Brokers Traded Stocks of Litigants During Cases

10/12/2021 - Ida-delayed Supreme Court arguments set for next week

10/12/2021 - The Louisiana Supreme Court Throws out Lafayette Judge's Ruling that Lafayette Consolidated Government's Ordinance Against Panhandling is Unconstitutional

10/6/2021 - When legal system is abused - as with 'hurricane lawyers' - Louisianans pay

10/5/2021 - La. justice commission looks to overhaul court costs

9/25/2021 - Is a 71-year-old Baton Rouge judge too old to serve? Showdown in state's highest court will decide

9/24/2021 - 'LaPolitics': September is a big month for class-action lawsuits

9/23/2021 - Judge rejects employee lawsuit against Ochsner Lafayette General over vaccine mandate

9/23/2021 - Viewpoint: Don't rush to hire a lawyer to help with your insurance claim

9/20/2021 - 'We will not change our stance': Ochsner Health responds to letter from law firm on vaccine mandates for employees

9/20/2021 - A group of customers is suing Entergy for 'negligence' in Hurricane Ida blackout

9/15/2021 - Cyberattack hits courts, Kenner

9/13/2021 - New indictment in brazen 18-wheeler crash scheme alleges more lawyers involved

9/13/2021 - 7 More Charged in Louisiana Staged Automobile Crash Schemes

9/13/2021 - Louisiana judge faces disciplinary hearing amid efforts to boost judicial transparency

9/10/2021 - Everlasting Judicial Hellholes

9/2/2021 - Law firm sends letters to Ochsner and Lourdes requesting withdrawal of vaccine mandates

8/31/2021 - In wake of Ida's devastation, Louisiana Supreme Court issues emergency orders

8/27/2021 - Hearing set for unethical conduct accusations against judge

8/6/2021 - Lawsuits over Louisiana oil drilling subject to new round of federal court hearings

8/5/2021 - Oil, Gas Companies Granted Redo in Louisiana Coastal Lawsuits

8/5/2021 - Jurisdicational question revived in suits over coastal loss

8/2/2021 - Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Stage Automobile Accidents in Order to Defraud Insurance and Trucking Companies

8/1/2021 - Letters: Given time, insurance rates will go down because of 2020 reforms of state law

7/30/2021 - After COVID-19 exposures at criminal courthouse, some judges move back to all virtual proceedings

7/28/2021 - Higher courts told a Baton Rouge judge to sue his colleagues. He did, and here's why

7/28/2021 - Lawsuit tried to disqualify court candidate over tax issues. Did they have the wrong person?

7/22/2021 - Jeff Landry targets new Louisiana medical school over coronavirus vaccine mandates

7/7/2021 - Should Bar Associations be Able to Use Mandatory Dues for Lobbying?

7/3/2021 - Must Louisiana lawyers join bar association? Maybe not, federal court says

7/2/2021 - Victory at the Fifth Circuit: Should Bar Associations be Able to Use Mandatory Dues for Lobbying?

7/1/2021 - Overturning 8 Years of "Palpable Error," The Louisiana Supreme Court Limits Damages Available to Landowners in Oilfield Legacy Litigation

6/30/2021 - Louisiana Supreme Court justice admits misconduct; here's how his colleagues disciplined him

6/23/2021 - Appeal court clerk accused of removing appeal testimony against judge

5/18/2021 - Letters: Civil justice reformes will take time to make a dent in car insurance rates

5/17/2021 - Supreme Court sides with oil companies in Baltimore case

5/15/2021 - Misconduct charges against Denham Springs judge revealed; lawmakers push for more court transparency

5/15/2021 - Mark Ballard: Why lawyers' ads portraying jubilant winners of lawsuit lottery might be dialed back

5/14/2021 - Louisiana needs tort reform as new report shows billions in economic and wage losses

5/14/2021 - Louisianans want legal settlement funds dedicated to coastal restoration, poll finds

5/14/2021 - Trial lawyer bills would encourage meritless litigation and divert coastl remediation funding

5/6/2021 - Garey Forster: Don't let trial lawyers create a Ponzi scheme fro coastal lawsuits

5/5/2021 - Zurik: Questions surround Attorney General's use of insurance fraud funds

5/4/2021 - Letters: With State Farm rate increase, voters have no one to blame but themselves

5/4/2021 - Louisianans Reject Lawyer-Driven Coastal Policy

4/23/2021 - New Episode: Louisiana: The Lawsuit Paradise - Business Erosion Part 2 (click link to view video)

4/22/2021 - Keva Landrum, former Orleans Parish judge, tapped for U.S. attorney post in New Orleans

4/21/2021 - Ronald Gathe picked for Baton Rouge U.S. attorney; he's the first Black nominee

4/20/2021 - Energy industry: Lawyers want to bypass legitimate coastal protection policies

4/12/2021 - Louisiana Trial Lawyers Spend Big on Ads Across the State

4/8/2021 - 'Slammers,' 'spotters,' staged vehicle wrecks and a push to make the scheme a felony in Louisiana

4/8/2021 - For second year, Louisiana bar exam will be open-book test due to COVID concerns

4/1/2021 - Letter to the editor: La. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Weimer of Thibodaux on why jury duty is important

3/22/2021 - Hunter and Smith vie for Court of Appeals seat, 2 former mayors in Bastrop runoff

3/21/2021 - Why auto insurance is so expensive in Shreveport

3/17/2021 - Keep Texas Trucking Along by Protecting Against Excessive Lawsuits

3/16/2021 - Jury trials can resume in Louisiana, but New Orleans courts take different approaches to tricky topic

3/15/2021 - Jeff Landry defends handling of case involving top aid's sexual harassment complaints

3/15/2021 - Owners of Ascension-based school bus company facing charges over fake insurance cards

3/13/2021 - Jury moratorium to expire March 31, 2021

3/11/2021 - Pat Magee - aide to Jeff Landry - resigns amid second sexual harassment complaint

3/7/2021 - Oil industry calls coastal erosion settlement authorized by Landry misguided, flawed

3/7/2021 - State AG authorizes $100M settlement in oil and gas lawsuit

3/5/2021 - Did Jeff Landry Betray Louisiana's Oil And Gas Industry Yesterday?

3/4/2021 - Louisiana AG Landry Authorizes Settlement Between Oil Company, State

3/5/2021 - Landry signs on to coastal lawsuit settlement

3/4/2021 - Freeport McMoRan agrees to big coastal damage settlement

3/4/2021 - AG Jeff Landry signs onto $100M settlement offer from Freeport-McMoran for its damage to Louisiana's coast

3/4/2021 - Louisiana attorney general signs onto coastal lawsuit deal

3/4/2021 - AG Jeff Landry signs agreement to settle 1 oil and gas lawsuit, faces criticism from industry

3/4/2021 - Jeff Landry must release records on aide, as judge rules in favor of Advocate reporter

3/4/2021 - LLAW: Statement on Attorney General Landry and the Edwards Admininistration's Support for Proposed Freeport McMoRan Settlement

3/4/2021 - 'A big deal:' Jeff Landry to sign onto potential landmark settlement with oil and gas company

3/4/2021 - LMOGA & LOGA Issue Joint Statement Regarding Coastal Land Loss Suits

3/4/2021 - Freeport-McMoran Receives Attorney General Authorization to Resolve Coastal Claims

3/4/2021 - Our Views: Jeff Landry's attack on open government should be exposed in courts

3/3/2021 - AG Jeff Landry's lawsuit targeting Advocate reporter to be heard Thursday

2/27/2021 - Second trucking firm files RICO lawsuit to recoup losses in staged accident

2/27/2021 - AG Jeff Landry didn't report discipline of top aide resulting from sexual harrassment complaint

2/26/2021 - La. auto insurance rates likely won't drop this year despite tort reform promises

2/24/2021 - Federal judge dismisses a lawsuit targeting Denka Performance Elastomer

2/23/2021 - He played role in major class-action lawsuits but was disbarred in 2019

2/23/2021 - La. State Police: Staff size limits insurance fraud investigations

2/12/2021 - ULM Foundation announces the Jeff Albright Insurance Society

2/14/2021 - Widow of sea captain settles coronavirus negligence lawsuit

2/13/2021 - Louisiana trucking industry is in for the long haul on tort reforms

2/13/2021 - Landry sues reporter who filed records request about harassment compliments

2/11/2021 - PAR: Reverse Lawsuit Sets Bad Example

2/9/2021 - COVID-19 Legal Services Television Advertising

2/8/2021 - New polling on attorney advertising hits home in Louisiana; Most people say it is 'annoying'

2/8/2021 - Auto insurance rates drop around 4%

2/8/2021 - Attorney General Jeff Landry sues Advocate reporter over public-records request

2/3/2021 - Donelon: Tort reform effects on auto insurance rates won't be known for two years

1/27/2021 - Tort reform advocates await Louisiana Supreme Court's study of attorney ad reforms

1/27/2021 - After arrest for drunken groping at bachelor party, Louisiana judge suspended

1/25/2021 - 'Spotter' in New Orleans Staged Crash Schemes Sentenced to Prison

1/24/2021 - Why judge Beau Higginbotham is suing to move into a vacant civil seat in Baton Rouge

1/17/2021 - James Gill: Legislators want to crimp lawyer advertising. Here's why their plan won't work. 

1/15/2021 - As Johnson retires from state Supreme Court, advocate hopes new court will uphold tort reform initiatives

1/13/2021 - A Hall of Fame Lawyer, a 'Real Housewife' and a Stunning Fall

1/7/2021 - Thibodaux native becomes chief justice of the state Supreme Court

1/4/2021 - Auto insurance law offers no guarantees

12/31/2020 - New laws: Tougher rules for Louisiana car accident lawsuits

12/29/2020 - Louisiana court decides if businesses can suffer mental anguish

12/21/2020 - N.O. Judge Harry Cantrell to run out the clock

12/17/2020 - Four more guilty please in insurance scam at center of 'Highway Robbery' investigation

12/17/2020 - Four more admit staging $4.7 million vehicle accident in New Orleans

12/16/2020 - Garey Forster: Avalanche of lawsuits and lawyer ads hurts Louisiana businesses

12/14/2020 - Supreme Court Justice Jeff Hughes scores initial victory in lawsuit against The Advocate

12/14/2020 - Insurance commissioner: Bogus online statistics about cost of car insurance in Louisiana

12/14/2020 - Top official in Jeff Landry's office put on leave amid investigation into violation of office policy

12/14/2020 - Federal judge in Louisiana approves hurricane lawsuit plan

12/14/2020 - In the news today (Institute for Legal Reform)

12/12/2020 - State plagued by lawsuit abuse

12/12/2020 - Louisiana finishes in top 5 in 'Judicial Hellholes' report

12/11/2020 - Federal judge has hurricane lawsuit plan

12/10/2020 - Letters: State senator says La. ranks 2nd-highest nationally for auto insurance

12/10/2020 - Changes to Louisiana's legal system fail to get the state off the 'judicial hellhole' list

12/9/2020 - Louisiana finishes in top 5 in 'Judicial Hellholes' report

12/8/2020 - Slight Improvement, But Louisiana Still Named a "Judicial Hellhole"

12/8/2020 - Louisiana labeled as 'Judicial Hellhole' for eighth year in a row

11/30/2020 - State Farm, cops believe judge candidate is insurance fraudster

11/25/2020 - FBI issues warning to suspects amid investigation into widespread La insurance fraud scheme

11/25/2020 - Assumption sheriff's deputy sues former judge over racist, derogatory text message

11/23/2020 - Attorney indicted, key witness murdered as FBI turns up the heat in Louisiana insurance fraud investigation

11/23/2020 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch Releases American Tort Reform Poll

11/23/2020 - Texas Trucking Association targets tort reform with broad coalition

11/11/2020 - Op-Ed: Sue-happy Louisiana sends people, jobs and investments feeing

11/6/2020 - A Louisiana Supreme Court candidate just won a runoff by default; here's why

11/5/2020 - New Orleans attorney charged in federal prove of brazen staged-accident scheme

11/3/2020 - Piper Griffin, Terri Love in runoff for New Orleans-based Louisiana Supreme Court seat

11/3/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court election: Judge Jay McCallum wins District 4 seat

10/27/2020 - In New Orleans staged conspiracy, another defendant admits guilt


10/26/2020 - Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court. Next up: Her new job starts Tuesday.

10/26/2020 - Amy Coney Barrett is my niece. It's absurd to call her an extremist.

10/24/2020 - Senate GOP marches ahead on Barrett over Democrats' blockade

10/22/2020 - Louisiana Coastal Land Loss Litigation

10/21/2020 - Climate Change Litigation and Why Every Business Should Be Concerned

10/22/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court rules on LOGA supported tax case

10/22/2020 - Senate Judiciary Committee advances Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett

10/21/2020 - Senate to work through weekend to get Barrett confirmed before election

10/21/2020 - Opinion: Cast an informed vote in state and local judge races. Our guide will help

10/19/2020 - Disgraced judge Jeff Perilloux sentenced to 14 years in prison for fondling teens

10/19/2020 - AG Jeff Landry Statement on Perilloux Sentence

10/17/2020 - WDSU Investigates: More indicted in staged wrecks scheme, over 30 now charged

10/17/2020 - 'Slammers,' 'spotters,' crooked lawyers: 4 more indicted in New Orleans staged accident scam

10/15/2020 - Judge convicted of inappropriate touching of daughter's friends sent to jail immediately

10/14/2020 - Judicial campaign accuses opponent of conspiring with Sidney Torres to circumvent campaign contribution rules

10/14/2020 - Disgraced St. John Parish judge asks for sentencing delay amid alleged probe of jury tampering

10/12/2020 - American Bar Association Awards Judge Barrett a "Well-Qualified" Rating

10/11/2020 - Supreme Court nominee Barrett faces Senate despite virus

10/11/2020 - Three vie for retiring Chief Justice Bernette Johnson's seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court

10/11/2020 - Judges Tiffany Foxworth, Yvette Alexander to square off for third time this year in Nov. 3 election

10/11/2020 - Chris Cox, Pat Rooney seek open Jefferson Parish judgeship

10/10/2020 - Votes for Jeff Perilloux, convicted St. John Parish judge, will count, court clerk says

10/10/2020 - Insurance crisis in Louisiana shows need for reform

10/10/2020 - Killing of staged-accident 'slammer' puts spotlight on 'crazy' Louisiana fraud scheme

10/9/2020 - 'LaPolitics': Judicial contests drawing money from business lobby

10/9/2020 - Supreme Court order makes Judicial Disciplinary proceedings more transparent

10/7/2020 - Letters: A high economic cost of reckless lawsuits

10/3/2020 - GOP seeks to call off Senate work, but not Barrett hearings

10/2/2020 - Supreme Court to decide whether climate suit can be moved to federal court

10/2/2020 - Justice Hughes files defamation suit against tort reform group's director; Critic says suit attempts to 'chill' speech

9/30/2020 - Fifth Circuit candidates share election platforms

10/1/2020 - Judge: Suit over arrest of pipeline protesters can go on

9/30/2020 - Federal judge in Baton Rouge allows protesters' lawsuit against pipeline company to proceed

9/30/2020 - After conviction on sex counts, Jeff Perilloux resigns judgeship in S. John the Baptist Parish

9/30/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Agency Preemption Case

9/29/2020 - Legislative task force looking at ways to lower care insurance rates in Louisiana

9/28/2020 - 'Take home' lawsuits over COVID infections could be costly for U.S. employers

9/28/2020 - Louisiana business groups urge court to keep coastal erosion lawsuits in federal court

9/28/2020 - Four vie for Division 'I' seat in Orleans Parish Civil District Court

9/27/2020 - Our Views: A qualified nominee from Louisiana heads for a broken Senate process

9/27/2020 - What Louisiana leaders are saying about Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to U.S. Supreme Court

9/27/2020 - Longtime 19th JDC Judge Richard Anderson faces challenge from Baker prosecutor Christopher Dassau

9/26/2020 - Trump caps judiciary remake with choice of Barrett for court

9/26/2020 - New Orleans man's murder shows the danger of becoming a witness

9/26/2020 - Amy Coney Barrett's Catholic faith, People of Praise ties likely to gain scrutiny in Supreme Court confirmation

9/25/2020 - An inside look at New Orleans' staged-accidents scam - and how some sought a bigger payday

9/25/2020 - Blue Cross Blue Shield settlement deal could increase competition

9/25/2020 - Appeal challenging newly elected Baton Rouge judge not considered after being filed too late

9/24/2020 - In New Orleans, a case of staged wrecks, a disbarred lawyer and stuntwoman attorney takes a dark turn

9/24/2020 - New Orleans man shot to death ahead of arraignment on staged car accident charges, lawyer says

9/23/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court justice sues watchdog group head for defamation, cites letter to the editor

9/23/2020 - Parish presidents who oppose coastal lawsuits argue oil and gas industry essential to state economy

9/23/2020 - Sen. John Kennedy signals support for moving forward with Trump nomination for Supreme Court

9/23/2020 - New Orleans judge Harry Cantrell nears end of final term, but faces misconduct hearing first

9/22/2020 - 4th JDC judges get $125K for updates after cyberattack

9/22/2020 - Louisiana oil firms seek to overturn panel's ruling on coastal lawsuits

9/22/2020 - Parish presidents who oppose coastal lawsuits argue oil and gas industry essential to state economy

9/21/2020 - Metairie native Amy Coney Barrett meets with Trump over Supreme Court seat

9/21/2020 - Will Metairie native Amy Coney Barrett be Trump's Supreme Court choice? Here are key factors

9/21/2020 - 9 more charged in scheme to stage I-10 vehicle wrecks, collect insurance payouts

9/17/2020 - Federal RICO lawsuit filed over staged Louisiana tractor-trailer accident

9/16/2020 - Louisiana's High Court Creates the Louisiana Supreme Court Technology Commission

9/14/2020 - Update: See the list of 4th District Court documents on dark web

9/12/2020 - Judge McCallum picks up more endorsements

9/12/2020 - St. John Parish Judge Jeff Perilloux convicted of four sex crimes with juveniles

9/11/2020 - Women testify St. John Parish judge smeared vapor rub, tanning lotion on them as teens

9/9/2020 - Liability threat could prompt self-insured to OK COVID-19 comp claims

9/9/2020 - Oil companies facing lawsuits over coastal damage ask court to reconsider sending the cases to state court

9/4/2020 - Louisiana business-use car insurance premiums ranked among highest in nation

8/31/2020 - 11 indicted in accident schemes to defraud Louisiana insurers, trucking firms

8/25/2020 - 11 Charged in Louisiana Staged Truck Crash Insurance Fraud Scheme

8/24/2020 - Weimer's vote looks bad but does not violate the Code of Ethics, legal observer opines

8/20/2020 - Letters: Legislative reforms will eventually lower car insurance rates

8/17/2020 - Two more auto insurance companies lower rates in Louisiana

8/17/2020 - Commissioner Donelon Announces Lower Auto Rates for Louisiana Policyholders this Autumn

8/16/2020 - James Gill: Oil companies lose a round in court, so they may be settling with coastal parishes

8/16/2020 - Our Views: Justice John Weimer's decision on bar exam helps daughter, but doesn't help court's reputation

8/15/2020 - Mark Ballard: Despite new law, Louisiana's auto insurance rates won't go down next year; here's why

8/13/2020 - Op-Ed: As battle over coastal lawsuits continue, Louisianans pay the price

8/13/2020 - Oil Industry Faces Litigation Worth Billions in Louisiana Courts

8/11/2020 - Federal appeals court: Wetlands damage suits against oil and gas firms belong in state courts

8/10/2020 - Fifth Circuit says coastal lawsuits belong in state court; critics say case is 'meritless'

8/10/2020 - FG officials, opponents reach temporary accord in litigation over plastics project

8/9/2020 - La. Supreme Court reveals its 'inhumanity'

8/9/2020 - In courts, no easy answers about how to combat virus

8/9/2020 - Delays muddle age rules in judicial race; Candidate was within limits during qualifying but aged out after election postponed

8/9/2020 - New Orleans man pleads guilty to helping Houma residents fake auto crashes

8/9/2020 - Jay McCallum rolls out industry, law enforcement endorsements for Supreme Court race

8/7/2020 - A Supreme Court justice voted to let law grads forgo the bar exam. Among them: his daughter

8/7/2020 - New video series tells stories of Louisianans impacted by state's extensive lawsuit climate

8/6/2020 - 'Ring Leader' in New Orleans staged accident scam pleads guilty; Damien Labeaud's plea turns up the heat on one remaining defendant, as well as the attorneys who federal prosecutors say worked with him.

8/6/2020 - Judge sides with Louisiana governor, upholds virus rules

8/6/2020 - LOGPAC endorses Jay McCallum for Associate Justice of the Supreme Courrt, 4th Supreme Court District

8/5/2020 - Judge to hear legal challenge of Louisiana virus regulations

8/4/2020 - Lawsuit: Louisiana doing too little to protect voting rights

8/4/2020 - Judge candidate Justin Marquez disqualified in north shore race over domicile dispute

8/3/2020 - One of hospitalized Baton Eouge Chip Moore;s opponents drops out of race

8/3/2020 - U.S. Attorney resigns from Department of Justice, assumes duties of U.S. District Judge

8/2/2020 - Louisiana high court ends debate over mandatory judicial retirement age

8/2/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court justice Hughes sues The Advocate for defamation

8/1/2020 - Federal judge denies request to allow bars to reopen

8/1/2020 - James Gill: Septuagenerians can do lots of things. But running for judge isn't one of them.

7/28/2020 - U.S. Attorney David Joseph confirmed by U.S. Senate to federal judgeship

7/28/2020 - Advocates hope new legislation protects businesses and governments from COVID-19 lawsuits

7/27/2020 - Plaintiffs ask full appeals court to hear Terrebonne minority judgeship case

7/24/2020 - Seeking Big Payouts, Baseless Litigation Campaign Against Louisiana Energy Producers Harms State Economy

7/24/2020 - Judge in ICU with COVID-19 can qualify for reelection, La. Supreme Court decides

7/24/2020 - Jeff Perilloux qualifies for re-election despite indictment

7/24/2020 - A court told a Baton Rouge judge she was too old to seek re-election. She's running anyway.

7/24/2020 - Appelate Judge Higginbotham runs for reelection, second judge to defy mandatory retirement ruling

7/23/2020 - OPINION - Civil Justice Reform Act will help fix Louisiana's broken legal system

7/22/2020 - After bar exam cancellation, La. Supreme Court says candidates can practice law if they meet certain requirements

June 2020 - Louisiana Takes First Steps Toward Tort Reform

7/21/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court upholds age limits for judges hours before election qualifying

7/20/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jeff Hughes sues The Advocate over stories about misconduct

7/18/2020 - Republicans eye sweeping shield from coronavirus liability

7/11/2020 - Congressional bill would bar frivolous lawsuits associated with COVID-19

7/18/2020 - This well-connected Orleans judicial candidate could face ballot challenge on a 'close call' question

7/18/2020 - Judge Lori Landry, focus of hundreds of recusal motions in fall 2019, resigns from bench

7/18/2020 - Courrt asked to dismiss age limit lawsuits; Two judges challenging ban

7/16/2020 - John Bel Edwards signs the tort reform bill

7/16/2020 - Louisiana Gov. Edwards signs civil justice overhaul

7/16/2020 - Letters: Tort 'reforms' should show proof of an impact on car insurance rates

7/16/2020 - Edwards signs new lawsuits limits sought by business lobby

7/14/2020 - Letters: Take more steps to end Louisiana's anti-business climate of lawsuits

7/14/2020 - Louisiana tort-reform bill seen as jobs booster

7/13/2020 - LABI launches new website about Louisiana judges; see district maps and more

7/13/2020 - At Louisiana Supreme Court, campaign style attacks and recusal wars keep erupting

7/11/2020 - Our Views: A compromise on car insurance

7/11/2020 - Congressional bill would bar frivolous lawsuits associated with COVID-19

7/9/2020 - Getting Gordon: The man behind the billboards

7/9/2020 - House Bill 57 set to help Louisiana Logging industry after two prior bills fail

7/9/2020 - Edwards agrees to protect schools from most virus lawsuits

7/8/2020 - Louisiana legislature passes tort reform; governor's approval expected

7/7/2020 - Shreveport judge retires after probe into his rulings in alleged girlfriend's DWI case

7/7/2020 - Lawsuit reform is compromise

7/5/2020 - Not all the legislative session was work

7/8/2020 - La. insurance chief believes car insurance rates will drop

7/6/2020 - Donelon Approves Fourth Consecutive Auto Rate Decrease for State Farm/$202 Million in COVID-19 Premium Returned to Louisaiana Policyholders

7/3/2020 - Judge retires, ending investigation by judiciary commission

7/3/2020 - Louisiana Moves to Stop Nuclear Verdicts

7/2/2020 - Houma prosecutor suspends campaign for judge

7/2/2020 - Louisiana lawmakers send revised tort reform plan to governor

7/1/2020 - LA tort reform win signals major power shifts

6/30/2020 - Controversial bill aimed to lower Louisiana auto insurance passes: See details on changes

6/30/2020 - In a win for AG Jeff Landry over NAACP, U.S. 5th Circuit nixes Terrebonne minority judgeship

6/30/2020 - Ban on coronavirus against Louisiana schools, colleges narrowly qpproved; see next steps

6/30/2020 - Louisiana lawmakers pass state budget and civil justice overhaul

6/29/2020 - Louisiana lawmakers advance lawsuit bill, tax break expansion as session heads into home stretch

6/29/2020 - Bill that would ban civil lawsuits over coronavirus in Louisiana schools last day decision

6/26/2020 - Louisiana Senate panel advances another bill aimed lowering insurance rates

6/25/2020 - Louisiana senators looking for more tort reform

6/23/2020 - Veteran 19th JDC Judge Janice Clark challenges mandatory retirement at age 70; She's 73

6/23/2020 - Louisana House tries end run around Gov. Edwards' potential veto of proposed accident lawsuit charges

6/23/2020 - Louisiana House OK end around to possible veto

6/23/2020 - Edwards signs bills giving Louisiana businesses sweeping protections from COVID liability

6/23/2020 - Senate approves change in handling accident claims

6/21/2020 - Political Horizons: Louisiana tort reformers set up for guerilla warfare

6/21/2020 - Opinion Piece: Louisiana needs legal reform

6/16/2020 - Lower car insurance in Louisiana still a possibility with two new bills

6/16/2020 - Our Views: These are the steps that should be taken to help lower car insurance in Louisiana

6/15/2020 - Louisiana House pass two bills that could address auto insurance rates

6/12/2020 - John Bel Edwards vetoes controversial car insurance bill; here are the next steps

6/9/2020 - Louisiana legislators try again on legal changes

6/9/2020 - Louisiana legislaors wade into auto insurance rates again

6/6/2020 - Column: Mark Ballard: Louisiana lawmakers' excessive pride raises issues with flawed bills passed

6/6/2020 - Man pleads guilty to helping Houma residents fake crashes

6/3/2020 - Republican lawmakers add mistake in signature business bill

6/3/2020 - GOP challenged to enact SB 418 now, fix later

5/28/2020 - 'We ran out of time': Bill to nullify Louisiana parish lawsuits vs. oil and gas companies is dead

5/28/2020 - Truckers gather outside of La. state capitol in support of proposed bill that would lower car insurance rates

5/28/2020 - Elton truck driver urging support for Senate bill

5/28/2020 - La. House prepares to debate tort reform

5/27/2020 - Judge's connection to ankle monitoring company in center of federal lawsuit

5/27/2020 - Bill to kill parish lawsuits against oil companies advances in the Legislature but faces obstacles

5/26/2020 - Legislation that might lower auto insurance rates in Louisiana is closer to final passage

5/20/2020 - Louisiana Senate passes bill opponents say is disguised attempt to kill coastal parish lawsuits

5/19/2020 - Supreme Court unveils website

5/19/2020 - It's Now Entirely Possible That Tort Reform Will Become Louisiana Law

5/19/2020 - Bill to kill coastal parish lawsuits against oil and gas companies advances to Louisiana Senate

5/18/2020 - New Orleans lawyer permanently disbarred for spending clients' Deepwater Horizon funds

5/18/2020 - Letter: Only the state can properly coordinate coastal energy, restoration

5/19/2020 - Senate votes to curb car accident lawsuits in Louisiana

5/18/2020 - Louisiana Senate approves tort reform that might lower auto insurance rates; see what's next

5/18/2020 - Bill aimed at curbing La. car insurance costs rolls toward House

5/18/2020 - Louisiana state Senate backs legal changes in hopes of lower auto insurance rates

5/17/2020 - Attorneys under fire at Capitol

5/16/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court publishes judges' financial disclosures online for first time

5/14/2020 - VIDEO: Scott Ballard Shows Everybody How To Give Legislative Testimony

5/14/2020 - Gov. Edwards opposes Louisiana Senate bill that would undermine parish lawsuits against oil and gas companies

5/14/2020 - Louisiana senators: Shield businesses from virus lawsuits

5/14/2020 - Louisiana Senate targets lawyer ads promising big payouts

5/13/2020 - APPEL: Tort Reform Is Everything In This Legislative Session

5/13/2020 - Bid to force interruption insurance to cover virus shelved

5/12/2020 - Sweeping tort reform bill advances to Louisiana House floor

5/12/2020 - GOP lawmakers look to limit car accident claims in Louisiana

5/12/2020 - Bill to lower car insurance rates advances after lengthy, fiery debate

5/12/2020 - Letters: Fagan's fake news about parishes' lawsuits undermines coastal restoration

5/12/2020 - Letters: End coastal lawsuits as blight on troubled energy industries

5/12/2020 - 'It's not a fair system': Sweeping tort reform bill that would lower car insurance rates advances

5/11/2020 - Letters: Lawsuit protections will help businesses get back on their feet

5/11/2020 - BRAC Public Policy Commentary: Tort Reform 101

5/10/2020 - Letters: Protection against a lawsuit boom vital to economic recovery

5/10/2020 - Political Horizons: With GOP in charge, Louisiana Legislature returns to partisan ways

5/10/2020 - Dan Fagan: Louisiana's oil industry fights a pandemic...and thousands of lawyers

5/8/2020 - LABI announces recommendations to reform liability policies amidst COVID-19

5/7/2020 - Louisiana state Senate committee sides with oil companies in fight over coastal parish lawsuits

5/6/2020 - Committee Rejects Governor-Backed Bills Addressing Auto Insurance Rates

5/6/2020 - Bill sought by oil and gas companies would deep-six coastal lawsuits filed by Louisiana parishes

5/6/2020 - Louisiana bills would force insurers to pay business' coronavirus claims

5/6/2020 - Louisiana committee rejects governor-backed bills addressing auto insurance rates

5/4/2020 - Could tort reform keep car insurance rates down

5/3/2020 - A look at state limits on suing care homes in virus crisis

5/3/2020 - N.O. courts make plans for reopening

5/3/2020 - Judge seeks to serve past age limit

5/2/2020 - Companies seek to limit legal liability for virus infections

5/2/2020 - Stephanie Grace: What is 'essential' to Louisiana Legislature? Check out their agenda

4/30/2020 - Debate flares over legal protections as businesses open up

4/30/2020 - New Orleans Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell files lawsuit to serve past 70-year-old age limit

4/29/2020 - Debate continutes over how to lower La. auto insurance costs

4/27/2020 - Dan Fagan: Taxes and trial lawyers won't save Louisiana's economy from collapse

4/28/2020 - Council approves Freeport McMoran settlement

4/4/23/2020 - Jury trials in Louisiana suspended until June 30 due to coronavirus pandemic

4/22/2020 - Reopening brings risk of legal, as well as viral, exposure for business

4/21/2020 - Corporate America seeks legal protection for when coronavirus lockdowns lift

4/20/2020 - State's oil and gas industry looking for better days ahead amid rough seas

4/20/2020 - Ten years later, many Deepwater Horizon claims still in court

4/20/2020 - U.S. Supreme Court abolishes split jury verdicts; dozens of convictions voided

4/19/2020 - Many Louisiana courts turning more to technology during COVID-19 crisis

4/17/2020 - Gauthier, Houghtaling partner calls insurance companies' rejection of business interruption claims 'morally wrong'

4/13/2020 - In suspension of Baton Rouge lawyer running for City Court, state high court won't reconsider

4/13/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court to make hearings public for judges accused of wrongdoing

4/9/2020 - Local personal injury attorneys starting to get coronavirus litigation questions

4/3/2020 - Stop the lawsuits related to the coronavirus pandemic

4/8/2020 - Report: Attorney Morris Bart recovering from coronavirus

4/8/2020 - Study: Class action lawyers often take more money from settlements than class members

4/8/2020 - LA Supreme Court issues new rules for proceeding in COVID-19 Crisis

4/7/2020 - 'The landscape has changed dramatically': Donelon calls for lower car insurance rates

4/7/2020 - Danny Becnel Jr., high profile trial lawyer, dies at 75

4/4/2020 - Lawyer ads in 2020 are talking less about Roundup, more about coronavirus

4/3/2020 - Louisiana's legislature faces complicated but important session

3/28/2020 - Coronavirus changes La. Legislature's agenda

3/25/2020 - Baton Rouge lawyer permanently disbarred; must repay clients nearly $27,000

3/24/2020 - Reinstatement recommended for suspended Baton Rouge attorney convicted in 2015 'chest bumping' of DA

3/23/2020 - Longtime Lake Charles attorney, failed 2014 judicial candidate indicted for domestic abuse, now on disability inactive status

3/24/2020 - LA Supreme Court order limits access to courts

3/18/2020 - Legislation backing transparency in judicial misconduct complaints may get heard this session

3/17/2020 - Former Harahan Magistrate suspended for allegedly practicing law while ineligible

3/16/2020 - Louisiana Legislature to suspend session in latest step to battle coronavirus

3/14/2020 - How many more Louisiana judicial misconduct cases could become public under new proposal?

3/13/2020 - 4th Judicial District Court issues order regarding COVID-19 outbreak

3/13/2020 - Tort reform Part 3: Enthusiasum and dissent

3/12/2020 - Analysis: Republicans, Business Aim to Rein in Civil Lawsuits

3/11/2020 - Sam Hanna Jr.: Time to quit stalling

3/12/2020 - James Gill: Louisiana car insurance rates are high. John Bel Edwards has a plan to make them higher.

3/12/2020 - Tort reform Part 2: Are billboard attorneys to blame?

3/9/2020 - Louisiana Supreme Court reprimands politico and defense attorney Ike Spears

3/8/2020 - Clancy DuBos: Proposed bills seeking to shed light on judicial misconduct could spark constitutional showdown

3/8/2020 - Lowering car insurance rates is a top priority for some lawmakers this legislative session

3/7/2020 - AG Jeff Landry subject of attorney ethics complaint by NAACP over H-2B visa work

3/5/2020 - New study adds urgency to Louisiana tort reformers' legislative agenda

3/5/2020 - SADOW: The Cynicism of Louisiana's Anti-Tort Reform Democrats is Notable

3/5/2020 - SADOW: Edwards' ITEP Changes Solve Nothing

3/4/2020 - Will tort reform lower rates?


3/2/2020 - Supreme Court appoints longer-term interim to replace judge

3/2/2020 - Recent judge scandals prompt legislators to ask for more sunlight on judicial misconduct

3/2/2020 - Under legislative pressure, Judiciary Commission mulls more confidentiality changes

2/28/2020 - Our Views: Lower car insurance by fixing trial lawyers' gamed system

2/27/2020 - Insurance CEO pushes for tort reform focus on eliminating 'collateral source rule'

2/25/2020 - LA Supreme Court - over chief justice's dissent - drops all charges against former Orleans Asst DA in alleged jailhouse informant deal

2/27/2020 - 'Stop the madness': Judge Jessie LeBlanc resigns after racist texts, affair with top deputy

2/25/2020 - Report: Excessive lawsuit costs subtract almost $2 billion and 20,000 jobs from Louisiana's economy

2/25/2020 - 9NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Louisiana Judge Jessie LeBlanc admits to using racial slur, apologizes

2/23/2020 - Four Houma residents plead guilty to faking crashes

2/22/2020 - Dan Fagan: Greedy trial lawyers are winning. That means Louisiana is losing. 

2/21/2020 - NAACP chapters seek resignation of judge accused of using racial slurs in text messages

2/21/2020 - Another study proves the need for Louisiana legal reform

2/19/2020 - Dueling interests, secrecy poison justice at La. Supreme Court

2/19/2020 - Officials detail plans to address Louisiana's high insurance rates

2/18/2020 - Insurance commish talks plans to lower auto rates

2/18/2020 - Letters: For genuine tort reform suggestion, outlaw attorney contingency fees

2/18/2020 - Should a spouse dying impact car insurance? Insurance commissioner, Louisiana legislator split

2/16/2020 - Is compromise really possible?

2/15/2020 - Forced recusals for new Louisiana Supreme Court justice show campaign attacks still linger

2/14/2020 - Clancy Dubos: Tort reform should benefit average people, not just insurance companies

2/14/2020 - Republicans to focus on tort reform during upcoming legislative session

2/14/2020 - Ex-EBR prosecutor's law license suspended for a year; disciplinary group says not long enough

2/14/2020 - Lawsuit excesses cost Louisiana economy $1.9 billion a year, study finds

2/14/2020 - LABI leader pushing legal reforms

2/13/2020 - New report shows toll of civil court costs on Louisiana's economy

2/12/2020 - ANSWERED: What is Tort Reform and Will It Lower Insurance Costs?

2/13/2020 - Report: Excessive lawsuit costs subtract almost $2 billion and 20,000 jobs from Louisiana's economy

2/11/2020 - In fight over car insurance rates, Republicans hope to reach a deal with John Bel Edwards

2/10/2020 - After accusations of affair and sick leave, this judge returns to St. James court

2/8/2020 - A group of five tried to make "easy money" in the U-Haul crash scheme

2/8/2020- Mark Ballard: Yes, the tort reform fight will be intense in Legislature's upcoming session

2/6/2020 - AAJ's annual winter convention for trial lawyers in New Orleansthis long weekend

2/6/2020 - JBE'S FRAUDSTERS: Trey Ourso and Eric Holl Take on Tort Reform

2/4/2020 - Louisiana judge accused of ethical misconduct suspended

1/30/2020 - Senator Hewitt speaks with Moon Griffon at Solutions Summit 2020

2/6/2020 - New 'nonpartisan' insurance reform group has strong ties to Democratic Party

2/5/2020 - Press Release: Introducing Real Reform Louisiana - Organization will Fight to Lower Car Insurance Rates and Stop Corporate Court-Rigging

2/6/2020 - Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to build new 9,000-square-foot office; see location details

2/3/2020 - James Gill: When judges set their own ethics rules, you can bet they will be lenient

2/2/2020 - Our Views: Burying the judges' disclosure forms is embarrassment for Supreme Court

2/2/2020 - He hasn't worked in 21 months. But St. John judge accused of molesting teens is still getting paid

1/31/2020 - After reportedly presiding over girlfriend's DWI case, Shreveport judge under investigation

1/30/2020 - As Zion moves in, everyone else in Louisiana moves out

1/30/2020 - Major Lawsuit Reform Bill Aims to Bring Down Auto Insurance Rates

1/30/2020 - Legislators, lower auto insurance rates

1/29/2020 - Lawsuit reform bill set to be a centerpiece of auto insurance rate fight

1/29/2020 - La. high court rules in favor of internet retailers

1/28/2020 - WAFB: Forms showing where La. judges make their income, potential conflicts of interest made available online

1/28/2020 - Lawmakers aim to lower Louisiana's car insurance rates during legislative session

1/28/2020 - Tort Reform Is At The Top Of Republican's To Do List, But Would It Lower Your Car Insurance Bill?

1/28/2020 - Looking up a Louisiana judge's financial disclosure just became a lot easier; here's why

1/27/2020 - 2020 tort reform package pre-filed in Legislature

1/27/2020 - History-making twin 19th JDC judges hope their journey from Baton Rouge's inner city inspires others

1/25/2020 - Dan Fagan: John Alario gave us billboard lawyers and high car insurance. He's gone, but will that change?

1/24/2020 - To replace Assumption jurist accused of an affair, more temporary judges appointed

1/23/2020 - Letters: Lawyer-devised "settlement" of coastal lawsuit is a power grab

1/23/2020 - Gravois Back In Court

1/22/2020 - Louisiana lawmakers to again debate auto insurance bill seeking to lower rates

1/22/2020 - Dan Fagan: Forcing lawyers to join the bar association is unconstitutional

1/21/2020 - Supreme Court rejects fast-track review of health care suit

1/21/2020 - Federal judge tosses lawsuit against forced bar membership

1/18/2020 - Inside Clay Schexnayder's Louisiana House speaker win: A costly misstep, a last-minute push, more

1/17/2020 - Auto insurance is complex issue

1/17/2020 - Senate President Cortez announces committee assignments and appointments for 2020 Louisiana Senate

1/17/2020 - Second temporary judge appointed to handle Assumption judge's cases next week

1/17/2020 - Appeals court tosses kids' climate change lawsuit

1/17/2020 - Coastal lawsuit settlement with Freeport-McMoran delayed; will go to parishes in February, lawyer says

1/14/2020 - U.S. Fifth Circuit to decide soon on coastal lawsuit venues

1/16/2020 - In rejecting Mack, legislators made the ethical choice

1/14/2020 - Welfare check done for Louisiana judge as pressure rises over relationship with deputy

1/15/2020 - Dismissed: Lawsuit over compulsory bar association dues

1/14/2020 - Assumption Sheriff: Chief deputy admits to relationship with judge that turned 'intimate' after previously saying they were just friends

1/14/2020 - Divisions linger among House Republicans after speaker vote splits party

1/12/2020 - Letters: Column on tort reform ignored key facts

1/13/2020 - Clay Schexnayder wins Louisiana House Speaker after push from Democrats

1/11/2020 - Dan Fagan: As Louisiana loses population, let's try something different

1/10/2020 - Open seats on 19th Judicial District Court, Baton Rouge City Court draws qualifiers

1/10/2020 - Rep. Talbot's push for insurance reform to stand out in 2020 legislature

1/8/2019 - Norman named president of LSLI

1/7/2019 - Minority judgeship awaits ruling

1/5/2020 - Letters: Sticker shock on car insurance bill

1/4/2020 - Court to hear arguments on judicial districts

12/31/2019 - APPEL: Sorry, Gov. Edwards, But Tort Reform Is Crucial To Dragging Louisiana Forward

12/30/2019 - CUNNINGHAM: Here's How Louisiana's Legislature Should Pass Tort Reform

12/30/2019 - Judicial discipline up close: Joan Benge speaks out about being thrown off the bench

12/30/2019 - Bayer 'encouraged' by support from DOJ, states in Hardeman appeal

12/30/2019 - Do lawsuits seeking billions of dollars to repair Louisiana's coast belong in federal court?

12/30/2019 - DA: Judge recused herself due to relationship with Assumption chief deputy; judge disputes claim

12/29/2019 - Auto insurance gets top billing

12/26/2019 - U.S. Supreme Court demurs on clash of trash titans; clears way for trial of Nagin bribe allegations

1/4/2020 - Tort changes in Louisiana will be a popular topic - but won't help lower auto insurance rates

12/31/2019 - Dan Fagan: What if John Bel Edwards actually supported tort reform?

12/20/2019 - Do lawsuits seeking billions of dollars to repair Louisiana's coast belong in federal court?

12/20/2019 - Secret complaints, outcomes: How Louisiana's Judiciary Commission protects judges it's meant to police

12/29/2019 - Letters: Tort reform long overdue in Louisiana

12/26/2019 - Louisiana Republicans want to enact new limits on lawsuits

12/25/2019 - Superdome promises changes for disabled patrons as it battles ADA lawsuits against it

12/24/2019 - Tort reform advocates optimistic about 2020 after raising awareness in 2019, LLAW exec says

12/19/2019 - Our Views: ABA president from Louisiana

12/18/2019 - Lawsuit over lip balm named the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of 2019

12/16/2019 - Sherman Mack, Tort Reform And Free Stuff For Democrats

12/16/2019 - Clark to leave Louisiana Supreme Court next summer

12/13/2019 - Harold H. Kim Appointed President of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform; Lisa A. Rickard Transitions to New Role in the Chamber

12/12/2019 - Letters: Louisiana among the worst in lawsuit abuses against business

12/12/2019 - Breaking: Supreme Court Justice Marcus Clark retiring

12/11/2019 - Anti-lawsuit group again calls Louisiana a 'judicial hellhole'

12/10/2019 - District attorney staff recounts problem encounters with Judge Lori Landry during recusal hearing

12/10/2019 - Louisiana Trial Lawyers Lead State to No. 4 Judicial Hellhole Ranking

12/9/2019 - Hearing to remove black Louisiana judge from over 300 cases gets off to tense start 

12/6/2019 - 3 more charged in connection with staged 18-wheeler accident

12/6/2019 - Hidden oil spill: New study contradicts owner's claims

11/25/2019 - Inside the Mass-Tort Machine That Powers Thousands of Roundup Lawsuits

11/22/2019 - 2020 is 'going to be an exciting year' in Louisiana politics, state business advocate says

12/2/2019 - CUNNINGHAM: Louisiana's Dire, Pressing Need For Tort Reform

11/24/2019 - Oral Arguments set in minority judgeship case

11/21/2019 - This scam costs La. drivers millions every year, new videos show exactly how it's done

11/21/2019 - Joyce: Tort reform should be a priority in Louisiana

11/21/2019 - Retired judge will hear recusal motions against black judge

11/20/2019 - Tort reform head says PFAS issue could cause runaway litigation

11/21/2019 - Requests for judge's removal to be heard

11/20/2019 - U.S. attorney David Joseph picked to fill opening on Louisiana Western District bench

11/20/2019 - Edwards won second term but WSJ label of Louisiana 'The Trial Lawyer State' remains, tort reform advocates say

11/20/2019 - Retired Rapides judge assigned to hear 100s of recusal motions against judge Lori Landry

11/19/2019 - Louisiana Supreme Court sidesteps split-jury question, sends case back to Sabine Parish judge

11/18/2019 - A former and famous trial lawyer who lost his license and Ex-board member owes $138k to Southern

11/18/2019 - Jeff Landry to lead GOP attorney general association in 2020

11/16/2019 - Will Crain defeats Hans Liljeberg in runoff for Louisiana Supreme Court seat

11/15/2019 - Ethics filing dropped against candidate

11/14/2019 - Secrecy rules over complaints against Louisiana judges chill free speech, new lawsuit says

11/13/2019 - Outside groups continue to pour millions into bitter ad war to tilt Louisiana governor's race

11/13/2019 - LLAW's Lana Venable honored by ATRA "2019 Legal Watchdog Award"

11/12/2019 - Dan Fagan: Wall Street Journal labels Louisiana a trial lawyer state

11/12/2019 - Secret complaints are not so secret in bare-knuckled Louisiana Supreme Court race

11/11/2019 - Crain, Liljeberg clash in heated showdown for Louisiana Supreme Court seat

11/11/2019 - Retired First Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Burrell Carter dies Monday

11/11/2019 - Baton Rouge lawyer Ron Johnson broke three judicial canons in campaign, new finding says

11/11/2019 - Bribery allegations against state Supreme Court justice must be investigated, tort reform and policy advocates say

11/10/2019 - Louisiana: The Trial-Lawyer State

11/9/2019 - How the term 'trial lawyer' became a vicious attack this campaign season in Louisiana 

11/9/2019 - Ad war heats up Louisiana Supreme Court race with a week to go

11/8/2019 - Hearing scheduled in case alleging corruption in Louisiana DOTD, state appeals court

11/7/2019 - He owns race horses, she was a stuntwoman. So how do they fit into the federal probe into 18-wheeler accident fraud in New Orleans?

11/7/2019 - An organized group of con artists is raising insurance rates for Louisiana drivers, authorities say

11/7/2019 - James Gill: Who would throw a misbehaving Supreme Court justice off the court? The other justices.

11/5/2019 - John Carmouche's Corruption Of The Louisiana Supreme Court Seems Nearly Complete

11/5/2019 - This scam is why your car insurance costs an extra $600 per year in Louisiana

11/4/2019 - Judges' misconduct hidden but taxpayers still pay the tab

11/3/2019 - Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jefferson Hughes III denies payoff allegation from ex-Hammond councilman

11/2/2019 - Ex-Hammond councilman claims state Supreme Court justice offered him $5K to flip allegiance in race

11/1/2019 - JBE Accuses Rispone Of Being A "Walking Special Interest," But Look Who's Donating To Gumbo PAC

10/29/2019 - Lawsuit threat has caused 50% drop-off in La. oil drilling, study finds

10/29/2019 - Louisiana DA tries to remove black judge from 300 cases over comments alleging racial bias

10/29/2019 - Letters: Instead of lawyers, how about role of insurers in sky-high rates for drivers?

10/29/2019 - Letters: Bar associations preach free speech but don't practice it

10/29/2019 - State paid $100K in confidential settlement over civil rights claim against Livingston Parish judge

10/28/2019 - Letters: Back a governor who will turn the tide on tort reforms

10/26/2019 - Race for district bench heats up

10/26/2019 - Forget the ads: Big oil vs. trial lawyers is real fight in Louisiana Supreme Court race

10/23/2019 - 'Pay to play?' Large donation bundled by John Bel Edwards' brother raises questions

10/23/2019 - Lawsuit abuse is killing jobs and driving away economic opportunity for working families and job seekers in Louisiana

10/22/2019 - Experts and stakeholders weigh in: Nearly 8 percent of Acadiana's jobs are oil and gas related - but that doesn't come close to the industry peak

10/22/2019 - Louisiana's coast needs solutions, not shakedowns - Letter to the Editor RE: Freeport-McMoRan's settlement could be the first of many

10/22/2019 - Dan Fagan: The trial lawyers are getting desperate in Rispone-Edwards race for governor

10/22/2019 - Guest column: Don't listen to the lawyers, take tough action to curb car insurance costs

10/17/2019 - Lawsuit abuse 'a serious problem in Louisiana,' state Senate candidate Robert Mills says

10/17/2019 - Drug Giants Close In on a $50 Billion Settlement of Opioid Cases

10/12/2019 - Appeals court judges Will Crain, Hans Liljeberg make runoff in Louisiana Supreme Court race

10/11/2019 - LOGA: Energy industry needs a level playing field in Louisiana

10/9/2019 - Letters: Coastal lawsuits stand up to power of Big Oil

10/9/2019 - Courtrooms don't create a jackpot for our coast or community

10/8/2019 - Coastal and oil litigators from trial bar pumping money into Louisiana Supreme Court race - again

10/8/2019 - Liljeberg receiving substantial support from coastal and oil litigators in Supreme Court race

10/1/2019 - Our Opinion: How to cut your car insurance cost

10/1/2019 - Local officials uncertain how coastal settlement may work out

9/30/2019 - New chief judge for US appeals court in New Orleans

9/30/2019 - Contractor alleges court conspiracy. Says rulings deprived him of $20 million

9/30/2019 - There Will Be A Lot More Freeport McMoRans If Hans Liljeberg Wins That LASC Race

9/30/2019 - President's View: Louisiana Stays Mired in the Litigation Swamp

9/28/2019 - State Supreme Court candidates discuss hot-button legal issues at Loyola

9/27/2019 - Freeport McMoRan Pays Their Exit Fee To John Bel Edwards' Trial Lawyer Cabal

9/27/2019 - Louisiana's Coast is Vanishing. Can a Mining Company's $100 Million Offer Help Save It?

9/27/2019 - Candidates for insurance commissioner agree: Reform needed to lower auto insurance rates

9/27/2019 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch: Reform critical to lower skyrocketing auto insurance rates

9/26/2019 - In first for energy industry, Freeport-McMoRan to settle Louisiana lawsuits aimed at restoring coast

9/24/2019 - FTC Flags Potentially Unlawful TV Ads for Prescription Drug Lawsuits

9/24/2019 - That attorney's ad might be bad for your health

9/22/2019 - Study: Louisiana has second-highest auto insurance rates in U.S.

9/22/2019 - District lines for Louisiana's Supreme Court justices are under fire; here's why

9/21/2019 - Denham Springs woman's vaping case could add to Big Tobacco-like lawsuit resurgence

9/20/2019 - Louisiana Commissioner Donelon: Tort Reform Needed to Fix Auto Insurance Crisis

9/20/2019 - Bayou Bridge Pipeline land seizure decision appealed to Louisiana's 3rd Circuit

9/19/2019 - James Gill: Justice in secret is no justice at all

9/18/2019 - Third new judge in two years on Spanish Lake oil field contamination suit orders new hearings on Shell liability

9/18/2019 - Americans for Prosperity boosts Schlegel's campaign for Louisiana Supreme Court

9/18/2019 - Lawsuit culture in Louisiana ranked as second-worst in the nation

9/18/2019 - US Chamber: Louisiana legal climate, unsurprisingly, ranks second-worst in nation

9/11/2019 - James Gill: Louisiana Supreme Court says judicial discipline is reformed, but it is meaningful?

9/9/2019 - Driving for less

9/8/2019 - State Judge Beau Higginbotham, lawyer Joe Prokop competing for 19th JDC seat in south EBR seat

9/6/2019 - Amid blowback over secrecy, Louisiana Supreme Court changes confidentiality rules

9/5/2019 - Who will wear the next robe?

9/4/2019 - Suburban New Orleans Voters Get To Decide The Future Of Louisiana Oil And Gas This Fall

9/3/2019 - Let's open up the process for dealing with judicial misconduct

9/2/2019 - Leaders in state's trucking industry endorse Temple in GOP primary challenge for insurance commissioner

9/1/2019 - Slidell boy crippled by doctor's mistake is now likely to receive an unusual $10M award in court

9/1/2019 - Vacant 19th JDC seat sought by councilman, defense lawyer, assistant district attorney

8/30/2019 - Orleans judge has conflict of interest over bail fees, federal appeals court says

8/28/2019 - DONAHUE: I Think I See A Light At The End Of Louisiana's Judicial-Hellhole Tunnel

8/29/2019 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch seeks common sense reform from candidates in insurance commissioner race

8/29/2019 - LLAW calls on Louisianans to support political candidates who will enact tort reform

8/28/2019 - Logging truck insurance hot topic at annual LA Forestry Meeting

8/29/2019 - LCCS announces Karen Eddlemon as executive director

8/24/2019 - How Louisiana taxpayers wound up reimbursing Judge Jeff Hughes $100K after investigations

8/20/2019 - Poll: Louisianans Distrust Motives Behind Coastal Erosion Lawsuits

8/20/2019 - Lawsuit watchdog supports conservative PAC's targeting of lawmakers it says blocked auto insurance reforms

8/20/2019 - Minority judgeship case returns to appeals court

8/19/2019 - Lawsuit watchdog wants legislators to take stand for constituents, not the trial bar

8/17/2019 - 19th JDC Judge-elect Kelly Balfour says 'humbled' to win seat without opposition

8/14/2019 - Thibodaux attorney sues national law firm over BP claims

8/14/2019 - New lawsuit claims secrecy rules for Louisiana judicial investigations are unconstitutional

8/14/2019 - La. insurance commissioner's race provides down-ballot drama

8/11/2019 - Jeff Hughes case shows how a judge's misbehavior can remain hidden forever in Louisiana

8/10/2019 - Public Policy Via Lawsuits Delivers Zero Dollars For Louisiana Coastal Restoration

8/9/2019 - Bayer proposes $8 billion to settle lawsuits alleging Roundup product causes cancer: report

8/9/2019 - EPA announces plan to stop false cancer labeling and provide accurate risk info on glyphosate-active products

8/8/2019 - U.S. Chamber study: Coastal lawsuits put Louisiana economy 'in jeopardy'

8/9/2019 - Baton Rouge attorney indefinitely suspended following arrest in high-speed chase

8/8/2019 - Former West Baton Rouge judge accused of harassing deputies files for sheriff's race

8/7/2019 - Conservative PAC attacks Louisiana lawmakers as car insurance debate spills into election season

8/6/2019 - Political science professor says parish lawsuits against oil companies could impact gubernatorial race

8/5/2019 - Oil association president says Edwards' support of coastal erosion lawsuits is devastating to state's economy

8/1/2019 - After Janus decision, Louisiana attorney challenges mandatory bar association membership

8/1/2019 - Lack of judicial reform is failed opportunity for Louisianans to see reduced insurance rates, watchdog says

7/31/2019 - Auto insurance reform will be key issue in governor's race, sponsor of failed bill says

7/31/2019 - Louisiana Motor Transport Association says billboard lawyers are pushing trucking industry out of the state

7/30/2019 - Business leaders hope fall elections will build momentum for tort reform in Pelican State

7/30/2019 - Pelican Institute warns Louisianans that 'job creators do not want to invest here'

7/30/2019 - Trial for St. John judge delayed again

7/29/2019 - New legislature will determine success of civil justice reforms, Coalition for Common Sense argues

7/29/2019 - Grow Louisiana Coalition warns high legal costs are driving companies and people out of Louisiana

7/28/2019 - Lawsuit ads result in high insurance prices

7/28/2019 - Two more apology letters surface from Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jefferson Hughes III

7/27/2019 - Chehardy to fill in for Guidry on La. high court

7/27/2019 - Ballard: Louisiana governor candidates' 'trial lawyer' riff on Gov. Edwards linked to relevant policy debate

7/26/2019 - Powerful business group to start evaluating judges, critics fear 'simplistic' approach

7/26/2019 - State lawsuit involving connected attorneys 'not the answer' to opioid crisis, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says

7/25/2019 - LMOGA says maligned oil and gas industry may have the key to eradicating coastal erosion

7/22/2019 - Lawsuit watchdog claims state's trial attorneys spend millions on 'often misleading ads'

7/21/2019 - List of firms handling Louisiana's opioid lawsuit balloons to 17, including politically connected ones

7/20/2019 - Watchdogs say average Louisiana family foots $4,000 annual bill for state's litigious climate

7/19/2019 - Industry group says jurisdiction battles steal resources from taxpayers, oil and gas companies

7/17/2019 - Grow Louisiana Coalition warns Cantrell's lawsuits against oil companies 'do not build relationships'

7/16/2019 - Reports of FBI probe involving Supreme Court justice brings call for transparency from Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch

7/8/2019 - Business leader says drop in auto insurance rates doesn't eliminate need for legislative reform

7/7/2019 - District court grants DuPont relief in class action over contamination at Pontchartrain Works Facility

7/4/2019 - Letters: Don't vote for candidates who avoid tort reform

7/2/2019 - State's tort laws encourage litigation, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Louisiana says

7/3/2019 - State watchdog executive says Senate Judiciary A Committee is 'foil for civil justice reform'

7/2/2019 - Crain, Ducote announce for La. Supreme Court

7/1/2019 - Schlegel running for Supreme Court seat

6/30/2019 - Baton Rouge judge candidate in hot water for wearing judicial robe in ads, soliciting contributions

6/30/2019 - James Gill: His actions were 'inimical to the pursuit of the truth' but now he's on the Supreme Court

6/27/2019 - Supreme Court allows lawsuit against 4JDC judges, law clerk

6/27/2019 - Judge James Cain Jr. to take oath of office within next few days

6/25/2019 - Our Views: Before Jeff Hughes landed on Louisiana Supreme Court, he made a mockery of justice

6/24/2019 - Letters: As trial lawyers prosper, drivers pick up the tab

6/21/2019 - There will be no winners in Plaquemines Parish litigation, LLAW director warns

6/18/2019 - Greg Guidry one step away from federal judgeship in New Orleans

6/17/2019 - Despite rate cuts for 2.4 million Louisiana drivers, state still among most expensive in U.S.

6/15/2019 - Mark Ballard: Explaining the story of insurance companies, trial lawyers and high auto insurance rates

6/14/2019 - Judge issues stay pending appeal in Louisiana coastal permits case

6/13/2019 - Pelican Institute on tort reform: 'We must do better for Louisianans'

6/11/2019 - Statement in Response to Judge Feldman's Decision to Stay Coastal Permit Lawsuit Pending Defendant's Appeal to the Fifth Circuit

6/11/2019 - Lawmakers fail miserably on car insurance relief

6/11/2019 - Groups sue over offshore drilling rule changes

6/6/2019 - Robert Mills, Special to The Times

6/4/2019 - One O&G suit returning to Plaq, others may follow

6/2/2019 - La. lawmakers give judges five years of annual pay raises

6/1/2019 - LMOGA remains committed to advocating for collaboration, not litigation

5/31/2019 - Injured worker's case Valero Refining-Meraux, nurse dismissed by court

5/30/2019 - Coalition urges Louisiana bar association to crack down on 'misleading' ads

5/29/2019 - Rispone billboard targeted

5/29/2019 - Federal judge says dispute over oil field cleanup should be heard in state court

5/28/2019 - Coastal lawsuits put residents and local economy at risk, LLAW says

5/28/2019 - Federal judge sends Plaquemines oil and gas damage suit back to state court

5/27/2019 - LMOGA suggests coastal lawsuits may set state back more than moving it forward

5/27/2019 - Legal reform group laments missed opportunity as senate committee shelves auto insurance bill

5/26/2019 - Remedy proposed in minority judicial case

5/24/2019 - Mass Roundup settlement could test the limits of tort law

5/24/2019 - Pelican Institute CEO laments lawmakers' 'neglected opportunity'

5/23/2019 - New report shows Louisianans bombarded with ads for legal services

5/23/2019 - If You're Fed Up With All The Lawyer Ads On TV In Louisiana, There's A Reason For It

5/22/2019 - Robert Mills: The high cost of auto insurance

5/19/2019 - Mark Ballard: Auto insurance bill's backers in Louisiana just couldn't prove it'd lower rates

5/17/2019 - Panel recommends suspension for New Iberia attorney who pleaded guilty to election law violations in judgeship bid

5/14/2019 - Massive Roundup verdict, in wake of EPA ruling, shows how uncertainty and embarrassing emails can trump science

5/14/2019 - Today They Killed the Effort to Lower Car Insurance in Louisiana...

5/14/2019 - Louisiana Senate committee votes down legal changes meant to address auto insurance rates

5/14/2019 - Bill to lower Louisiana insurance rates spiked by Senate committee. Why? It wouldn't work, they say

5/13/2019 - Monsanto expert witness says human body repels glyphosate - 'confident there's no hazard'

5/12/2019 - Ad causes Lafayette judge to be removed from case

5/12/2019 - La. Judiciary sitting on a lot of money

5/10/2019 - Wendy Vitter's contested judicial nomination moves to Senate floor

5/9/2019 -Auto insurance bill in trouble

5/7/2019 - Driven Into The Ground

5/8/2019 - The Avengers Endgame provides inspiration for sequel to deal with annoying TV lawyer & medicine ads, robo calls

5/8/2019 - Senate committee defers bill aimed at reducing insurance rates

5/8/2019 - Two seat belt bills rejected

5/7/2019 - Capitol Views: Wearing a seatbelt remains a mystery

5/7/2019 - Tort reform measures run into hard time in Louisiana Senate committee

5/7/2019 - Back a change to lower auto insurance rates

5/6/2019 - Public should know about judges' records

5/6/2019 - Ag industry rallying behind bill to reduce auto insurance rates

5/6/2019 - St. Charles Parish President Larry Cochran pleads no contest to 2017 inebriated driving charge

5/6/2019 - Tort reform is key topice for Louisiana Legislature this week

5/3/2019 - LABI-backed coalition urges state bar to crack down on attorney advertising

5/3/2019 - Pelican Institute's Baehr supports new auto insurance bill

5/3/2019 - Opinion: State's efforts will harm local oil industry

5/2/2019 - Bishop Wades Into Terrebonne's Turmoil

5/2/2019 - Letters: La. drivers getting stiffed on auto insurance

5/1/2019 - John Bel Edwards' Very Bad Day

5/1/2019 - Challenge Issued: Ralph Abraham wants oil and gas debate with John Bel Edwards

5/1/2019 - U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform Welcomes Former Chief Counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

5/1/2019 - House bill targets Louisiana's high auto insurance rates

5/1/2019 - Louisiana Free Enterprise Institute says coastal erosion suits may be more about payouts than protecting environment

4/30/2019 - Capitol Views: Attorney advertising under scrutiny

4/28/2019 - Give insurance change chance

4/26/2019 - Civil justice reform a tall order for an election year, LLAW exec says

4/26/2019 - The business of billboards...or driver distraction?

4/23/2019 - Our Views: Don't let greedy lawyers frustrate car insurance bill

4/20/2019 - James Gill: For Louisiana, highway billboards are 'litter on a stick.' For Lamar, it's money in the bank

4/19/2019 - Grace Notes: One dumb Louisiana bill down - but plenty more to go

4/18/2019 - New Orleans lawsuit puts 'politics ahead of hardworking citizens' best interests,' Pelican Institute says

4/17/2019 - Third Circuit Affirms Board of Tax Appeals Decision

4/17/2019 - Wrecked: A "Premium Reduction" Bill That Would Only Reduce Car Insurance

4/17/2019 - New Report from Ranks Michigan as Most Expensive State for Car Insurance

4/16/2019 - Billboards: Free speech or just 'litter on a stick?'

4/16/2019 - Oil and gas geologist: Suing energy industry won't help preserve New Orleans

4/16/2019 - Push to ban new Louisiana highway billboards crushed in House committee

4/10/2019 - Foster Campbell: New Orleans did right thing in suing energy industry

3/18/2019 - Pelican Institute warns staged-accident scams are egregious, yet unsurprising

4/15/2019 - Hoping for cheaper auto insurance, House committee advances legal changes

4/13/2019 - Attorneys will be only winners in lawsuits targeting energy industry, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says

4/10/2019 - Drawn & Quartered (cartoon)

4/10/2019 - Louisiana Free Enterprise Institute president crigical of parish's 'heavy-handed' tactics to assess damages against 

4/9/2019 - Billboards mocking attorneys could help Rispone, says LLAW

4/8/2019 - Legislation seeks to reduce the number of new billboards

4/8/2019 - Terrebonne Parish sues its District Attorney and the state

4/8/2019 - Terrebonne Parish seeks to damage assessments before violations have been confirmed, state oil and gas official argues

4/7/2019 - Billboard Industry Strikes Back

4/7/2019 - Letter: The high cost of car insurance

4/7/2019 - Louisiana Oil and Gas Association reaffirms its commitment to protecting state's natural resources

4/5/2019 - Legislation looks to limit Louisiana's billboards

4/5/2019 - New bill would cap number of billboards, force some to relocate or come down

4/4/2019 - Proposals aim to limit visual clutter or attorney billboards on Louisiana highways; here's why

3/25/2019 - Letter to the Editor: Dangerous precedent being set by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

3/25/2019 - New federal judge sworn in at ceremony

3/19/2019 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says opportunistic lawsuits may drive trucking companies out of state

3/18/2019 - Expert says direct action against insurance companies contributes to state's 'judicial hellhole' label

3/18/2019 - Pelican Institute warns staged-accident scams are egregious, yet unsurprising

3/18/2019 - LABI's Chauvin details true cost of direct action against insurance companies

3/18/2019 - Venture Global aims to double its size, become bigger LNG player

3/17/2019 - Terrebone enters oilfield fray: DA commencing environment damage probe

3/15/2019 - ROMERO: Trial Lawyers are Destroying the Oil and Gas Industry

3/15/2019 - Litigtious Louisiana municipalities the focus of Federalist Society event

3/15/2019 - Mike Erwin, long-serving judge, leaving the bench

3/12/2019 - Pelican Institute says direct actions against insurance companies 'driving up costs on Louisiana residents'

3/8/2019 - Something Needs to be Done Regarding Our Litigious State

3/8/2019 - Fleets on Alert for 'Staged Accidents' as Spotlight Falls on Louisiana Trial

3/8/2019 - Sugar cane farm not immune from injured workers' lawsuit

3/8/2019 - The typical Louisiana driver overpays for car insurance by $1,159 a year, report says

1/28/2019 - Judge Jeff Thompson announces candidacy for Court of Appeal special election

3/7/2019 - Greg Guidry endorsed in 12-10 party-line vote by Senate panel for federal judgeship in New Orleans

3/6/2019 - Is Louisiana A Judicial Hellhole?

2/26/2019 - Lawsuits out of control in Louisiana

2/26/2019 - Car Insurance Rates Might Be The Big Contentious Issue In This Spring's Legislative Session

2/25/2019 - Corporate-backed groups seek more pro-business judges in the Deep South

2/23/2019 - Zurik: Lawmakers expect to address auto insurance issues in next session

2/22/2019 - Here's Proof Trial Lawyers Are The Reason Why Louisiana's Car Insurance Rates Are So High

2/20/2019 - New Study Finds That Auto Injury Claim Severity Pushes Insurance Costs Higher

2/20/2019 - Zurik: Is Louisiana's 'legal hellhole' to blame for sky-high auto insurance rates?

2/18/2019 - 'Sue-happy legal environment' a factor in state's soaring car insurance rates, Pelican Institute says

2/18/2019 - Experts say Louisiana's high insurance rates reflect a culture of litigation

2/14/2019 - Judge to rule on $1.1 million Mississippi River collision case

2/13/2019 - Court rules that attorney in alleged I-10 semi-truck accident scheme must supply client list

2/13/2019 - Republican Senators Reintroduce Bill Pushing for Disclosure of Litigation Funding

2/15/2019 - LaPolitics: Business group taking new approach to elections

2/13/2019 - Louisiana drivers are paying the second highest auto-insurance rates

2/13/2019 - Greg Guidry coasts through Senate hearing to be federal judge in New Orleans

2/10/2019 - Laplace attorney suspended for mishandling a trust account

2/8/2019 - Judge rules in favor of Chevrom Oronite in indemnity lawsuit

2/7/2019 - Grow Louisiana Coalition and other business groups rallying for legal reform

2/7/2019 - Wendy Vitter, Donald Washington and James David Cain all clear Senate committee

2/6/2019 - Wendy Vitter judgeship up for Senate committee vote a year after nomination

2/4/2019 - Louisiana Oil and Gas Association says lawsuit abuse is making Louisiana unattractive

2/3/2019 - 2 vying for Division E judgeship in Jefferson Parish

2/2/2019 - LABI's Next Game: "Owning" the Referees

/31/2019 - Louisiana Coalition for Common Sense coordinator sees need for civil justice reform in state

1/31/2019 - Louisiana Motor Transport Association sees need to level the playing field when it comes to tort system reforms

1/30/2019 - Judge grants privately owned land to Energy Transfer Partners

1/25/2019 - ILR's Harold Kim: Businesses Don't Think They'll Get a "Fair Shake" in Louisiana Courts

1/18/2019 - Judge Jeff Thompson Announces Candidacy for Court of Appeal

1/18/2019 - America's Communities Will Suffer if Lawsuits Against Energy Producers Succeed

1/24/2019 - Business interests working to build support for legal changes

1/23/2019 - 'Judicial Hellholes' Have Priciest Auto Insurance

1/17/2019 - Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association calls for policies that will improve state's broken legal climate

1/17/2019 - New Report Sheds Light on Lawsuit Trends

1/6/2019 - Lawsuit: Oilfield contamination is widespread in Spanish Lake basin just outside Baton Rouge

1/7/2019 - Supreme Court won't hear appeal of last major Katrina damages suit

1/6/2019 - Who Runs Louisiana?

1/3/2019 - AG Jeff Landry, ex-state Sen. Larry Bankston dispute doesn't belong in court, appeals court says

1/3/2019 - Battle over $62,000 diamond ring at center of heated lawsuit between Baton Rouge judge, his ex

1/3/2019 - 7 arrested for allegedly staging Lower 9th Ward car crash for insurance money

12/31/2018 - State ranked fifth in 'Judicial Hellholes'

12/25/2018 - Opinion: Lawsuit Abuse is Running Rampant in Louisiana

12/23/2018 - Opinion: In cases against judges Byron Williams, Jeffrey Perilloux, taxpayers are hit hardest

12/18/2018 - Task force working to improve Louisiana's least affordable auto insurance rates in the country

12/14/2018 - Lawsuit not the best way to address climate change, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says

12/10/2018 - Louisiana's 'judicial hellhole' rating is no surprise, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says

12/6/2018 - Republican U.S. Rep. Ralph Abramson announces he's running for governor

12/5/2018 - VENABLE: Louisiana's notoriety as a "judicial hellhole" should come as no surprise

12/5/2018 - Sal Perricone, former federal prosecutor, disbarred by Louisiana Supreme Court

12/4/2018 - Louisiana Named No. 5 Judicial Hellhole in the Country

12/4/2018 - Group ranks Louisiana as a 'Judicial Hellhole'

12/4/2018 - Louisiana Named No. 5 Judicial Hellhole in the Country

12/4/2018 - Louisiana again declared a legal 'hellhole' by advocacy group

12/3/2018 - U.S. Sen John Kennedy announces he is not running for Louisiana governor

12/2/2018 - Court may order relocation of school near LaPlace chemical plant, attorney says

12/2/2018 - Coastal lawsuits moving state in wrong direction, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says

12/1/2018 - Gordon McKernan, E. Eric Guirard settle Baton Rouge legal feud - but not their differences

11/28/2018 - Coastal Lawsuits Moving Louisiana in "The Wrong Direction"

11/27/2018 - Eminent domain trial on Bayou Bridge pipeline begins with assertion that land only worth $1.11

11/26/2018 - Let science determine fate of suit alleging LaPlace plant is causing cancer, Louisiana Chemical Association says

11/19/2018 - This interactive map shows which states sue doctors the most

11/17/2018 - How much car insurance costs in all 50 states

11/17/2018 - Group calls evidence, motives into question over LaPlace chemical plant lawsuit

11/16/2018 - Legal fight over Bayou Bridge Pipeline will go to trial

11/16/2018 - Air of Uncertainty: Lawsuit alleges plant emissions cause physical pain

11/13/2018 - WDSU Investigates: Gentilly truck wrecks called 'suspicious'; what it means for your insurance rate

11/14/2018 - Center for Constitutional Rights is suing Bayou Bridge Pipeline

11/13/2018 - Writer makes case for need to reform 'judicial hellhole'

11/13/2018 - Excessive litigation costs the state more than $1 billion annually, watchdog groups warn

11/13/2018 - Oil and Gas Association chief calls for end to 'unnecessary litigation'

11/13/2018 - Plaquemines Parish Council did not heed voters regarding coastal lawsuits Louisiana Coalition for Common Sense says

11/13/2018 - Growing list of tort reform proponents should speak volumes, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association says

11/12/2018 - Eight years later, BP oil spill clean-up workers await their day in court as medical questions linger

11/12/2018 - Plaquemines Parish Council member stands by decisions to push for withdrawing from coastal lawsuits

11/12/2018 - Lafourche judge reflects on new role on Court of Appeal

11/12/2018 - Parents sue St. John School Board, demanding it relocate students away from chemical plant

11/11/2018 - Power plant opponents would drop lawsuits if City Council takes a new vote

11/7/2018 - Oil and gas lawsuits likely to move forward under newly elected Plaquemines Parish council

11/7/2018 - Lanier elected appellate judge

11/7/2018 - Louisiana Coalition for Common Sense sees likelihood of questionable lawsuits fueling rise in insurance rates

11/7/2018 - The time has come in Louisiana for tort reform

11/7/2018 - Lawsuit against Brad Pitt's Make It Right has become a federal case

11/5/2018 - Class action against Denka Performance Elastomer returns to state court

11/3/2018 - 'Climate kids' lawsuit cleared for trial by U.S. Supreme Court

11/2/2018 - LOGA: Changing the Trajectory

11/1/2018 - Yeah, my kid went as a Gordon McKernan billboard for Halloween

11/1/2018 - Outside interests try to make coastal lawsuits main issue in Plaquemines Parish elections

11/1/2018 - Scary Attorney Ads Have Become a Legal Topic in Congress

10/31/2018 - WDSU Investigates: Gentilly truck wrecks called 'suspicious'; what it means for your insurance rate

10/31/2018 - Must Bayou Bridge builders turn over company records since they seized land?

10/31/2018 - State business and industry leader says high litigation costs hurt Louisiana families

10/30/2018 - Federal judge upholds $14 million judgment in 2015 collision on the Mississippi

10/29/2018 - Tort reforms needed to curb costs, save jobs, Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says

10/25/2018 - Louisiana Association of Business and Industry says excessive litigation costs are taking a toll on state

10/24/2018 - National Report: Households in Louisiana Forced to Pay Some of the Highest Lawsuit Costs in the U.S. 

10/23/2018 - Plaquemines Parish likely to suffer if erosion suit succeeds, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association says

10/23/2018 - Lawsuit against LaPlace chemical plant Denka heading back to state court, federal judge rules

10/23/2018 - Suit over arbitration sinkhole cost allocation dispute to remain in federal court

10/23/2018 - 60% of residents against lawsuits

10/22/2018 - Judge upholds Monsanto verdict, cuts award to $78 million

10/22/2018 - Plaquemines Parish stands in defense of oil and gas companies


10/22/2018 - Letters:  Courts have central role in environment

10/19/2018 - City of New Orleans sues opioid manufacturers and distributors

10/18/2018 - Louisiana Department of Insurance High Auto Rates Task Force

10/18/2018 - LLAW releases the 2018 Economic Benefits of Tort Reform

10/15/2018 - Recently retired judge not immune from probe into judicial data breach, lawyers say

10/17/2018 - Our Views: Digging deep to explain politics of oil lawsuits

10/15/2018 - Analysis: Civil litigation costs Louisiana more than $2 billion, 15,500 lost jobs

10/16/2018 - Resolution to end oil & gas suits fails

10/15/2018 - Analysis: Civil litigation costs Louisiana more than $2 billion, 15,500 lost jobs

10/15/2018 - LLAW: Study shows impact of excessive civil tort costs on Louisiana economy

10/10/2018 - Blame the lawyers for Louisiana's fiscal health

10/15/2018 - LLAW: Study shows impact of excessive civil tort costs on Louisiana economy

10/15/2018 - Report: Economic Benefits of Tort Reform

10/15/2018 - Report: Excessive civil tort costs taking a toll on Louisiana economy

10/12/2018 - Trial lawyer climate lawsuits against big oil aren't very popular

10/12/2018 - Move to end Plaquemines' coastal erosion lawsuits against oil and gas companies falls a vote short

10/9/2018 - Plaquemines Parish Council to consider measure to withdraw from oil and gas lawsuits

10/9/2018 - Plaquemines Parish: Microcosm of Louisiana's Near-Cosmic Dysfunctionalities

10/2/2018 - Lawsuit Abuse in Louisiana: Time to Turn up the Heat

9/20/2018 - Bayer Levels Sights on Weedkiller Verdict

9/24/2018 - Study Released by American Tort Reform Association: Trial Lawyers Spent $186 Million on Advertising in Second Quarter of 2018

9/24/2018 - State's auto insurance rates much too high

9/18/2018 - Oil companies go for another win in climate change fight, ask for dismissal of Wash. county's case

9/17/2018 - EPA proposes $365,500 settlement with Pennsylvania manufacturer over alleged violations of Safe Drinking Water Act

9/14/2018 - US takes global oil lead, but La. lags

9/13/2018 - Climate Lawsuits May Drive Thousands of Jobs Out of the US, Business Leader Says

9/11/2018 - La. Governor asks House Speaker to file legislation protecting health care for Louisiana

9/10/2018 - Lawsuit Abuse in Louisiana: Time to Turn Up the Heat

9/10/2018 - Together Baton Rouge: tax assessor under-assessing some ExxonMobil property

9/7/2018 - Carcinogenic junk science is finding its way into the courtroom

9/7/2018 - Climate lawsuits may drive thousands of jobs out of the US, business leader says

9/6/2018 - AG Jeff Landry: Lawsuits against big oil companies over climate change would threaten Louisiana jobs

9/4/2018 - Climate lawsuits could endanger important Louisiana industries

9/4/2018 - Appeals court dismisses case centering on $60 million marine accident

8/29/2018 - Ashe confirmed to N.O. federal judgeship

8/28/2018 - Class action lawsuit over Waggaman landfill moved to federal court

8/24/2018 - Judge grants class-action status to lawsuit against Louisiana public defender system

8/24/2018 - Former Avondale employee ordered to disclose asbestos settlement

8/22/2018 - Task force to look at Louisiana's high auto insurance rates, try to find ways to lower premiums

8/21/2018 - Ergon-St. James awarded $10 million for damages to terminal/dock facility struck by two ships

8/17/2018 - Jimmy Lawson, longtime politician, sues Jefferson government, School Board for asbestos disease

8/15/2018 - Elections: What's at Stake

8/13/2018 - Objector fighting $21.5M settlement with Monsanto, says lawyers, paid more than $6M, didn't get enough for class

8/15/2018 - Round Up the Usual Lawyers

8/14/2018 - Greg Guidry re-elected to Louisiana Supreme Court; sole opponent didn't file tax returns

8/14/2018 - Public service drives New Orleans attorney as she prepares to lead the American Bar Association

8/13/2018 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch admonishes 'billboard attorneys'

8/12/2018 - Graves says lawsuits against oil, gas not right approach

8/13/2018 - New Orleans property owners file suit against S&WB over flood damage: 'It needs to be done'

8/11/2018 - Monsanto to appeal $289 million RoundUp verdict blaming weed killer for cancer

8/11/2018 - New Orleans judges enter 'uncharted territory,' and budget peril, after federal court decisions

8/10/2018 - Locals and activists fight to stop a Louisiana pipeline that the operator insists most people want 

8/10/2018 - Anti-Pipeline Kayaktivists Hit With Felony Charges Under Louisiana's New ALEC-Inspired Law That Criminalizes Protest

8/8/2018 - New Orleans lawyer president-elect of American Bar Association

8/9/2018 - Attorneys and political cronies - not state or plaintiffs - winners in coastal litigation, critics say

8/9/2018 - Letter to the Editor: Louisiana courts keep alive lawsuit threat to economy

8/6/2018 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch director disagrees with rejecting consolidation of wetland damage suits

8/6/2018 - New Orleans judge has 'substantial' conflict of interest in setting bonds, federal court finds

8/5/2018 - Our Views: Louisiana's lawyers can argue until coast is long gone, and they probably will

8/4/2018 - Candidate for associate justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court allegedly falsified information

8/2/2018 - With millions at stake, New Jersey judges won't accept junk science against pharma companies

7/31/2018 - Parish oil damage lawsuits won't be consolidated before one judge

7/31/2018 - Supreme Court denies Trump admin request to halt youth climate lawsuit

7/29/2018 - Two compete for appellate court seat

7/29/2018 - Florida Marine denies claims that it was responsible for sinking barge

7/27/2018 - A Landowner is Suing to Keep Louisiana Pipeline Off His Property

7/27/2018 - St. Tammany sues drug makers over opioid crisis

7/27/2018 - Netherlands port authority brings federal lawsuit to Louisiana over oil tanker spill

7/26/2018 - Class-action status sought for Jefferson Parish landfill stench claims; here are next steps

7/26/2018 - Plaintiff in estate dispute can't amend complaint against Orleans Parish judge

7/26/2018 - Edwards' rule changes add 'costs and uncertainty' to state chemical industry's ability to compete with Texas

7/26/2018 - Judge says Dakota Access developer can't sue BankTrack

7/25/2018 - Environmental rights group lauds decision to allow review of paid actors at New Orleans council meeting

7/25/2018 - Louisiana Supreme Court posts attorney disciplinary action on its web page: does it do the same for judges

7/24/2018 - Motion to recuse Judge Wilson from Marshall case denied

7/24/2018 - Appeals court sides with Allstate in client's suit over additional costs from auto accident

7/24/2018 - Troopers arrest 5 in fake car crash scheme

7/24/2018 - Judge grants Monsanto's motion to dismiss worker's claim of emotional distress

7/23/2018 - Federal court admonishes Marchman, sanctions attorneys for 'frivolous' claims

7/23/2018 - Louisiana Supreme Court didn't disclose $58 million surplus during budget debate

7/21/2018 - Louisiana teen's climate change lawsuit cleared for trial: report

7/21/2018 - Take a close look at this abandoned Plaquemines oil field, why it's a source of major legal battle

7/20/2018 - In spite of recent dismissals, City of Baltimore launches climate change suit against big oil 

7/20/2018 - Judge dismisses New York City's lawsuit against major energy companies

7/20/2018 - Losing streak emerges as NYC, hired guns lose climate change case against Big Oil

7/19/2018 - 'Lawsuit abuse climate' driving jobs out of state, harming state's future, think tank CEO says

7/17/2018 - Louisiana watchdog group says more claims will follow Johnson & Johnson talc powder case

7/16/2018 - Court remedy sought in judge issue

7/13/2018 - Louisiana Coalition for Common Sense director: Talc verdict indicative of St. Louis 'judicial hellhole' standing

7/13/2018 - Despite challenges in courtrooms and at work sites, construction on Bayou Bridge Pipeline rolls along

7/12/2018 - New executive director of Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch vows to make a difference

7/9/2018 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch names Lana Sonnier Venable executive director

7/7/2018 - Minority judgeship case returns to court

7/7/2018 - Columbia Gulf Transmission looks to move pipeline construction lawsuit to federal court

7/6/2018 - Stephens, Marchman to face off again in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal race

7/6/2018 - Hunter to run for 4th JDC seat being vacated by Sharp

7/1/2018 - Justice Hall of Fame to induct Edwards

6/28/2018 - New Orleans native in the running to succeed Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court

6/27/2018 - LMOGA president lauds dismissal of climate change lawsuits

6/26/2018 - Director of Louisiana lawsuit watchdog group calls climate change lawsuits against big oil misguided

6/17/2018 - Oil wetland damage case returns to federal court

6/16/2018 - Hilcorp Energy settles suit with oystermen over unauthorized dredging through wetlands

6/15/2018 - Minority judicial district case moving back to court

6/4/2018 - Gas pipeline firms appeal federal judge's order to pay for canal erosion

5/30/2018 - 42 oil wetland damage suits move back to federal courts

5/28/2018 - Louisiana trial lawyers launch a litigious assault on the state's energy sector

5/17/2018 - Federal judge rules that it is 'premature' to determine enforceability if contract in lawsuit involving Andarko

5/15/2018 - Federal jude sends asbestos case involving shipyard back to Orleans Parish District Court

5/10/2018 - JDPJ approves resolution for opioid litigation

5/10/2018 - LLAW wary of Jefferson Parish Council partnership to sue opioid drug makers

5/9/2018 - St. John judge, accused of sexual assault, plans to stay on bench

5/9/2018 - 7 things to know about Kurt Englehardt, newest judge of 5th U.S. Circuit Court

5/8/2018 - Terrebonne prosecutor announces bid for judgeship

4/23/2018 - Louisiana judicial budget advances despite concern over cuts

4/22/2018 - Legislators to hear chief justice

4/20/2018 - Federal appeals court tosses key post-Katrina ruling awarding damages in St. Bernard, Lower 9

4/9/2018 - Effort to extend time to sue insurance companies for bad faith sidelined by House panel

4/9/2018 - Capitol Views: Business lobby laments legal reform landscape

4/9/2018 - Mitch Landrieu backs Wendy Vitter's bid for federal judge

4/7/2018 - Dan Fagan: Auto insurance rates in Louisiana would drop if this one law was addressed

4/5/2018 - WAGUESPACK: People Over the Process

3/30/2018 - 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal affirms judgment in oilfield remediation case

3/28/2018 - Judge: Return Chinese Drywall Lawsuits to original States

3/18/2018 - Attorney targets media outlet in latest lawsuit against critics

3/17/2018 - Five squaring off in March 24 primary to fill spot on 18th Judicial District Court

3/10/2018 - Dan Fagan: Gov. Edwards suing deep-pocketed companies shouldn't come as a surprise

3/7/2018 - Federal judge denies class action status for lawsuit against chloroprene plant in LaPlace

3/5/2018 - What Happens When You Criticize John Carmouche's Lawsuits? He Threatens to Sue You!

3/5/2018 - Did You See the Wall Street Journal's Piece on JBE and His Anti-Oil Trial Lawyers?

3/4/2018 - LLAW executive director says it's time for lawmakers to fix legal system - and sky-high insurance rates

3/2/2018 - Coalition for Common Senate attorney blames high car insurance rates on lawsuit abuse

3/3/2018 - Opinion: Jobs at risk, judge off the clock in Bayou Pipeline project

3/2/2018 - Opinion: The Governor and Louisiana Lawyers Plot an Energy Shakedown

3/1/2018 - Experts say more resources needed to help opioid users in Baton Rouge area, advocate input from users themselves in policy process

2/28/2018 - Appeals court race pits longtime civil court clerk against criminal court judge

2/27/2018 - Judge Doughty poised for Senate confirmation vote

2/26/2018 - Rep. Seabaugh could land federal judgeship

2/22/2018 - Does Louisiana have the most uninsured drivers?

2/22/2018 - New surge in civil lawsuits tied to Deepwater Horizon spill: study

2/20/2018 - Opinion: Kennedy a key vote on lawsuit reform bill

2/14/2018 - Mineral rights case heads back to Louisiana District Court

2/14/2018 - Louisiana high court's eminent-domain decision could affect future government actions, lawyer says

2/14/2018 - Citgo must pay $81 million file for 2006 spill in Louisiana: U.S. 5th Circuit

2/14/2018 - Group sues to stop oil companies from dumpting waste into the Gulf

2/13/2018 - Appel: A legal case you've likely never heard of signifies more damage to Louisiana's oil and gas industry

2/12/2018 - Who's responsible for Louisiana being left out of the shale oil revolution?

2/8/2018 - Addis, New Orleans and Baton Rouge attorneys disciplined by Louisiana Supreme Court

2/8/2018 - Judiciary Committee sign-off sends three Louisiana nominees to full Senate confirmation votes

2/5/2018 - Judge denies environmental groups' records search request in Louisiana pipeline challenge

1/28/2018 - 'Gavel Gap': Louisiana's judiciary mostly white and male, except in one parish...

1/27/2018 - Louisiana governments, lawyers file lawsuits against drug companies for rise of opioid cases

1/27/2018 - Big green readies dozens of lawsuits as only 'antidote' for Trump EPA

1/25/2018 - Bayou Bridge can't be compelled to turn over records to environmental groups, Baton Rouge judge rules

1/25/2018 - Audit finds Jefferson Parish Finance Authority paid legal bills without proof of work

1/23/2018 - Wendy Vitter nominated for coveted federal judgeship in New Orleans

1/22/2018 - Terrebonne Parish considers joining opioid lawsuit

1/23/2018 - Baton Rouge files lawsuit against opioid drug makers

1/23/2018 - Opinion: Louisiana's new trial lawyer shakedown

1/19/2018 - Decision to Come Feb. 20 in Dispute on Louisiana Opioid Suit

1/19/2018 - Louisiana governor's staff, attorney geneeral spar over opiod suit at court hearing; judge will make ruling Feb. 20

1/10/2018 - 5th Circuit Judge: Law clerk 'highly corrupt'

1/11/2018 - New York City sues oil companies over climate change costs

1/11/2018 - Former Jindal-era governor's counsel suspended following domestic battery arrest

1/11/2018 - Judge Robert Murphy to retire his suit at 5th Circuit Court of Appeal; Marion Edwards to fill in

1/10/2018 - In confirmation hearing for 5th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Kurt Engelhardt, senators focus on Danziger Bridge case

1/9/2018 - Disgraced former Plaquemines Parish judge readmitted to law practice in Louisiana

1/8/2018 - Louisiana Lawsuits Try to Put Oil Industry on Trial for Following the Law 80 Years Ago

1/5/2018 - Trump to renominate four men for Louisiana federal courts

1/4/2018 - Taetrace Harrison, facing assault with a firearm charge, qualifies for Orleans judge's race

1/4/2018 - Clerk of Court Dale Atkins, Judge Robin Pittman qualify for Fourth Circuit Judge

1/3/2018 - Opinion: The Opioid Crisis Has Plaintiff Lawyers Smelling Cash

12/29/2017 - Capitol Hill Republicans celebrate successes on judgeships, but federal positions in Louisiana remain vacant

12/13/2017 - Oil-spill-related defamation suits resolved after mediation

12/5/2017 - Group calls La. 'judicial hellhole,' blames Gov. Edwards

12/2/2017 - Could John Kennedy's posturing be mroe about the governor than the president?

12/1/2017 - Mamou attorney disbarred following forgery, other allegations in personal injury case

12/1/2017 - Governor takes LGBT rights battle to state Supreme Court

11/28/2017 - Eight months pass, judicial complaint threatened before Judge Janice Clark recuses herself from case

11/28/2017 - Sen. John Kennedy votes against Trump judge nominee - and blasts another as embarrassing

11/27/2017 - Louisiana nominee for federal appeals court to get hearing Wednesday; Sen. Kennedy could be key vote

11/27/2017 - Feuding Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers McKernan, Guirard want trial, not settlement

11/27/2017 - Shreveport may sue pharma companies over opioids

11/24/2017 - ExxonMobil, Hess oil win case over old oil well royalties

11/25/2017 - State denies remedies needed in minority judgeship case

11/24/2017 - Louisiana ranks last in legal climate, business survey finds

11/17/2017 - Louisiana's legal climate reaches an all-time low

11/14/2017 - Sen. John Kennedy keeping mum on nomination of conservative Kyle Duncan to 5th Circuit judgeship

11/14/2017 - Judge denies state's stay request

11/13/2017 - The only ones collecting in lawsuits against the state: $3M for defense attorneys; zero for plaintiffs & their attorneys

11/12/2017 - As conservatives push to get judge nominee Kyle Duncan confirmed, liberals express alarm

11/12/2017 - 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal upholds class-action status in double-billing case

11/11/2017 - John Kennedy withholds support for federal judge nominee Kyle Duncan: report

11/10/2017 - Association: Flood authority's case could harm oil companies despite Supreme Court denial to hear appeal

11/3/2017 - Filing lawsuits not a solution to coastal erosion

11/3/2017 - The Fight Goes On

10/30/2017 - Attorney General Jeff Landry seeks control of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards' opioid lawsuit

10/30/2017 - The Supreme Court says "no, go away" to the first of the coastal lawsuits

10/30/2017 - LLAW Statement Regarding U.S. Supreme Court's Refusal to Revive Levee Board Lawsuit

10/30/2017 - U.S. Supreme Court won't hear appeal of levee authority oil suit

10/30/2017 - U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear lawsuit over damage to Louisiana's coast

10/30/2017 - High court won't revive Louisiana coastal wetlands lawsuit

10/26/2017 - Charbonnet says she'd sue oil firms over coastal damage, Cantrell says option 'on the table'

10/25/2017 - Legal shake down of oil companies is wrong approach - Letter

10/24/2017 - Looking for a Big Easy windfall

10/21/2017 - 'We don't know who we're fighting:' A year after flooding, BR families seek legal help to pursue insurnace claims

10/20/2017 - Attorney Kevin Kimball elected judge after other candidate drops out of the 18th Judicial District Court race

10/15/2017 - Stephen takes 2nd Circuit seat

10/14/2017 - Judge Tiffany Chase claims 4th Circuit judgeship

10/10/2017 - Louisiana's Sinking Parishes Sue Fossil Fuel Companies Over Climates Damage

10/19/2017 - Opinion: Environmental challenges need leadership, not lawsuits

10/17/2017 - A More Nuanced Look at the Washington Post's 'Bizarre Opioid Story'

10/16/2017 - Trump's EPA to Curb legal Settlements with Environmentalists

10/16/2017 - Supreme Court disbars Lafayette attorney

10/16/2017 - Louisiana Supreme Court hears arguments in controversial setting case of eminent domain

10/13/2017 - Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week - A Time to Reflect on Where We Are and Where We Need To Go

10/5/2017 - The Lawyer Who Beat Big Tobacco Takes on the Opioid Industry

10/8/2017 - Opinion: It's time for Big Oil to pay for its damages like Big Tobacco did

10/8/2017 - Four candidates vie for two open spots on 22nd Judicial District bench

10/4/2017 - Opinion: Healthy oil and gas industry is essential to Louisiana

October 2017 - The People's Message: Focus on Jobs, Not Lawsuits and Taxes

10/3/2017 - Letter to the Editor: Trial lawyers represent real people, not corporations

9/29/2017 - Opinion: Can we talk about our relationship to the oil industry? It's not our savior

9/29/2017 - Trump picks 4 for New Orleans-based appeals court

9/26/2017 - Appel reacts to need for civil justice legal reform

9/22/2017 - Letters: Proud to be a trial lawyer

9/22/2017 - Letters: Fagan column was way off base

9/25/2017 - Guest column: A rigged poll on the legal system in Louisiana

9/21/2017 - Louisiana oil and gas industry suffering from litigation-friendly reputation, association says

9/20/2017 - LLAW & NFIB Host Workshop for Small Business Owners on ADA Lawsuits

9/20/2017 - Oil and gas wetlands-damage lawsuits get trial dates in Plaquemines Parish

9/19/2017 - Opinion: Trial lawyers laughing on way to the bank

9/19/2017 - Louisiana sheriff's offices file lawsuit over opioid crisis

9/18/2017 - Louisiana's legal climate hits 'rock bottom' in national survey

9/17/2017 - Consumer advocates and banking groups size up undeceide Sen. Kennedy in battle over class-action lawsuit restrictions

9/17/2017 - Column: Does Louisiana being ranked last in a survey register with residents any more?

9/17/2017 - Orleans civil and criminal court judget vie for seat on appeals court

9/16/2017 - APPEL: You can't grow an economy with a jackpot justice system like Louisiana has

9/15/2017 - NFIB state director says legal climate in Louisiana is bad for business

9/12/2017 - A Reputation Worth Changing

9/12/2017 - Louisiana ranked worst for state lawsuit climate in U.S. Chamber survey

9/12/2017 - Legal Reform Advocates Comment on Louisiana's Poor Ranking in National Lawsuit Climate Survey

9/11/2017 - Louisiana's legal climate hits 'rock bottom' in national survey

9/9/2017 - Mark Ballard: In Louisiana, does reducing taxes to create jobs hurt funding for education, roads?

8/27/2017 - Local NAACP celebrates judgeship ruling

8/22/2017 - The judge has made his ruling; now what next? No easy path ahead

8/23/2017 - Gas pipeline firms must oat for some canal erosion, federal judge rules

8/23/2017 - Law firm ask court to force Plaquemines to pay its share of $45 million BP settlement

8/22/2017 - 42-parish area of western Louisiana suffers from vacant federal judgeships

8/18/2017 - US court sees election bias in a Louisiana judicial district

8/18/2017 - Sen. Cassidy submits 3 names, including Wendy Vitter's, for federal judgeship

8/15/2017 - Appeals court reviews Louisiana governor's LGBT-rights order

8/11/2017 - Louisiana ranked 2nd in the country for highest auto insurance rates

8/10/2017 - New Orleans radio host debates link between lawsuits and car insurance rates

8/7/2017 - Letters: Stop fraud on asbestos claims

8/3/2017 - Trump nominates Michael Juneau, Terry Doughty as federal judges for the Western District in Louisiana

7/30/2017 - Deep pocket justice serves lawyers, not Louisiana

7/24/2017 - Landry: Trial Lawyers Fighting Over Ridiculous Legal Ads? What's New?

7/21/2017 - AG Jeff Landry asks court to reaffirm LGBT order is unconstitutional, extend his authority

7/15/2017 - Opioid litigation should serve the public interest, not trial lawyers' bottom lines

7/14/2017 - Marchman joins Court of Appeal race

7/13/2017 - New Orleans councilman shelves proposal to sue oil companies for wetlands damage

7/12/2017 - Jason Williams urges Mitch Landrieu to file wetland damage suit against oil, gas

7/11/2017 - Supreme Court deadline nears for suit over wetland loss

7/7/17 - Vermilion Parish gets small victory in coastal suit against oil, gas firms: report

7/6/2017 - Louisiana attorney general dropping lawsuit against governor

7/5/2017 - Federal magistrate: Vermilion wetlands suit against oil and gas companies should stay in state court

7/5/2017 - Spat between lawyers Gordon McKernan, E. Eric Guirard over mocking ad lands in federal court

6/23/2017 - Louisiana Supreme Court suspends six attorneys

6/7/2017 - Workers Compensation Research Institute says Louisiana workers' compensation costs among highest

6/7/2017 - 1 suit pitting Louisiana governor, attorney general resolved; another remains

6/6/2017 - Letters: Court was right to nix lawsuit

6/4/2017 - Oil and gas industry must pay to fix damage done to Louisiana coast: Opinion

6/1/2017 - Bill would stop asbestos fraud: Letter

5/30/2017 - The Business of Litigation Finance is Booming

5/26/2017 - Letters: Editorial on coast left out key points

5/25/2017 - Environmentalist threatens to sue Corps over Bayou Bridge Pipeline

5/25/2017 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says reform of asbestos compensation needed

5/23/2017 - LANDRY: Louisiana Needs Jobs, Not More Taxes and Lawsuits

5/19/2017 - Perret dons robes as 3rd Circuit Court judge

5/3/2017 - Letters: U.S. Senate should pass FACT Act

5/9/2017 - Plaquemines wins document access in oil industry damage suit

4/30/2017 - Louisiana lawmaker: Legacy oil lawsuits slow job growth

4/26/2017 - St. John Parish becomes 6th parish to file suit against oil and gas companies for coastal loss

4/25/2017 - New judiciary overseers appointed by La. Supreme Court

4/20/2017 - Theall pulls even in the money race as Perret's contributions dry up

4/17/2017 - Following the Third Circuit Money

4/14/2017 - Louisiana federal judge says alcoholism had no effect on rulings, but expects lawsuits

4/14/2017 - Lawyer, top donor to governor defends legal team in coastal suits as critics cry foul

4/14/2017 - No rehearing for Louisiana coastal land loss suit

4/14/2017 - Raise $500,000 cap on Louisiana medical malpractice damages? Not so fast, legislators say

4/9/2017 - Fifth Circuit gives split decision in dredging suits against oil and gas companies

4/12/2017 - No rehearing in suit alleging oil industry coastal damage

4/12/2017 - LOGA and LMOGA Applaud Court of Appeals' Decision to Affirm the Dismissal of Coastal Lawsuit

4/12/2017 - Theall, Perret clash at Oil Center showdown

4/12/2017 - Attorney general accuses Gov. Edwards of 'fleecing' taxpayers

4/11/2017 - Louisiana attorney general sues governor over money transfer

4/6/2017 - Editorial: On Judiciary stage, Kennedy Shines

4/6/2017 - Louisiana Supreme Court says district judge has to pay fine

4/5/2017 - Election Day spending: Perret pours it on, but Theall wins ROI

4/4/2017 - State high court loses another round in recusal case

3/29/2017 - AG Jeff Landry facing lawsuit over public records delay, hopes it isn't a 'political witch hunt'

3/25/2017 - Judge Paula Brown wins Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal seat

3/25/2017 - Perret, Theall make 3rd Circuit runoff

3/24/2017 - Guest column: Court sends clear message: lawsuits won't save coast

3/20/2017 - Anseman prevails on appeal; eligibiliity to run restored

3/19/2017 - Lawsuit-abuse watchdog group applauds recent House bill

3/17/2017 - Appeal Filed in Flood Board's Suit Against Oil Companies

3/17/2017 - BP claims delayed by moratorium damage demands can go to court

3/14/2017 - Foster Campbell: Court wrong on Louisiana coastal erosion case

3/13/2017 - Judge Harris: Anseman ineligible for Third Circuit seat

3/9/2017 - Legacy and coastal lawsuits tie up revenue for Louisiana

3/10/2017 - House Passes Sweeping Legal Reform

3/9/2017 - D.A. Earl Taylor challenging Anseman's candidacy

3/7/2017 - Women have monopoly on upcoming Louisiana judicial elections

3/7/2017 - Coastal erosion lawsuits are expensive treasure hunt that won't pay off, LLAW executive director says

3/6/2017 - Attorney Martin Landrieu seeks to fill sister's seat on 4th Circuit bench

3/6/2017 - John Bel Edwards fights court decision to throw out LGBT executive order

3/3/2017 - Louisiana Litigation Seeking to Bilk Energy Companies Suffers Set-Back at Fifth Circuit

3/6/2017 - Katrina victims shocked by small payments

3/5/2017 - Baton Rouge attorney suspended for alleged 'threat of harm'

3/3/2017 - FOX 8 Defenders: Class-action levee breach settlement update

3/3/2017 - Judgment Call

3/2/2017 - Susan Theall: The long-shot candidate

3/3/2017 - Trial Lawyer Suits Against the Oil and Gas Industry - Courts are Saying They're a Bad Idea

3/3/2017 - Appeals court hands oil companies victory in coastal lawsuit

3/3/2017 - Appeals court rules for oil firms, against levee authority in wetlands damage suit

3/3/2017 - Graves, oil and gas associations applaud court's decision in coastal lawsuit

3/3/2017 - LOGA and LMOGA Applaud Court of Appeals' Decision to Affirm the Dismissal of Coastal Lawsuit

2/23/2017 - Legal ethics expert: Anseman not eligible for judgeship

2/13/2017 - Complaint filed against Judge Mike Erwin for alleged use of racial slur at Baton Rouge restaurant

2/8/2017 - Opinion: Coastal lawsuits are not the way forward

1/31/2017 - Donald Trump's executive orders renew dispute between Jeff Landry, Gov. Edwards

1/29/2017 - Legal watchdog derides 'system abuse' in Deepwater fund fraud cases

1/29/2017 - Oil industry is doing its part for the coast

1/29/2017 - Anseman qualifies for race • Theall plans to run for seat

1/28/2017 - Our Views: More easy rides for judges

1/27/2017 - Opinion: We must demand help from oil industry

1/27/2017 - Litigation Won't Solve Budget Crisis

1/27/2017 - Edwards' Good Ol' Boy Approach to Litigation Lands Louisiana on U.S. 'Judicial Hellholes' List

1/26/2017 - More than 100 jailed for fake BP oil spill claims

1/24/2017 - Opinion: Make Big Oil fix what it broke

1/24/2017 - ULM grad is possible Supreme Court pick

1/22/2017 - Baker Hughes reportedly closing Crowley facility amid litigious environment and oil slump

1/19/2017 - Mystery deepens after federal judge removes herself from more cases in Louisiana

1/18/2017 - James Gill: Key to helping save Louisiana's coast - appeals court who must 'wake up'

1/17/2017 - Jeff Landry gets his pick of lawyer for Louisiana abortion restriction defense

1/12/2017 - Louisiana's Resolutions

1/13/2017 - Justices will weigh limits on worker rights to sue employers

1/12/2017 - Save coastal Louisiana, and you protect the rest of the nation

1/11/2017 - Denham council signs onto lawsuit against DOTD

1/10/2017 - Landry uses stunts to build brand

1/9/2017 - The pitch: Promote La. oil and gas

1/9/2017 - Lafayette lawyer eyes 3rd District seat

1/7/2017 - Attorney General Jeff Landry slams Mitch Landrieu, says New Orleans 'more dangerous than Chicago'

1/5/2017 - Louisiana lawyers sue Milberg over Vioxx fees, seek up to $10.6 million

12/28/2016 - Gov. John Bel Edwards names sister-in-law to state board

12/21/2016 - John Bel Edwards says the court was wrong to throw out LGBT executive order

12/21/2016 - JBE's war on oil has made Lafayette lose more jobs than any other city in the country

12/15/2016 - Louisiana still among judicial 'hellholes,' report says

12/15/2016 - Tort reform group slams Edwards' pursuit of oil and gas lawsuits

12/15/2016 - Gov. Edwards' good ol' boy approach to litigation lands Louisiana on U.S. 'Judicial Hellholes' list

12/14/2016 -John Bel Edwards' LGBT protections declared unlawful

12/11/2016 - New Orleans Councilman refuses to pay debts incurred after Supreme Court suspension

12/10/2016 - AG Landry joins 42 states in pharmaceutical case settlement

12/7/2016 - Justice's recusal in oil cases leads to renewed suit with Louisiana Supreme Court

12/7/2016 - John Bel Edwards takes on the oil and gas industry

12/2016 - Gov. John Bel Edwrads Wants Payback, Louisiana-Style

12/4/2016 - Parish district attorney discourages coastal lawsuits against oil and gas

12/4/2016 - Landry v. Edwards - It's a feud with no end in sight

12/4/2016 - Closing arguments filed in dispute over rights order

12/2/2016 - Jeff Landry asks court to throw out transgender protections in John Bel Edwards' order

12/1/2016 - John Bel Edwards, Jeff Landry in court: 8 things we learned about their feud

11/30/2016 - Insight: Sue or get out of the way

12/1/2016 - Too Much Money in Judicial Races? You Be the Judge

11/29/2016 - Attorneys for Gov. John Bel Edwards, Attorney General Jeff Landry argue over authority on sexual gender protection

11/29/2016 - John Bel Edwards, Jeff Landry head to court over LGBT: 4 things to know

11/27/2016 - Dispute over governor's LGBT-rights executive order heads to state court

11/23/2016 - LLAW's Melissa Landry Named ATRA's 2016 "Legal Reform Watchdog of the Year"

11/17/2016 - Court date set for power struggle between Gov. Edwards, Attorney General Jeff Landry

11/16/2016 - John Bel Edwards, Jeff Landry's court battle over LGBT executive order

11/16/2016 - Lawyers renew fight against justice's recusal in oil case

11/13/2016 - Lawsuit filed by federal judge against fellow Supreme Court justices dismissed

11/13/2016 - PPI medication lawsuits may be transferred to the Middle District of Louisiana

11/13/2016 - La. judge may be SCOTUS nominee

11/13/2016 - Trial lawyers win Supreme Court race

11/12/2016 - Groups want Third Circuit to enforce Flonase class action settlement against Louisiana AG

11/12/2016 - John Bel Edwards asks court to define role of Louisiana attorney general

11/11/2016 - Energy leaders respond to new district court ruling on coastal litigation 

11/11/2016 - Judge revives parish's lawsuit over coastal wetlands loss

11/11/2016 - Jeff damage suit against 9 oil firms to go to trial, judge rules

11/10/2016 - AMA: Lawyer ads alarming prescription drug users, jeopardizing health care

11/9/2016 - Time for DNR to do its job

11/9/2016 - Genovese ekes out win over Castle in state high court judge race

11/8/2016 - Bartholomew-Woods defeats White for 4th Circuit judge seat

11/5/2016 - 4th Circuit judicial candidates battle over ads claiming on was 'caught lying'

11/4/2016 - Spending questioned in state Supreme Court race

11/4/2016 - Election could result in brothers as judge and DA in DeSoto Parish

11/2/2016 - Campaign turns ugly; St. John judge candidates give takes on series of flyers

11/3/2016 - Letters: State Supreme Court race matters, too

11/3/2016 - Questions arise surroundinng $555.2 million award to Deepwater Horizon plaintiffs' attorneys

10/29/2016 - Governor defends lawsuits against oil and gas industry

10/28/2016 - Louisiana state leaders bash governor for pay-to-play scheme

10/27/2016 - Officials again balk at suing oil companies

10/26/2016 - Class-action attorneys awarded $555.2 million for work in BP lawsuits

10/25/2016 - Critics accuse trial lawyers of trying to influence Louisiana Supreme Court race

10/24/2016 - No end in sight to feud between Edwards, Landry

10/23/2016 - Two Republicans vying for the Louisiana Supreme Court justice seat for District 3 speak out

10/22/2016 - Fed judge rules La. Supreme Court justice's suit unconstitutional

10/20/2016 - GOP lawmakers question coastal lawsuits

10/20/2016 - Edwards says he's not rescinding anti-discrimination order

10/20/2016 - Fingerpointing the Blame for Coastal Lawsuits

10/18/2016 - GOING COASTAL

10/19/2016 - No law prevents suspended judges from other 'public service,' legal expert says

10/18/2016 - Thibodaux law firm owned by executive counsel's father among those that could be rewarded in coastal lawsuits

10/18/2016 - LOGA leader Briggs moved; health improving after injury

10/18/2016 - Cox to challenge Caraway in court of appeal race

10/17/2016 - Attorney General Jeff Landry can block LGBT workplace protections, court says

10/17/2016 - ILR Institute for Legal Reform: Opposition Grows to Louisiana Coastal Lawsuits Against Oil & Gas Companies

10/17/2016 - Parish contracts on coastal loss may offer big paydays

10/16/2016 - Edwards alters attorney contracts

10/13/2016 - John Bel Edwards submits similar legal contract for coastal lawsuits - setting up another fight with Jeff Landry

10/13/2016 - Lawsuit debate continues

10/12/2016 - Voices
: Lawsuits against oil industry harms residents

10/12/2016 - The governor vs. Big Oil: Who's declaring war on whom?

10/12/2016 - IPC to Ask State Not to Sue Over Coastal Erosion

10/11/2016 - Port Won't Support Coastal Lawsuits

10/11/2016 - Trial lawyer support of Genovese questioned in tight Louisiana Supreme Court race

10/11/2016 - Lafourche Council Refuses to Sue Oil Companies Over Wetlands Damage

10/11/2016 - Boustany Bill to Limit Revenue Changes

10/11/2016 - Edwards seeks revised coastal suit contract

10/10/2016 - Letters: Barry distorted issues on coastal damage

10/6/2016 - LETTER to President Brister

10/7/2016 - Lafayette board won't pursue lawsuits

10/7/2016 - Lawsuits pose threat

10/7/2016 - Lawmakers petition governor

10/7/2016  - Senate candidates disagree with Edwards on oil, gas lawsuits

10/5/2016 - Walker mayor files lawsuit against state, federal governments

10/6/2016 - BP money could transform state

10/6/2016 - As industry evades responsibility, La. coast disappears

10/5-2016 - Parishes won't sue oil companies

10/3/2016 - Edwards, Landry mark new low

10/3/2016 - Concerns Remain Over LA Gov's Hiring of Contingency Fee Attorneys to Sue Oil & Gas Industry

10/2/2016 - JBE sues AG Landry over anti-discrimination clause

9/30/2016 - John Bel Edwards reworks legal contract for the coastal lawsuits

9/30/2016 - Gov. Edwards appoints six to New Orleans-area levee authority, including lawsuit opponent

9/30/2016 - Graves: Edwards' targeting of oil, gas industry is about politics, greed, not justice

9/30/2016 - LANDRY, GRAVES & JBE

9/30/2016 - Caught in no man's land

9/29/2016 - AG Jeff Landry blocks state contracts that include language preventing LGBT discrimination

9/27/2016 - LA Governor Putting 'Unprecedented' Pressure on Local Governments to Sue Local Industry, Says State Business Leader

9/27/2016 - State Supreme Court candidates Jimmy Genovese, Marilyn Castle exchange jabs during Lafayette debate

9/26/2016 - President's View: Sue or Get Out of the Way

9/26/2016 - LOGA president says Gov. Edwards' call for more lawsuits against the industry a 'shakedown'

9/23/2016 - Louisiana attorney general audits firms in drywall lawsuits

9/23/2016 - Edwards using new litigation to deflect pay-to-play controversy, oil and gas industry statement says

9/22/2016 - Terrebonne will not sue oil and gas industry over wetlands damage

9/22/2016 - JBE is trying to destroy Louisiana's oil and gas industry, not save our coast

9/22/2016 - Public policy consultant blasts Edwards' choices in litigation over coastal land loss

9/23/2016 - Critics blast coastal lawsuits

9/22/2016 - Supreme Court judge got campaign money from Helis Oil, Fox 8 reports

9/22/2016 - Energy Industry Responds to Governor's Latest Attack

9/22/2016 - Gov. Edwards defends his stance on state's involvement in coastal damage lawsuits

9/22/2016 - State pursuing coastal lawsuits

9/21/2016 - JBE defends contract for coastal litigation

9/21/2016 - Louisiana's oil and gas industry is paying its part for the coast. It has for decades

9/21/2016 - John Bel Edwards: Jeff Landry can't stop Louisiana from suing oil and gas industry

9/21/2016 - Gov. John Bel Edwards: State will sue oil and gas companies directly if parishes don't

9/18/2016 - Where Landry and Edwards must meet

9/17/2016 - Jeff Sadow: Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards should make good on ethics pledge

9/16/2016 - The Next Justice: Supreme Court race under radar (for now)

9/14/2016 - Coastal lawsuit needs openness

9/13/2016 - EDITORIAL: As Coast Vanishes, Politicians Feud

9/12/2016 - EDITORIAL: Get It Right Before Signing State Contract

9/12/2016 - Landry: Coastal Suits Favor Lawyers, Not Middle Class

9/12/2016 - Edwards takes Louisiana government back in time

9/12/2016 - Turf wars steal spotlight from coastal issue

9/11/2016 - James Gill: A new Gov. Edwards knows what friends are for

9/11/2016 - Attorneys picked by Edwards for coastal litigation team hold fundraiser for governor

9/8/2016 - Edwards, Landry at odds again

9/7/2016 - John Barry, Tim Doody won't return to east bank levee authority

9/7/2016 - Louisiana's oil and gas industry is still facing many obstacles on the long, difficult road to recovery

9/6/2016 - Legal deadlines suspended following flooding

9/6/2016 - Good ol' boy government wins again

9/5/2016 - Supporters of lawsuit against oil and gas companies seeking to get back on levee board after being replaced by Jindal

9/4/2016 - Potential conflict found in donor

9/2/2016 - Edwards' lawyer in coastal suit drop

9/1/2016 - Critics say Gov. Edwards is running his own 'buddy system'

8/31/2016 - Group of Gov. Edwards' top donors added to legal team for potentially lucrative coastal lawsuit

8/28/2016 - Suspension recommended for attorney who allegedly gave funds to family members

8/23/2016 - 5th Circuit: La. demand that Corps pay 100% of MR-GO restoration 'premature'

8/11/2016 - Common thread: People tired of not being heard

8/10/2016 - Judge rules for oil companies on erosion

8/9/2016 - District Court Dismisses Coastal Lawsuits as "Premature"

8/5/2016 - Louisiana pols go to court blaming Big Oil for coastal ruin

8/4/2016 - Attorney general disappointed with Vermilion Parish lawsuit

8/2/2016 - Louisiana Attorney General To File In Vermilion Oil Case

8/2/2016 - Jeff Landry hired daughter of key endorser in AG's race, looking past her criminal record

7/29/2016 - Fayard's run for Senate may be dampened by voters leery of political family

7/29/2015 - U.S. Circuit Court rejects environmental group's attempt to derail liquid natural gas projects in Texas & Louisiana

7/28/2016 - Stutes sues oil companies in Vermilion

7/28/2016 - Law clerk accuses 3 of defamation

7/28/2016 - The DA in Lafayette Just Filed a Coastal Lawsuit Against The Oil Industry

7/27/2016 - A legitimate violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act or lawsuit abuse?

7/22/2016 - Attorneys: Dismiss suit against Campbell

7/18/2016 - Jury selection in Gulf oil spill fraud case against lawyer

7/14/2016 - 2nd Circuit Court reverses Sharp's ruling in medical malpractice lawsuit

7/14/2016 - Briggs: Oil industry regulation remains in hands of proper authorities

7/14/2016 - BP's final tab for the 2010 Gulf oil spill? $61.6 billion

7/6/2016 - Feds appeal ruling in St. Bernard, Lower 9 MR-GO damage case

7/5/2016 - Judicial funding 'scheme' dismantled in Ascension Parish

7/5/2016 - 22 BP fraud charges against lawyer duplicate others

6/30/2016 - Oil and gas companies block Edwards' end run around state's regulatory process

6/30/2016 - Parish may sue oil, gas companies

6/28/2016 - Louisiana's high court suspends two district court judges, one for a year

6/27/2016 - Marchman seeks leave to file sealed document

6/18/2016 - Retrial ordered after judge's alleged bizarre behavior in medical malpractice case

6/18/2016 - Don Briggs: Coastal litigation tactics unnecessary

6/18/2016 - Judge rules HPL closure process was improper

6/17/2016 - Louisiana Supreme Court refuses to hear St. Tammany fracking appeal, likely ending 2-year challenge v. Helis

6/6/2016 - Bid to cut Louisana's spending laws wins final OK

6/5/2016 - Editorial: AG should refocus attention

6/5/2016 - Courts may have to end feud

6/2/2016 - Attorney General Jeff Landry says Senate budget proposal would damage his office

5/31/2016 - CORRECTION: Louisiana deals with a load of medical malpractice suits, data shows

5/30/2016 - State seeking settlement to fund coastal restoration in Louisiana

5/24/2016 - Attorney General Jeff Landry sets himself up as John Bel Edwards' political foe

5/24/2016 - Negotiations over budget, safety-net hospitals and coastal litigation are critical to Edwards' legacy

5/21/2016 - Judge Becnel stepping down from 40th Judicial District

5/21/2016 - Calls for 18th Judicial District Court judge to resign

5/20/2016 - Governor wants oil industry to pay for coastal restoration

5/18/2016 - CEO survey says Louisiana's litigation laws are bad for business

5/17/2016 - Attorney general's budget faces hurdles

5/16/2016 - State appeals whistleblower verdict

5/15/2016 - Our Views: Power grab by Landry, cluttering budget process

5/14/2016 - Former St. Charles DA Morel disbarred for life

5/14/2016 - Louisiana attorney general condemns climate change subpoenas as violation of free speech

5/14/2016 - Eight suits filed over crude oil spill along Bayou Teche

5/14/2016 - Former Orleans juvenile judge is unnamed co-conspirator in auto theft ring, sources say

5/11/2016 - House GOP trying to help GOP

5/11/2016 - Guest Column: Bill is about generating lawsuits, not equal pay

5/10/2016 - Citing litigious environment and budget mess, Louisiana tumbles in 'Chief Executive' ranking of best states for businesses

5/9/2016 - Baton Rouge judges appear before Louisiana Supreme Court to make cases against suspension

5/9/2016 - AG Jeff Landry getting autonomous spending control?

5/9/2016 - Louisiana House committee votes to strengthen attorney general, weakening governor's power

5/3/2016 - Video: Pair of Baton Rouge area judges make cases against suspensions to state Supreme Court

5/3/2016 - The investigators: 2 judges face La. Supreme Court for allegations of misconduct

5/3/2016 - District Judges face Supreme Court for inappropriate behavior

5/3/2016 - Louisiana Supreme Court to consider suspensions of two veteran Baton Rouge-area judges Tuesday

5/2/2016 - Supreme Court rejects appeal in shareholder suit against BP

4/27/2016 - Judge Hicks assigned to Marchman lawsuit against 4 JDC officials following James', Hayes' recusal

4/26/2016 - GROW Louisiana Coalition takes John Barry to task over oil and gas lawsuits

4/25/2016 - Walter Reed donated $25,000 after pastor referred clients: testimony

4/22/2016 - E. Eric Guirard allowed to resume practice of law in Louisiana

4/17/2016 - Louisiana DNR could benefit from parishes' suits against oil and gas industries

4/20/2016 - 4th JDC judge sues other judges, law clerk

4/15/2016 - Louisiana Association of Business and Industry opposes state False Claims Act

4/12/2016 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch supports asbestos litigation transparency bill

4/11/2016 - Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch says attorney fees paid out from $20 billion BP oil spill settlement is 'absurd'

4/10/2016 - Our Views: Facing his second suspension, 18th JDC Judge Robin Free should resign

4/9/2016 - Deepwater Horizon Trustees receive much of $20 billion BP settlement

4/9/2016 - Stephanie Grace: Breakthrough with Big Oil on coast more possible now 

4/9/2016 - Addressing possible lawsuits is at the heart of the equal pay fight

4/8/2016 - State's high court has little tolerance for judicial misconduct, Loyola professor says

4/8/2016 - Suing Big Oil no longer 'frivolous'

4/7/2016 - Gov. Edwards instructs administration to intervene in parish coastal suits against oil and gas companies

4/7/2016 - Edwards files motion to intervene in 39 coastal lawsuits

4/6/2016 - How much were Louisiana's lawyers paid in the BP oil case?

4/6/2016 - St. John the Baptist parish facing class-action lawsuits over brain-eating amoeba water contamination

4/5/2016 - Suspensions recommended for two 18th JDC judges; Louisiana Supreme Court to hear cases in May

4/4/2016 - BP's $20B settlement 'ends a long sad chapter in American environmental history'

3/31/2016 - Appeals court mulling coastal erosion lawsuit appeal after hearing oral arguments

3/22/2016 - Landry: AG Jeff Landry Moves Quickly to End the "Buddy System"

3/18/2016 - St. Tammany fracking opponents will appeal to LA Supreme Court

3/17/2016 - Confidence in judiciary up in the air after fraud conviction of Orleans Parish judge

3/17/2016 - Ousted levee authority member Jeff Angers participates in budget votes

3/17/2016 - The Investigators: More questions about judge's bond orders

3/15/2015 - Attorney general moves to take over 39 oil industry damage suits

3/11/2016 - 4 nominated for east bank levee authority seats

3/9/2016 - Gas and oil association: Levee board's suit 'sends the wrong signal'

3/4/2016 - Legal expert: Judges need to recuse themseleves when contributors become litigants

3/4/2016 - Lawsuit Connecting Plaintiffs' Law Firm and Mississippi AG's Office in Kickback Scheme Ordered Unsealed

2/27/2016 - La. Lawsuit Abuse Watch applauds Landry's quick-end to the Buddy System

3/2/2016 - Anonymous judge accuses Louisiana judiciary panel of illegal discipline

3/1/2016 - Residents, oil field workers speak against Cameron Parish lawsuits

2/29/2016 - Levee board argues in federal appeals court for revival of landmark lawsuit

2/23/2016 - New U.S. Chamber study could bolster fate of Sen. Flake's asbestos trust tranasparency bill

2/22/2016 - Appointment of a former attorney general to key conservation post 'unprecedented'

2/21/2016 - Oil industry president calls potential environmental lawsuits 'money grabs'

2/18/2016 - Attorney General Jeff Landry Terminates Government Legal Contracts with District Attorneys

2/15/2016 - Judge Castle makes La. Supreme Court run official

2/14/2016 - Our Views: Attorney General Edwards? It might have happened

2/7/2016 - U.S. attorney nominated for federal judge

2/7/2016 - Court to hear flood protection authority's appeal to revive oil company lawsuit on Feb. 29

2/5/2016 - Trial attorney to run for Senate

2/5/2016 - Louisiana Association of Business and Industry backs FACT Act

2/4/2016 - North Louisiana judge removed from bench, re-elected, disgraces his office in sentencing drug dealing state cop

2/4/2016 - Louisiana Association of Business and Industry backs FACT Act

2/4/2016 - Trial attorney to run for Senate

2/4/2016 - U.S. Attorney nominated for federal judge

2/4/2016 - State Supreme Court suspends Baton Rouge attorney for negligent misconduct

2/4/2016 - Attorney General Jeff Landry Names Civil Transition Committee

2/4/2016 - Genovese running for Louisiana Supreme Court

1/31/2016 - Edwards stands firm on legacy lawsuits

1/29/2016 - New Report Details Unintended Consequences of Louisiana's Consumer Protection Laws, Recommends Reforms

1/27/2016 - New St. Bernard president signs coastal lawsuit deal with top donors

1/27/2016 - St. Bernard hiring of lawyers to sue oil firms hits snag

1/27/2016 - Second Company Accuses Asbestos Lawyers of Racketeering

1/23/2016 - LLAW to take tort reform message to Pachyderms of Greater Baton Rouge

1/22/2016 - Flood protection authority to argue for revival of lawsuit against oil companies

1/20/2016 - Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces Division Directors at Louisiana Department of Justice

1/18/2016 - Misconduct allegations against Louisiana lawyers reaches decade high

1/15/2016 - Jeff Landry discusses chief deputy choice, top priorities as attorney general

1/15/2016 - U.S. District Judge Richard Haik, Sr. retires from the bench, returns to private practice: "You don't make a lot of friends in this job"

1/12/2016 - East bank levee authority sees membership shakeup for new year

1/10/2016 - The justices, brought to you by their campaign

1/9/2016 - Jeff Landry ready to start new chapter in AG office

1/8/2016 - U.S. Chamber Applauds House Passage of Fairness in Class Action Litigation and Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act

1/4/2016 - In battle over 'forced recusals,' Louisiana Supreme Court justice takes his case to federal court

1/4/2016 - House to consider bill winnowing class-action suits

1/1/2016 - Louisiana Supreme Court could overturn law barring felons from public office

12/23/2015 - Attorney general-elect: "We are going to run an honest, ethical and hardworking office"

12/20/2015 - Tort reform effort up the air with John Bel Edwards as governor

12/17/2015 - Judicial Hellhole? Fiction, says Gov.-elect Edwards spokesman

12/17/2015 - Louisians's A Judicial Hellhole - Again - And That Isn't Changing Anytime Soon

12/17/2015 - Louisiana named one of the nation's top "Judicial Hellholes" again

12/7/2015 - Levee board lawsuit against oil and gas alive and well, though moving slowly

12/5/2015 - Cleanup following 1982 train derailment in Livingston near an end

12/2/2015 - Atty. Gen.-elect Landry urges employees to re-apply for jobs

12/1/2015 - Louisiana's 'Buddy System' ain't over till it's over

11/27/2015 - Lawyers' Class-Action Payouts Face Court Challenge

11/26/2015 - Zurik: Judge Medley takes a bite of the Big Apple, on taxpayers' tab

11/24/2015 - Buddy Caldwell's awful concession speech and his history of saying the wrong thing: Jarvis DeBarry

11/14/2015 - Caldwell continues contracting outside lawyers

11/22/2015 - Landry knocks off Caldwell in Louisiana attorney general's race

11/22/2015 - Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards names chief of staff and transition team, faces questions about Medicaid expansion

11/21/2015 - John Bel Edwards beats David Vitter to become Louisiana's next governor

11/21/2015 - How'd he do it? Stephanie Grace breaks down John Bel Edwards' gameplan to win governor's race in ruby-red Louisiana

11/20/2015 - Low profile attorney general race has fair share of accusations

11/20/2015 - JOYCE: Landry Has Committed to Transparency, Caldwell Has Not

11/13/2015 - LOGA Press Release

11/13/2015 - LMOGA Responds to Plaquemines Parish Council Decision

11/12/2015 - Plaquemines council votes to kill coastal lawsuit against oil and gas

11/12/2015 - Louisiana parish drops suits against oil and gas companies

11/13/2015 - Plaquemines council drops wetlands suits against oil industry

11/12/2015 - Trial lawyers, business groups view seat as key for tort reform

11/10/2015 - Oil and gas lawsuits up for debate

11/9/2015 - Letter: Meritless suits need to stop

11/3/2015 - The Hayride Is Preparing to File a Public Records Request With the Attorney General's Office, Here's What We're Asking For

11/2/2015 - Louisiana AG 'brazen' about pay-to-play 'Buddy System'

11/1/2015 - Inventing Class Actions

10/29/2015 - Texas lawyer expected in court in oil spill-related case

10/28/2015 - Louisiana, Gulf states settle oil spill claims with Transocean

10/19/2015 - Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell faces sharp attacks from all sides in his bid for third term

10/16/2015 - Why Is Dan Claitor In With the Trial Lawyers?

10/17/2015 - Letters: Reforms needed to bring fairness, balance to La. civil justice system

10/15/2015 - VIDEO: Dardenne, Vitter Address Lawsuit Reform at Gubernatorial Forum

10/15/2015 - Dardenne, Vitter Address Lawsuit Reform at Gubernatorial Forum

10/14/15 - CCS/LLAW Gubernatorial Candidate Forum on Tort Reform

10/14/15 - Gubernatorial debates raising issue

10/14/15 - Today's tort reform debate shows why we can't have nice things in the governor's race

10/5/2015 - LOGA Statement Regarding U.S. Chamber SLFPA-E Amicus Brief

10/3/2015 - Battle between business interests, trial lawyers part of Louisiana's governor's race

10/3/2015 - AG race: Landry leads in money raised

10/2/2015 - Letters: Chamber, LABI get it wrong regarding law

10/1/2015 - Tort reform a deciding issue as gubernatorial race approaches

9/11/2015 - Louisiana ranked next to last again in national lawsuit climate survey

9/30/2015 - New Report Unearths 'Trial Lawyer Underground'

9/23/2015 - Video at link: Third party money enters the Attorney General race

9/23/2015 - LTE: Environmental Cleanup Lacks Despite Lawsuit Settlements

9/23/2015 - State Senator Viewpoint: Lack of Factual, Reliable Discussion Hurting Louisiana's Financial Future

9/11/2015 - Survey Says: Louisiana needs to clean up its courts

9/11/2015 - Survey Previews Legal Climate Agenda

9/11/2015 - Survey: Louisiana among least fair states to sued firms

9/10/2015 - Interview with U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform President Lisa Ricard

9/10/2015 - Louisiana's Lawsuit Climate Ranks Second Worst Nationwide

9/10/2015 - Louisiana Ranked Next to Last in National Lawsuit Climate Survey Again

8/22/2015 - St. Bernard settles brain-eating amoeba death suit with family

8/21/2015 - New Orleans needs you to help hold back the sea: John Barry

8/6/2015 - Briggs: BP money is showing the true colors of local pols in Louisiana

8/5/2015 - Palowsky sues district court judges, too

7/24/2015 - Lawsuits focus on disabilities act

8/3/2015 - New Orleans civil judges mull filing fee hike to address deficit, accountants say

7/28/2015 - In rare move, GOP endorses Jeff Landry for AG over incumbent Buddy Caldwell

7/28/2015 - Buddy Caldwell responds to GOP's endorsement of Jeff Landry for attorney general

7/28/2015 - State Republican Party backs Jeff Landry for attorney general against GOP incumbent

7/28/2015 - Happy Bartday: Prairieville family celebrates son's second birthday with Morris Bart-themed party

7/24/2015 - Deepwater Horizon fee committee named; Plaintiffs' attorneys to make suggestions on own pay

7/20/2015 - Stephanie Grace: 'Fascinating prospect' David Vitter, President Obama might find common ground in replacing New Orleans judge

7/17/2015 - Buddy Caldwell Continues to Show His True Colors, Campaigns With Anti-Gun Barbara Norton

7/14/2015 - Plaq. Council rejects BP settlement offer

7/13/2015 - James Gill: Louisiana Supreme Court judge Jeff Hughes' same-sex marriage comments show he's 'clearly too dim for this job'

7/7/2015 - Judge Refuses to Toss Lawsuit Over Decade-Old Gulf Oil Leak

7/2/2015 - Mandeville attorney, former candidate Nanine McCool disbarred by Louisiana Supreme Court

7/2/2015 - Louisiana to receive several billion dollars are part of massive BP oil spill settlement with Gulf states

7/2/2015 - Attorneys banned from representing Deepwater Horizon return legal fees on fraudulent claim

7/1/2015 - Guest column: Contributions can wreck scales of justice

7/1/2015 - Letter to the Editor: Louisiana judges are bound to the strictest of ethical standards

6/29/2015 - Shell, Chevron win bid to dismiss gas station employer's cancer suit

6/27/2015 - Political Horizons: Opening government in the courthouses

6/22/2015 - Lawsuit spells out love triangle involving lawyer, client and judge

6/22/2015 - Steve Scalise chooses Jeff Landry for attorney general over incumbent Buddy Caldwell

6/18/2015 - East bank levee authority elects energy suit opponent as president

6/18/2015 - Courts Increasingly Skeptical of Speculative Asbestos Claims 

6/15/2015 - U.S. Chamber's Rickard Named 'Legend in Law' Winner at The Burton Awards

6/12/2015 - Louisiana AG antitrust lawsuit against Pfizer remanded to federal court; Case relying on assistance from highly paid private attorneys

6/11/2015 - Litigants turn to crowdfunding to finance lawsuits

6/9/2015 - Judge to Set Chinese Drywall Damages for 2,700 Homeowners

6/3/2015 - Plaintiff's attorneys defend spending $775k to elect Louisiana Supreme Court Justice; Oppose oil company attempts to recuse him from 'legacy lawsuits'

5/27/2015 - Justice Hughes asked to recuse himself in several cases involving large campaign contributor

5/21/2015 - Hearing loss ruling favors businesses

5/19/2015 - THE BUDDY SYSTEM: This Sure Looks Like a Pay-For-Play Scam By Caldwell, Does It Not?

5/19/2015 - As deadline looms for Deepwater Horizon claims, plaintiffs' attorneys prepare for huge payday

5/15/2015 - Judiciary committee stops trio of reform bills, including one requiring posting of outside income, in-depth financial information for judges, judicial candidates

5/15/2015 - Judicial transparency legislative package dies

5/13/2015 - Caldwell accusing AstraZeneca of preventing generic drug from hitting market

5/12/2015 - Industry notches up big win in LA Supreme Court victory concerning workplace hearing loss

5/12/2015 - Louisiana Senate OKs gender-based equal pay bill

5/8/2015 - Texas Bill Aims to Raise Bar On Asbestos Claims

5/8/2015 - Louisiana Supreme Court ruling in hearing-loss case a big victory for industry

5/6/2015 - Settlement conference in MR-GO damages case ends with no resolution

5/6/2015 - Lawmakers and judges get pass on budget cuts

5/3/2015 - Supreme Court disbars former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, convicted of bribery, racketeering

5/3/2015 - Judge: Inspector General lacked authority in investigation of former Livingston Parish contractor Corey delaHoussaye, subpoenas granted without legal basis

4/27/2015 - President's View: A Reputation in the Balance

4/30/2015 - Louisiana judges still barred from asking for campaign donations, thanks to Supreme Court ruling

4/28/2015 - Judge approves jury trials for medical lawsuits over spill

4/28/2015 - Ex-congressman Landry in the fundraising lead for attorney general's race

4/23/2015 - Louisiana AG political contributors reap lucrative legal contracts in BP litigation; biggest contractor, caught napping in court, has reaped $12M

4/23/2015 - Louisiana lawmakers on House labor committee kill pay equity bill

4/22/2015 - The poisoned promises of Agriculture Street

4/22/2015 - Louisiana equal pay bills fail

4/15/2015 - Louisiana Attorney General's Office accused by pharmaceutical giant of attempting to pursue case that was already settled

4/10/2015 - Plantiffs attorneys who filed coastal damage lawsuit agianst oil companies poured thousands in campaign funds to Plaquemines Parish Council candidates

4/9/2015 - Judge listens to complaints from former Bayou Corne residents, but finds the sinkhole settlement and attorney fees to be fair

4/9/2015 - LABI seeks judicial transparency

4/6/2015 - Disciplinary board targets Tammany lawyer

4/2/2015 - Opinion: How the Tort Juggernaut Trolls for Clients

3/31/2015 - Louisiana attorney planning on expanding, combining multiple nationwide class action lawsuits on arsenic content in wine

3/31/2015 - Big bucks pour into Plaquemines over lawsuit

3/31/2015 - Why Lawsuit Lending Left Unchecked Is a Threat to Free Enterprise

3/30/2015 - Special master in Bayou Corne sinkhole settlement admits he served as attorney for plaintiffs' counsel; Impartiality called into question

3/20/2015 - The Citizen files criminal complaint against District Court; court seeks declaratory judgment

3/19/2015 - CONAWAY: A More Accessible and Transparent Judiciary Will Improve the Louisiana Legal Climate

3/18/2015 - 4th Judicial District Court digs in, goes dark

3/17/2015 - Breaking: Sims receives 30 day suspension without pay

3/16/2015 - Woman sues 47 companies claiming they are responsible for her asbestos-related mesothelioma

3/16/2015 - Special master in Bayou Corne sinkhole case has deep connections to plaintiff's attorney, possible conflicts of interest

3/16/2015 - Louisiana gubernatorial candidates sound off on coastal erosion

3/12/2015 - In blow to energy industry, federal judges return 7 parish environmental damage suites to state court

3/12/2015 - Plaquemines councilwoman withdraws motionto delay suit against oil companies

3/12/2015 - US judge returns coastal protection suit to state court

3/11/2015 - Louisiana's Corrupting 'Buddy System' Seemingly Back in Business, Despite Recent Reform

3/11/2015 - 4th Judicial District Court stymies public records requests

3/10/2015 - Legal watchdog accuses attorneys representing class in Bayou Corne Sinkhole case of charging exorbitant legal fees

3/10/2015 - "Buddy System" Strikes Again: Attorney General Buddy Caldwell launches new litigation scheme with support from campaign backers

3/9/2015 - SADOW: Maybe People Will Now Notice That The SLFPA-E Wasn't Above Politics After All

3/9/2015 - Supreme Court allows Baton Rouge lawyer, disbarred 6 years ago, to resume practice of law

3/9/2015 - Jury pools shrink in Livingston, Tangipahoa parishes when residents fail to respond to call for jury duty; judge weighs options

3/6/2015 - BP Ends Attempt to Oust Oil Spill Claims Administrator

3/4/2015 - Our Views: Board ditches its independence

3/3/2015 - Legal watchdog calls out attorneys, court officers on oil spill riches

3/2/2015 - Oil, gas industry leaders meet wtih Vitter

3/2/2015 - Board votes to continue appeal in coastal erosion lawsuit

3/2/2015 - Appeal of wetlands damage suit against energy companies will continue

3/2/2015 - Flood board to decide on 'Big Oil' lawsuit appeal

3/2/2015 - What's left of the levee board's lawsuit

3/2/2015 - Exxon: We're paying bad gasoline claims

2/26/2015 - Letter to the Editor: Barry's lawsuit targeting energy industry is incredibly misguided

2/26/2015 - Measure to kill wetlands damage lawsuit appeal likely to fail

2/26/2015 - Lawyers sanctioned over mishandling of BP damage claims

2/26/2015 - 3 lawyers banned from handling BP oil spill claims

2/25/2015 - Letter to the Editor: Barry misrepresents report's findings in latest attack on oil industry

2/24/2015 - Column: Preventing Coastal Extortion

2/22/2015 - Stephanie Grace: Was the coastal lawsuit worth it?

2/21/2015 - Our Views: Flood-protection board hamstrung by lawyers

2/21/2015 - Judge Frank Marullo temporarily ordered off bench by Louisiana Supreme Court pending investigation

2/20/2015 - 5th U.S. Circuit Court judge cleared in misconduct complaint

2/19/2015 - Flood authority divided on future of lawsuit over wetlands

2/19/2015 - VIDEO: Levee authority Vice President Joe Hassinger discusses why the authority shouldn't appeal dismissal of wetlands damage lawsuit

2/19/2015 - Flood authority discusses appeal of judge's smackdown to its oil and gas lawsuit

2/18/2015 - Quin Hilyer: This Louisiana levee board's rejected lawsuit 'the equivalent of Cumberland College's 0-222 loss to Georgia Tech in 1916'

2/18/2015 - Guest commentary: Land loss, not lawsuit, is the problem

2/18/2015 - East bank levee authority to discuss rejection of its oil company wetlands damage suit

2/15/2015 - The Political Ramifications Of The SLFPA-E Lawsuit's Demise

2/14/2015 - LLAW statement on the SLFPA-E lawsuit dismissal

2/13/2015 - Federal judge dismisses levee authority's wetlands damage lawsuit against oil, gas companies

2/10/2015 - Louisiana AG sues GSK, says it 'schemed' to stop generic revisions of Flonase

2/5/2015 - Senate proposed bill could weaken coastal erosion lawsuit

2/1/2015 - Shelly Silver's Asbestos Gold

1/31/2015 - BP oil spill at issue in two federal court cases next week

1/30/2015 - Trial lawyer accuses legal watchdog group of misleading statements involving coastal land lass legal battle

1/23/2015 - Another Deepwater Horizon fraud case resolved; Woman convicted ordered to repay $98K

1/22/2015 - Lawyer who filed initial lawsuit against BP over Deepwater Horizon oil spill says settlement irreparably broken

1/23/2015 - ILR Comments on Asbestos Litigation Abuses in Wake of New York Assembly Speaker Indictment

1/21/2015 - BP oil spill harmed wildlife, habitat 'everywhere it went,' expert testifies

1/20/2015 - Unsealed U.S. lawsuits tell of alleged fraud by asbestos law firms

1/20/2015 - Coastal lawsuits aim to grab money, not restore land

1/20/2015 - BP, feds start fight in New Orleans courtroom over 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill fines

1/18/2015 - Supreme Court to Review Bans on Solicitations in Judge Races

1/15/2015 - New Lawsuits Have Oil Fighting Two Fronts

1/9/2015 - Improper solicitation of nearly 10,000 BP claims at issue in federal breach of contract lawsuit

1/9/2015 - Gov. Bobby Jindal asks state Supreme Court to uphold law banning wetlands damage suit against oil companies

1/9/2015 - Appeals court won't rehear a BP oil spill liability argument

1/5/2015 - Traffic Court clerk moves on, says court should too

1/5/2015 - The Surprise in Your King Cake Might Be No Prize at All

1/5/2015 - Liability concerns leadng more king cake makers to leave the baby out of the batter

1/7/2015 - City judge faces 90-day suspension

1/3/2015 - Column: LABI to continue pushing judicial reforms

12/30/2014 - Five-day asbestos exposure could have been substantial cause of asbestosis, La. appeals court rules

12/22/2014 - Terrebonne Council says it won't sue oil companies for damage to coast

12/30/2014 - Texas law firm target of BP lawsuit

12/29/2014- Waguespack: Accountability and transparency needed in 2015

12/22/2014 - Number of claims found to be based on false tax forms grows as special master asks more claimants to return damage awards

12/20/2014 - Buddy Caldwell and his campaign treasurer's lawsuit against State Farm to speed up

12/19/2014 - Antitrust case against State Farm brought by La. AG, campaign treasurer transferred to MDL

12/19/2014 - Steps taken against contingency contracts

12/18/2014 - Lawyers Create Big Paydays by Coaxing Attorneys General to Sue

12/18/2014 - Oil spill claims administrator sets deadline for settlement claims

12/18/2014 - La. Supreme Court reprimands plaintiff's attorney for filing 'harassing, burdensome' lawsuits against former client

12/16/2014 - Louisiana again tops annual Judicial Hellholes report; BP oil spill case, Attorney General contingency fee cases noted

12/15/2014 - Court rules for energy firm in class-action suit

12/13/2014 - Post-Katrina resentment revived by court's ruling

12/11/2014 - Walter Lee resigns from BESE, pleads guilty to misdemeanor, website reports

12/11/2014 - Judge suspended for accepting hunting trip from plaintiffs attorneys who received $1.2 million personal injury settlement

12/11/2014 - Appeals court refuses to toss case against Yolanda King for allegedly lying about living in New Orleans

12/10/2014 - Federal judge hears same arguments that failed oil and gas industry in state court

12/10/2014 - Kennedy Considering AG

12/10/2014 - Levee authority, energy firms argue in court over law passed to kill wetlands lawsuit

12/10/2014 - Arguments set on law to kill 'Big Oil' lawsuit

12/10/2014 - West Baton Rouge judge suspended for accepting free trip from attorney

12/9/2014 - Feds blast BP's request to cut billions in spill fines

12/9/2014 - 18th JDC Judge suspended without pay, ordered to pay back thousands

12/9/2014 - Should judges be allowed to ask lawyers for campaign donations? Issue headed to U.S. Supreme Court, website reports

12/8/2014 - BP's oil spill settlement appeal rejected by U.S. Supreme Court

12/6/2014 - New Orleans Juvenile Court race turns ugly with last-minute mudslinging

12/6/2014 - Higginbotham wins 19th Judicial District Court seat

12/5/2014 - Alleged Adulterer Lake Charles Judge Claims Opponent Doesn't Pay Taxes

12/3/2014 - In Jefferson Parish judge race, Taylor restarts her fight to stop Anzelmo 'robe' TV spot

12/3/2014 - 1st Parish Court loser bashed Johnny Lee before endorsing him

12/2/2014 - Plaquemines Parish oil and gas environmental damages suit moves from federal to state court

12/2/2014 - Wearing judicial robe in TV ad lands Jefferson Parish judge candidate in court

12/2/2014 - Town of Abita Springs files its own lawsuit in effort to block proposed St. Tammany fracking

12/2/2014 - Judge: Ex-Louisiana Sen. Rob Marionneaux owes $1M he improperly took from ex-law partner Lewis Unglesby

11/26/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Flood authority lawsuit isn't the answer to coastal erosion

11/21/2014 - Levee breach lawsuit illustrates class action racket

11/23/2014 - Louisiana Spotlight: Big Oil lawsuit survives, so far

11/20/2014 - Judge rules former State Sen. Marionneaux must repay former law partner $1M

11/21/2014 - Settlement funds earmarked for coast

11/19/2014 - Judge Chris Bruno files contempt motion against Ruth Ramsey

11/19/2014 - Chevron ordered Plaquemines councilman to recuse himself in vote on environmental damage lawsuits

11/19/2014 - Judges' pay panel keeps status quo

11/18/2014 - Gladstone Jones: settlement with oil companies 'inevitable'

11/14/2014 - 'LaPolitics': Race for attorney general not slowing

11/13/2014 - Plaquemines Parish Council fails to kill environmental damage suits against energy companies in close vote Thursday

11/13/2014 - Judge sticks to BP gross negligence ruling in 2010 oil spill case

11/13/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Settlement isn't close to what coast needs

11/13/2014 - Federal judge urged to throw out wetlands damage suit

11/13/2014 - Guest commentary: BP case brings fraud issue to court

11/12/2014 - Future of levee authority's wetlands damage suit may not be decided until December, judge says

11/11/2014 - Guest commentary: Three strikes against levee board lawsuit

11/11/2014 - Levee authority wetlands lawsuit faces dismissal hearing in federal court Wednesday

11/11/2014 - Judge refuses to fire Gulf oil spill claims chief

11/11/2014 - Hurricane Katrina flood victims to finally receive payouts

11/7/2014 - Lawyer accused of BP oil spill claims corruption defends payments, says he was hiding money from wife, not law

11/7/2014 - Thousands could get small share of $20M settlement with local levee districts

11/6/2014 - Court Reaffirms BP is Liable in Gulf Oil Spill

11/6/2014 - East bank levee authority finance committee recommends setting up restricted fund for wetlands suit settlement money

11/6/2014 - Asbestos Fraudsters Will Pay $7.3 Million to Settle CSX Transportation's RICO Case against Them

11/6/2014 - Column: Maybe lawsuit wasn't so frivolous

11/5/2014 - Editorial: Coastal damages lawsuit goes on, as it should

11/5/2014 - Federal judge set to hear challenges to corruption claims in oil spill settlement program

11/3/2014 - Levee authority, two oil companies release copy of $50,000 settlement agreement

11/3/2014 - Sexual harrassment case against David Bell, former juvenile judge, settled out of court

11/2/2014 - Judge: Law that sought to block erosion lawsuit is unconstitutional

10/31/2014 - Judge: Oil Co. lawsuit bill unconstitutional

10/31/2014 - Two small energy companies settle coastal damage claims with N.O. levee authority

10/30/2014 - New Orleans owes more than $34 million in legal judgments, has no plan for paying them

10/30/2014 - Two energy companies settle with east bank levee authority for $50,000; full terms not disclosed

10/30/2014 - BP brings new evidence in bid to oust oil spill claims administrator

10/29/2014 - New Orleans councilwoman chastises judges for travel costs, but judges ask for more

10/28/2014 - Letter: La. judiciary shows lack of judgment

10/27/2014 - Calling a Spade a Spade: Wall Street Journal weighs in on the "lawsuit cesspool" otherwise known as Louisiana

10/2014 - A step forward in legal reform, still miles to go

10/27/2014 - St. Tammany Parish can proceed with fracking lawsuit, judge rules

10/27/2014 - Profile of 23rd Judicial District: Who's leaving, who's vying for two open seats

10/26/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Master Plan, not new tax, best thing for oil and gas

10/26/2014 - West Baton Rouge judge accepts free flight from plaintiff lawyer who wins $1.2M in his court; what was he thinking?

10/23/2014 - Tort Blowout Preventer

10/21/2014 - U.S. Chamber of Commerce recognizes Louisiana organizations for legal reform efforts

10/21/2014 - 3rd Circuit Court election includes 5 SW La. parishes

10/21/2014 - Supreme Court turns back appeal of Cameron, other La. parishes

10/20/2014 - U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal to revive lawsuits against BP by 11 parishes

10/19/2014 - Column: Free ride, in more ways than one

10/17/2014 - THE END OF THE WORLD

10/16/2014 - Editorial: Constitution prevails in levee board lawsuit

10/16/2014 - James Gill: Voters to decide on geriatric judges

10/15/2014 - Plaintiffs urge courts to reject BP's push to oust oil spill claims program head

10/15/2014 - Judges Dismiss Complaint on Alleged Bias Remarks

10/14/2014 - WLF Encourages Louisiana Supreme Court to Crack Down On Junk Science in the Classroom

10/14/2014 - Judiciary commission recommends 30-day suspension of West Baton Rouge judge for all-expenses paid hunting trip

10/14/2014 - Candidates for 19th JDC court challenge incumbent's judgment

10/12/2014 - Quin Hillyer: History of CWEL should quell wetlands lawsuit

10/11/2014 - Sunshine: Lawyers lassoed big bucks

10/11/2014 - No need for New Orleans criminal court judges to travel to resorts for continuing education: Editorial

10/10/2014 - Louisiana judges' travel is an outrageous racket: James Varney

10/9/2014 - Louisiana Oil & Gas Assn. argues law blocking wetlands damage suit is constitutional

10/9/2014 - Another fraudulent claim identified by special master in BP case; investigator requests $240k repayment

10/8/2014 - AG Buddy Caldwell supports court ruling that new state law doesn't block levee authority

10/8/2014 - Louisiana judges don't have to show receipts for $118 per-diem

10/8/2014 - New Orleans public paid $75,000 for judges' trips to beach resorts, mountain lodges, more

10/8/2014 - BP has "buyer's remorse" over spill deal, opponents tell Supreme Court

10/7/2014 - Judge asks for further arguments over constitutionality of levee board lawsuit

10/7/2014 - Quin Hilyer, John M. Barry: To supplement coastal trust, add a coastal levy

10/7/2014 - Baton Rouge judge: New law does not kill flood protection board's lawsuit

10/6/2014 - ALFORD: Left Letting the Right Prosecute Caldwell

10/6/2014 - Medical Center of Louisiana sued by woman claiming injuries due to feeding tube placement

10/6/2014 - Judge rules new state law doesn't stop levee authority from suing oil companies

10/6/2014 - Judge adds 4,000 plaintifs to Chinese drywall case

10/3/2014 - BP: Judge should amend 'gross negligence' ruling

10/2/2014 - The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever

10/2/2014 - Legality of law stripping east bank levee authority of right to sue energy companies for wetlands damages could face first test in Baton Rouge court on Monday

10/3/2014 - East bank levee authority's environmental damages suit against energy companies has produced $642,000 in legal expenses, $1.2 million in 'political costs' through August

10/2/2014 - BP asks court to revise findings or grant new trial

10/2/2014 - Exxon joins Jindal to face Dr. Mud in wetlands legal fight

10/2/2014 - Column: Lapeyre's audacity knows no bounds

9/27/2014 - Levee board re-nominates lawsuit supporter

9/26/2014 - Supporter of coastal erosion lawsuit against oil companies nominated for levee board

9/25/2014 - Experts wonder if suing 'Big Oil' is really worth it for Louisiana

9/26/2014 - New vote on Kemp

9/25/2014 - St. Bernard House Seat Targeted

9/25/2014 - Survival of Big Oil lawsuit hinges on fate of 1 levee board member

9/23/2014 - Slidell man charged with wire fraud in BP oil spill claim

9/23/2014 - New Orleans criminal court Judge Frank Marullo could face ethics query over TV report

9/23/2014 - Committee must meet again Thursday to pick board member for levee authority

9/23/2014 - Committee to vote again on levee authority nominee who favors lawsuit

9/21/2014 - Editorial: Politics behind a 'nonpolitical' board

9/21/2014 - Right vote on Kemp

9/18/2014 - Committee's decision preserves levee authority's lawsuit against oil and gas industry - for now

9/18/2014 - Setback in effort to kill lawsuit against oil and gas companies over coastal erosion

9/18/2014 - District judge faces sanctions for trip, other alleged improprieties

9/18/2014 - Committee nominates proponent of environmental damages lawsuit against energy companies to east bank levee authority suit

9/17/2014 - Louisiana attorney general says "legacy lawsuit" attorneys can't sue in state's name

9/17/2014 - Nominating committee to consider controversial appointments for east bank levee authority on Thursday

9/17/2014 - Column: Lawyers Behaving Badly

9/16/2014 - After cases of alleged fraud exposed, claims administrator says tax documents not routinely verified in claims

9/14/2014 - Southeast Louisiana flood authority still needs Paul Kemp

9/12/2014 - Amendment an issue in 9th Judicial District race

9/11/2014 - Guest commentary: Politics threatens levee board reforms

9/9/2014 - St. John Judge Mary Becnel cleared to seek re-election; challenger Mona Joseph still off ballot

9/8/2014 - New evidence released in oil spill settlement debacle leaves another black eye on Louisiana's legal reputation

9/8/2014 - La. asbestos attorneys want clients' info to remain sealed in Garlock case

9/8/2014 - Even hefty fines no problem for oil giant

9/7/2014 - Gulf Coast residents, workers hail judge's ruling against BP

9/6/2014 - Hunting alligators, GOP members of Congress help former Rep. Jeff Landry raise money

9/3/2014 - Two EBR area judges draw no opponents for appellate court seats

9/2/2014 - New Orleans Judge Frank Marullo's candidacy questioned in 4th Circuit Court of Appeal

9/2/2014 - Few Louisiana judges will be elected "by the people" this fall

8/29/2014 - Deckhand at various Louisiana drill sites files suit after contracting mesothelioma

8/28/2014 - Future of 'Big Oil' at stake as panel meets

8/29/2014 - Small Steps Made in Legal Reform

8/29/2014 - Legislature Addresses Key Issues, But Legal Landscape Remains Uncertain

8/26/2014 - Editorial: Politics and Flood Control

8/26/2014 - Minority judge lawsuit to continue despite candidate win

8/25/2014 - Judge tosses suit claiming BP misled regulators about Gulf platform

8/20/2014 - Lawsuit fight makes choosing new Flood Authority members a very tricky business

8/20/2014 - New fight over judges

8/18/2014 - Former West Bank levee authority member seeks east bank seat, could be swing vote on oil suit

8/17/2014 - Guest Column: Louisiana lawsuit reform must be priority

8/17/2014 - Redd candidate for 14th JDC judge seat

8/6/2014 - Stromberg announces candidacy for 23rd Judicial District Judge, Division C

8/15/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Meritless lawsuits cost time, money

8/14/2014 - Judge Wayne Ray Chutz announces plans to run for spot on First Circuit Court of Appeals

8/14/2014 - Angel Varnado announces her run for 24th Judicial District Court's Division G judgeship

8/14/2014 - Judge orders house arrest for lawyer, who then announces he'll run against the judge

8/14/2014 - Baton Rouge attorney authors guest column rebutting recent LABI 'fact sheet' about state's 'unfavorable' judicial climate

8/13/2014 - Judge approves $48M settlement in Bayou Corne sinkhole case

8/8/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Some facts on lawsuit, oil industry

8/7/2014 - Hearing on east bank levee authority suit against energy companies scheduled for Nov. 12

8/7/2014 - State Judge Kay Bates to retire in December

8/6/2014 - Board challenges law blocking 'big oil' lawsuit

8/6/2014 - Levee authority files challenge to new law

8/5/2014 - LABI Releases Report on Louisiana's Judicial Climate

8/5/2014 - Levee authority asks federal judge to rule new state law doesn't block suit against energy companies

8/5/2014 - Levee authority asks judge to rule on constitutionality of law that would scuttle lawsuit

7/20/2014 - Oliver 'Jackson' Schrumpf announces candidacy for district judge seat

8/4/2014 - CORRECTION: Tainted Legacy: Legislature's fixes create obstacles to oil and gas cleanup

8/3/2014 - BP asks U.S. Supreme Court to hear settlement appeal

8/3/2014 - Hasten column: What's the real story about Louisiana's business atmosphere

8/2/2014 - BP files U.S. Supreme Court appeal of settlement, TV station reports

8/2/2014 - Landmark land lawsuit awaits judge's decision

7/31/2014 - Tainted Legacy: Legislature's fixes create obstacles to oil and gas cleanup

7/28/2014 - Column: On wetlands suit, know when to fold 'em

7/26/2014 - 'Every exposure' theory rejected in La. asbestos case

7/27/2014 - Large political contributions flow freely from oil-rich Louisiana

7/22/2014 - Tainted Legacy: Money from oil and gas industry flowing into state

7/22/2014 - Oil spill claimant hits back at BP's 'campaign of intimidation' with defamation suit

7/21/2014 - National Watchdog Group Names Louisiana Small Business Owner Mike Carter as Legal Reformer of the Month

7/21/2014 - Judge Clause announces retirement

7/21/2014 - New Orleans Civil District Court fund's books off by $340,000, audit finds

7/21/2014 - Column: Why the wetlands lawsuit is pure poison

7/20/2014 - Yelverton candidate for appellate judge

7/19/2014 - Carter faces sanction in conflict found false

7/19/2014 - Editorial: Oil and gas keeping us going

7/18/2014 - State spends more money on oil spill

7/18/2014 - $15M earmarked for La.'s Gulf oil spill litigation

7/16/2014 - Tainted Legacy: Heirs to ill-gotten fortune back in court seeking more (VIDEO AT LINK)

7/14/2014 - Lawyer for levee authority says battle over coastal loss lawsuit is just beginning

7/13/2014 - AG's opinion may help Jindal take over area levee board

7/11/2014 - AG: 'Big Oil' lawsuit supporter's term is over

7/10/2014 - Tainted Legacy: Wealthy and powerful vs. big oil (VIDEO AT LINK)

7/10/2014 - Legacy lawsuits to be revealed in in-depth WWL series "Tainted Legacy"

7/8/2014 - Legacy lawsuits: 360 cases, millions paid, little cleaned up

7/4/2014 - With Randow seeking reelection, 9th district judge's race changes

7/3/2014 - Federal magistrate to oversee Wisner Donation demand that BP clean oil from its south Lafourche Parish land

7/3/2014 - A levee board lawsuit update from John Barry

7/2/2014 - Attorney general's communications director leaves

7/2/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Big Oil, Pharma Jindal knows greed

7/2/2014 - Fed hearing set on parish-v-oil industry suit

6/30/2014 - Video: Water quality advocates 'Flood Into Baton Rouge'

6/28/2014 - Environmental lawsuit against 92 energy companies belongs in federal court, judge rules

6/28/2014 - Video: Coastal supporters rally at Jindal's home to protest ban on flood lawsuit

6/28/2014 - Dissecting Nevada's statute of limitations

6/27/2014 - Coastal lawsuit won't move back to state court

6/25/2014 - Attorney General Buddy Caldwell should protect public's interest in coastal damages lawsuit: Editorial

6/24/2014 - Jindal signs bills to ban AG contracts

6/23/2014 - Can the levee board suit survive?

6/23/2014 - U.S. Chamber Commends Signing of Louisiana Outside Counsel Sunshine Law

6/23/2014 - Committee to seek attorney general opinion about term of second West Bank levee authority member

6/20/2014 - Committee may seek attorney general opinion on terms of east and west bank levee authority members

6/18/2014 - fighting for flood protection and to hold industry accountable for erosion: Sandy Rosenthal

6/17/2014 - Attorney General Buddy Caldwell should intervene in coastal damages lawsuit: Oliver Houck

6/15/2014 - In defense of the oil and gas industry

6/15/2014 - Louisiana spotlight: 'Big Oil' lawsuit issues linger

6/15/2014 - Jindal's choice hurts Louisiana

6/15/2014 - Resolve differences outside the courts

6/13/2014 - Effort to cite new state law in Plaquemines oil industry suit thrown out, for now

6/13/2014 - Buddy Leach responsds to legacy lawsuit column: James Varney

6/12/2014 - Oil and gas achieve victories in state legislature; But 'legacy lawsuits' continue to plaque industry

6/12/2014 - Law aimed at killing levee authority suit used to support similar Plaquemines environmental damage suit against oil companies

6/10/2014 - Oil industry steers discussion post-session


6/9/2014 - As a State Wrangles, Its Coast Is Swept Out to Sea

6/9/2014 - Did Jindal tell us his brother's law firm represents BP before signing SB 469? We didn't get the memo from press office

6/9/2014 - Questions about east bank levee authority members' terms could threaten authority's environmental damages lawsuit

6/9/2014 - Supreme Court: BP must pay claims during appeal

6/8/2014 - James Gill: Time has come for settlement on coast damage

6/7/2014 - Jindal signs bill that could kill wetlands suit

6/6/2014 - Analysis shows case compelling to make SB 469 law

6/6/2014 - Governor Jindal Signs Bill to Stop Frivolous Lawsuits and Continue Coastal Restoration Work in Louisiana

6/6/2014 - Lawyers: BP claims at risk if Jindal signs levee lawsuit bill

6/6/2014 - Bill ceremony was funny, sad (COLUMN)

6/5/2014 - Does Buddy Caldwell Do Any Actual Work?

6/5/2014 - New Orleans City Council asks Gov. Jindal to veto levee board lawsuit bill

6/5/2014 - Politics of Veto Request Still to Surface

6/5/2014 - Buddy Goes to Bat

6/5/2014 - Jefferson Parish President John Young asks Gov. Jindal to veto bill killing levee authority damage suit against energy companies

6/4/2014 - Bill challenges AG Caldwell's deals with outside attorneys

6/4/2014 - Jindal rejects Caldwell recommendation to veto levee lawsuit bill

6/4/2014 - AG recommends veto for levee board lawsuits bill

6/4/2014 - Attorney General Caldwell recommends vetoing levee authority lawsuit bill, but Gov. Jindal disagrees

6/4/2014 - BP must pay Clean Water Act fines for gulf oil disaster, appeals court says

6/2/2014 - LABI President: Jindal Will Sign Bill

6/2/2014 - Bobby Jindal delays signing bill to kill lawsuit against oil, gas companies

6/2/2014 - Could signing of levee lawsuit bill hurt La. lawsuits against BP?

6/1/2014 - Impact of signing levee lawsuit bill questioned

6/1/2014 - Hasten: Gallot plays peacemaker in judicial dispute

6/1/2014 - Editorial: Senate Bill 469 shouldn't get Gov. Jindal's signature

6/1/2014 - Victory doesn't mean it's over

5/31/2014 - Editorial: Bill sets such a bad precedent

5/29/2014 - Guest Column: Safeguarding Louisiana's coast

5/30/2014 - Louisiana House votes to kill levee board lawsuit


5/29/2014 - Louisiana House supports bill to nullify levee board lawsuit

5/29/2014 - Louisiana voters could toss judges' 70-year age limit

5/29/2014 - Lawsuit lending prioritizes financial gain above securing justice

5/29/2014 - Letter: SB 299 would benefit Louisiana consumers

5/28/2014 - Legal memo accidentally given to plaintiffs in radiation exposure lawsuit stricken by appeals court

5/28/2014 - Louisiana House should kill bill intended to nullify levee lawsuit against oil, gas: Editorial

5/27/2014 - House bill would require approval for AG attorney hires

5/27/2014 - As Louisiana's coastline shrinks, a political fight over responsibility grows

5/26/2014 - Legislature cracks down on lawsuits; more than two dozen bills seek 'reform'

5/26/2014 - Panel OKs requiring prior approval for contracts

5/24/2014 - Lawsuit bill going down to wire

5/22/2014 - Letter: Levee board looking after own interests, not state's

5/22/2014 - La. House committee votes to kill levee board lawsuit

5/21/2014 - Bill that aims to eliminate coastal damage lawsuit could put landowners, parishes at fault

5/21/2014 - BP turns to U.S. Supreme Court in fight over oil spill settlement

5/21/2014 - Senate sends 'legacy lawsuit' bill to Jindal

5/21/2014 - Legacy lawsuit reform again passes legislature, moves onto governor's desk

5/21/2014 - Process for handling Louisiana's 'legacy lawsuits' to change

5/21/2014 - Senate denies amendment to oilfield cleanup bill

5/20/2014 - Louisiana Senate approves amended bill restricting environmental damage 'legacy lawsuits' against oil and gas companies, sends to Gov. Jindal for signature

5/20/2014 - Louisiana legacy lawsuits good for certain bank accounts, not so much the environment: James Varney

5/18/2014 - Louisiana lawsuits seek oil and gas industry money to restore coastline

5/19/2014 - Appeals court won't rehear BP settlement issue

5/19/2014 - Transparency is the Foundation of Good Government

5/18/2014 - KILL THE BILL: SB 299 Institutionalizes Abusive Lawsuit Lending Practices

5/18/2014 - Flood authority is wrong plaintiff

5/18/2014 - Our view: Pass new levee bill quickly

5/18/2014 - Targeting suit against oil companies

5/18/2014 - Political leadership let us down

5/18/2014 - Our Views: Don't gut 2006 reforms

5/16/2014 - Court costs

5/16/2014 - Retired Gen. Honoré storms fracking battlefield in St. Tammany as recall efforts begin for elected officials

5/16/2014 - BGR opposes levee boards' restriction

5/15/2014 - House approves bill restricting 'legacy lawsuits' against oil companies, returns it to Senate

5/15/2014 - Louisiana Supreme Court removes New Orleans juvenile court judge from bench

5/13/2014 - Quest for Justice

5/13/2014 - West Bank levee authority member Jerry Viera replaced by Jindal

5/13/2014 - Voters might have say in lifting judges' mandatory retirement age, report says

5/12/2014 - Bills restricting oil and gas 'legacy lawsuits' sent to House floor

5/11/2014 - James Gill: Oil and gas owe Louisiana big time

5/11/2014 - Lawsuit is in Kleckley's hands (Opinion)

5/9/2014 - Constitutional amendment would make it easier to eliminate judgeships

5/9/2014 - Kerwin Julien appointed to Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West

5/8/2014 - New Orleans City Council blasts bills aimed at killing levee lawsuit

5/8/2014 - Editorial: Ending lawsuit against oil and gas companies would be a mistake

5/8/2014 - La. Supreme Court finds no judicial misconduct by Judge Clark

5/6/2014 - Lawmakers should let flood protection authority lawsuit against oil, gas go forward: Editorial

5/6/2014 - Environmental groups protest bill aimed at levee board lawsuits

5/5/2014 - Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré attacks bills seeking to block levee lawsuit

5/5/2014 - Let coastal suit get to court!

5/2/2014 - Oil lawsuit-killing bill advances

5/1/2014 - Senate committee approves bill stripping east bank levee authority right to sue energy companies for wetlands damages

5/1/2014 - Deal would derail coastal lawsuit

4/30/2014 - Decision rescinding BP oil spill claimant's award not likely to shift legal climate, experts say

4/28/2014 - Bill would change procedures for filling judicial vacancies

4/28/2014 - Council for a Better Louisiana opposing bill to let governor remove levee authority members

4/28/2014 - Quin Hillyer: Board shouldn't sue, but should be independent

4/27/2014 - Bills to scuttle 'Big Oil' suit progress, but lawsuits may continue: Analysis

4/27/2014 - 'Ladies in red' back in Capitol to fight for independent levee boards

4/27/2014 - Leave coastal lawsuit alone

4/27/2014 - Editorial: Turning back levee reforms

4/27/2014 - Guest commentary: Levee board reforms could be washed away

4/26/2014 - Environmentalists protesting Shell ejected from New Orleans Jazz Fest

4/25/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Lawsuit lending should be regulated

4/25/2014 - Protesters make bones with Benton state senator over perceived cronyism

4/23/2014 - Adley makes changes to levee board bill, expects opposition

4/23/2014 - Adley alters levee board bill

4/23/2014 - Bill to derail Jefferson, Plaquemines parish coastal lawsuits has stalled

4/23/2014 - East bank levee authority attorneys launch "Sunshine Squad" web site to oppose legislation aimed at killing authority's wetlands damages lawsuit

4/23/2014 - Honore Rallying Troops, Planning Press Conference

4/23/2014 - Let evidence, not politics decide lawsuit

4/23/2014 - Parishes not part of effort to sidetrack wetland suits

4/23/2014 - Legacy lawsuit bill breezes through state Senate

4/21/2014 - Let the Sunshine In!: Transparency bill will help curb cronyism in the AG's office

4/20/2014 - Political Horizones: Honore wants public involved on environment

4/20/2014 - Stephanie Grace: Bill eliminates board's independence

4/19/2014 - Legislation stripping levee districts of autonomy raise questions about flood protection taxes, emergency response

4/18/2014 - WAGUESPACK: Louisiana, We Have a Problem

4/17/2014 - Legislation targets levee board

4/17/2014 - Louisiana Senate Votes to Void Oil and Gas Suit

4/16/2014 - Restoring Louisiana's Coast Will Require Restoring its Democracy - Governor Jindal is Trying to Undermine Both

4/16/2014 - Rewritten flood authority bill gives Jindal more power

4/16/2014 - Bill passes state senate that would stop massive lawsuit against oil companies

4/15/2014 - LANDRY: Let's Get Rid Of Buddy Caldwell's Cronyist Contingency Fees

4/16/2014 - Senate OKs bill to sidetrack suits against energy industry

4/16/2014 - Jury trial threshold bill tabled

4/15/2014 - Louisiana tort reform bill voted down by the state House

4/15/2014 - We Just Found Out How Overlawyered Louisiana Is

4/15/2014 - Stephanie Grace: Bills aim to short-circuit judicial system

4/15/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Anti-lawsuit columnist confused on coastal issue

4/15/2014 - Barry says lawsuit necessary

4/14/2014 - The Hidden Cost of the Tort Tax

4/14/2014 - Adley to fight changes to contract nullification bill

4/14/2014 - Column: These lawsuits are all wet

4/11/2014 - Louisiana's traumatic bond with Big Oil: Robert Mann

4/10/2014 - Coastal Parishes Oppose Other Lawsuit Bill

4/10/2014 - Editorial: Jindal undermines energy in levee board attack

4/10/2014 - Court ruling may lead to higher taxes for salt caverns

4/9/2014 - Louisiana House quickly passes bill to restrict mesothelioma, latent disease cases

4/9/2014 - One bill restricting oil and gas 'legacy lawsuits' forwarded to Senate floor, second fails in committee Wednesday

4/9/2014 - Senate Committee Advances Legacy Bill

4/9/2014 - Jury in southwest Louisiana federal court awards man $9 billion in bladder cancer case

4/8/2014 - Shocking $9 Billion Punitive Damages Verdict in Louisiana Will Likely be Reduced

4/8/2014 - Jefferson Chamber backs tort reform bill

4/8/2014 - Levee authority lawyers say they'll waive some fees if energy companies come to bargaining table

4/8/2014 - House Committee on Civil Law hearing on HB 482 (Part 1)

4/8/2014 - House Committee on Civil Law hearing on HB 482 (Part 2)

4/8/2014 - Guest commentary: Why is lawsuit such a bad idea?

4/8/2014 - Landrieu downplays value of levee suit

4/7/2014 - Mary Landrieu: 'Lawsuits will not save the coasts of Louisiana'

4/7/2014 - Oil and gas industry looking to kill lawsuits from Jefferson, Plaquemines over wetlands

4/6/2014 - President's View: A Compromised Legacy

4/6/2014 - Our Views: Don't limit court actions

4/6/2014 - If Legislature forbids levee lawsuits, Louisiana taxpayers will pay the price of coastal repairs: Mark Davis

4/6/2014 - Flood protection authority fighting uphill battle

4/5/2014 - Bill aimed at limiting venue in asbestos cases passes House committee

4/5/2014 - Legal observers urge tort reform caution

4/4/2014 - Improving citizen access to Louisiana courts: Letter

4/4/2014 - Other views: Louisiana should end ban on civil jury trials

4/3/2014 - The Flood Authority Lawsuit is Getting Strangled by the Legislature

4/4/2014 - Legacy lawsuit bill heads to full senate

4/4/2014 - Bill to derail levee suit moves to Senate

4/3/2014 - Oil and gas interests have no better friend in Baton Rouge than the combative Sen. Adley

4/3/2014 - Bills Moving to Kill Lawsuits Against Big Oil

3/31/2014 - Debunking Big Oil's big lie (Column)

4/3/2014 - State Senate OKs bill that would sidetrack levee lawsuits

4/2/2014 - Louisiana Senate passes bill seeking to derail levee board suit

4/2/2014 - Senate endorses end to judicial age limit

4/1/2014 - Bureau of Governmental Research opposes Senate bill that would give governor more power in selecting levee board members

4/1/2014 - Louisiana tort reform push begins, with passage of bill to zero out jury trial threshold

4/1/2014 - Our Views: End barrier on trials

4/1/2014 - Municipal lawsuit legislation advances

4/1/2014 - Stephanie Grace: Ex-govs agree on worth of lawsuit

3/31/2014 - LOGA continuing fight against energy industry lawsuits

3/29/2014 - Proposal may help settle legacy lawsuits

3/28/2014 - Tort reform plan includes local lawmaker

3/27/2014 - Jindal announces legacy lawsuit legislation

3/27/2014 - Jindal announces deal reached in 'legacy lawsuits'

3/27/2014 - Landry: Why is Louisiana a magnet for out-of-state lawsuits?

3/16/2014 - Legislation needed to tighten lawsuit loans

3/23/2014 - Frivolous lawsuits hurting state

3/22/2014 - LOGA's Briggs speaks out against 'greedy' lawsuits

3/22/2014 - Pro-energy groups stir debate

3/20/2014 - LLAW's Melissa Landry on WWL with Garland Robinette

3/19/2014 - Improve La.'s lawsuit climate (LETTER)

3/18/2014 - Survey Says 7 in 10 Louisiana Voters Support Lawsuit Reform Legislation

3/18/2014 - Our Views: A dilemma on lawsuits

3/17/2014 - Statewide Tort Reform Survey Shows Majority of Louisiana Voters Back Lawsuit Reform

3/16/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Frivolous suits hurt business

3/14/2014 - BRIGGS: A Confused Judge And A Major Economic Threat (Op-Ed)

3/10/2014-  LANDRY: A Guide To This Session's Top Legal Reform Bills (Op-Ed)

3/14/2014 - Backers of coastal-erosion lawsuit launch new website

3/13/2014 - Tort Reform Battle on the Bayou (Op-Ed)

3/13/2014 - Timeline shows how energy industry violated laws, levee authority attorneys say

3/13/2014 - LOGA reveals its new coalition

3/13/2014 - Oil & gas industry: Legal battle wtih Louisiana could drive business away

3/12/2014 - Press Release: Tea Party of Louisiana strongly supports House Bill 917 and Senate Bill 273 to restore teh Right of Trial by Jury in Louisiana

3/11/2014 - LLAW Legislative Preview

3/10/2014 - LOGA meetings to rally state support

3/10/2014 - Open Letter to LOGA Members from Don Briggs

3/10/2014 - Judge rules in favor of AG's office in LOGA lawsuit

3/10/2014 - Court: SLFPA-E had right to hire outside attorney, not use AG's Office

3/10/2014 - Judge upholds AG Buddy Caldwell's approval of levee authority's vote in wetlands damage suit

3/10/2014 - Battles over BP settlement could be nearing an end

3/9/2014 - Bills up for debate in State Legislature

3/8/2014 - Oil industry, Louisiana relations on trial

3/8/2014 - Lawmakers split on oil lawsuit

3/8/2014 - Water rally at Capitol Gets Residents Thinking about the Future

3/7/2014 - Rally for cleaner water in Louisiana at the Capitol

3/7/2014 - Levee board nominators push back against Jindal

3/6/2014 - Levee authority committee ignores Bobby Jindal rejection of one nominee, agrees to send him another

3/6/2014 - Judge Janice Clark faces possible censure for 'judicial misconduct'

3/5/2014 - SADOW: Caldwell's Legal Fight With LOGA Is About His Re-Election Effort

3/5/2014 - East bank levee authority nominating committee meets Thursday, but may not choose nominees

3/4/2014 - James Gill: Industry spokesman doesn't worry about the facts (Column)

3/4/2014 - North Louisiana senator charges Baton Rouge judge with ethics violations

3/3/2014 - MAGINNIS: Legislators to Judge Suit Against Big Oil

3/3/2014 - Legislation could kill coastal lawsuit

3/3/2014 - Barry 'reasonably optimistic' that deal can be reached if 'Big Oil' lawsuit survives session

3/3/2014 - In BP oil disaster, appeals court rules claimants need not prove direct harm

3/3/2014 - In Conversation: Harold Kim

3/2/2014 - Letter: Frivolous suits hurt state


3/1/2014 - Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans oppose legislation to weaken flood protection authority: Ruthie Frierson

2/28/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Oil companies begin to view Louisiana as hostile

2/28/2014 - Clancy DuBos Takes His Hacks At The Oil Business

2/28/2014 - LANDRY: A Perception Problem, Or Perhaps More, In Louisiana's Judiciary

2/28/2014 - Support job creation, not litigation

2/27/2014 - A Little Good News: 11 Louisiana Parish Lawsuits Dismissed

2/28/2014 - Tort Reform With a Twist

2/28/2014 - Gov. Jindal, Louisiana Legislature shouldn't undermine levee reforms (EDITORIAL)

2/27/2014 - Let the finger-pointing begin

2/27/2014 - Don Briggs not going to jail

2/27/2014 - Wade Shows Buying Janice Clark?

2/27/2014 - B.R. attorney representing the state in high-profile case says 'no conflict' in hosting fundraiser for judge

2/27/2014 - Environmental groups oppose changes in selection process for levee authority members

2/26/2014 - Judge denies BP's request to delay seafood claims payments

2/26/2014 - BP seeks to halt payments to seafood-industry claimants

2/25/2014 - LOGA court case delayed until March 10

2/25/2014 - Oil & Gas Association president fails to appear in court Tuesday, despite threat of jail

2/25/2014 - Oil and gas group's leader does not appear for trial on its lawsuit

2/24/2014 - LOGA leader bound for court Tuesday

2/24/2014 - Judge orders Oil and Gas Association president to appear in court Tuesday or face jail

2/24/2014 - Former congressman running for state attorney general

2/24/2014 - Former Congressman Jeff Landry announces run for Louisiana attorney general

2/24/2014 - Appeals court upholds dismissal of 11 parish suits against BP under Louisiana wildlife law

2/20/2014 - Governor would have more say in appointing levee authority members, under proposed legislation

2/20/2014 - Barry speaks in support of suit against oil industry

2/16/2014 - Louisiana's bayous and bays are vanishing from marine maps

2/16/2014 - Political Horizons: Levee board lawsuit still under fire

2/15/2014 - 3-year study of Louisiana's judiciary concludes more study is needed

2/14/2014 - High claims, litigation continue to drive Louisiana auto insurance rates up

2/13/2014 - National trial attorney conference wraps up in New Orleans

2/11/2014 - The Louisiana Democrat Party is Now Toxic to Mary Landrieu's Reelection Hopes

2/10/2014 - Mudd & Bruchhaus chosen to represent Jury

2/9/2014 - State Democrats back leve board suits

2/8/2014 - Oil industry, 'Green Army' at odds

2/8/2014 - Editorial: Sending the wrong message

2/7/2014 - Busting the Asbestos Racket

2/7/2014 - Levee board reformers worry that Jindal bringing politics back into process

2/7/2014 - John Barry: "My Motivation is Simple: I Want the Louisiana Coast to Survive"

2/7/2014 - Make them pay

2/6/2014 - State Democratic Party will vote on whether to support east bank levee suit against oil and gas industry

2/6/2014 - Coastal restoration suit still on table

2/5/2014 - Louisiana judicial system to blame for high auto insurance, some say

2/3/2014 - LOGA: Frivolous lawsuits bane to growth

1/31/2014 - Letter to the Editor: Judiciary lacks accountability

1/30/2014 - Louisiana Might Be Winning From Caldwell's Loss

1/30/2014 - Louisiana Supreme Court Strikes Down Expansive Interpretation of State Medicaid Fraud Statute

1/30/2014 - La. high court reverses $258 million verdict

1/29/2014 - Louisiana Supreme Court throws out $330 million ruling against drug companies

1/27/2014 - Plaintiffs rest their case in Jefferson Parish's Katrina flood trial

1/20/2014 - The legacy quest

1/24/2014 - Judge study may need more time

1/23/2014 - LANDRY: Caldwell's Contingency Fees Are At Issue, Again

1/23/2014 - February deadline looming for report on judges

1/21/2014 - Letter: Adley should be more concerned about loss of wetlands

1/19/2014 - Our Views: A five-star city judge

1/17/2014 - New Orleans attorneys deny improper actions in BP spill claims

1/17/2014 - Texas lawyer seeks hold on BP oil spill suit

1/16/2014 - Tort reform needed for oil and gas industry

1/15/2014 - Judicial activism one reason for 'Judicial Hellhole' label

1/15/2014 - Coastal authority, levee board attorneys at odds over lawsuit

1/15/2014 - Louisiana Attorney General responds to lawsuit brought by oil and gas trade association

1/12/2014 - Proposals to fill in canals not gaining much traction

1/10/2014 - Multibillion-dollar BP private claims settlement is upheld by split U.S. 5th Circuit Court panel

1/2014 - Why We're Suing the Oil Companies

1/9/2014 - Louisiana's attorney general defends his approval of east bank levee authority's resolution for hiring wetlands suit law firm

1/7/2014 - Editorial: Make panel's work public

1/7/2014 - David v. Goliath

1/7/2014 - Letter: SLFPA attorney contract invalid

1/5/2014 - BP's changing stance on claims payments puzzles experts

1/3/2014 - Louisiana asks 5th Circuit to transfer its BP claims to another judge

1/2/2014 - BGR sues state committee assessing judgeships for access to records, meetings

12/29/2013 - The Lawsuit Bayou

12/27/2013 - Federal judge dismisses most of remaining Katrina damage lawsuits

12/26/2013 - BP reserves right to appeal ruling allowing business claims without proof of oil spill losses

12/24/2013 - Oil industry blames 'legacy lawsuits' for drilling rig decline in south Louisiana

12/18/2013 - Family says asbestos killed dad

12/22/2013 - James Gill: It's official: Louisiana is a 'hell-hole'

12/20/2013 - President's View: Time for a Rankings Reality Check (Column)

12/19/2013 - Lawyers representing levee authority in lawsuit against oil companies agree to limit potential earnings

12/17/2013 - BP Accuses Texas Lawyer of 'Brazen Fraud' in Workers' Claims Over Gulf Oil Spill

12/9/2013 - Under fire

12/18/2013 - Business community plans to ask legislators to limit lawsuits

12/18/2013 - East Bank levee authority suit spurs renewed push for tort reform

12/18/2013 - Federal judge takes no immediate action on whether to return east bank levee authority wetlands damage suit to state court

12/18/2013 - Levee board wants lawsuit against oil companies moved back to state court

12/17/2013 - Louisiana shoots to top of 'Judicial Hellhole' list

12/17/2013 - LANDRY: 'Buddy System' Earns Louisiana #2 'Judicial Hellholes' Ranking

12/17/2013 - Oil and gas association challenges AG's approval of contract for coastal lawsuit

12/15/2013 - Opinion: Rush to oppose coastal reclamation suit exposes weakness of Jindal's case

12/15/2013 - Legislative auditor won't review legality of levee board's contract

12/13/2013 - Court should weigh in on East Bank levee board suit against oil and gas companies, auditor says

12/12/2013 - Auditor Questions Levee Board Legal Contract

12/10/2013 - Under Fire

12/10/2013 - Supreme Court ponders finality of attorney fee awards

12/06/2013 - Asbestos lawsuit to stay in Louisiana court, despite evidence of only remaining Louisiana defendant being improperly joined

12/05/2013 - East Bank levee authority votes to reaffirm wetlands damage lawsuit against energy companies

12/05/2013 - Letter: Oil industry suits threaten economy

12/04/2013 - St. Bernard turns to law firm used by other parishes seeking damages from drillers

12/04/2013 - Opinion: Timid litigation that shields Big Oil won't begin to pay for coastal reclamation

12/04/2013 - State levee boards association demands withdrawal of East Bank levee authority's suit against energy companies

12/04/2013 - Levee boards association criticizes suit against oil and gas companies

12/04/2013 - St. Bernard considers suit against oil and gas companies for coastal damage

12/04/2013 - Louisiana to sue Corps of Engineers seeking cash to fix MR-GO damage, maintain some West Bank levees

12/04/2013 - Feds, state coastal authority at odds over paying for projects

12/03/2013 - BP notches win in bid to block settlement payments

12/01/2013 - Gas drilling laws contested in court case

11/25/2013 - Bobby Jindal: Louisiana's Out-of-Touch Governor

11/23/2013 - La. lawsuits may portend shifting political tide

11/21/2013 - Levee authority will put off vote on whether to continue wetlands damage suite against energy companies

11/19/2013 - ADLEY: Attorney General Violated Law, Involved in "Cover-Up" (OPINION)

11/19/2013 - Ousted flood authority member launches nonprofit to support lawsuit

11/19/2013 - West Bank levee board opposes east bank wetlands damage lawsuit, urges coordination

11/19/2013 - Conflicts galore

11/19/2013 - Ousted flood board member touting new organization

11/19/2013 - Ousted levee authority member John Barry forms organization to support suit against energy companies

11/19/2013 - Critics say Jindal levee board appointee should recuse himself from energy lawsuit

11/19/2013 - West Bank levee board opposes east bank wetlands damage lawsuit, urges coordinations

11/19/2013 - Jindal has more snakes than he can kill with coastal lawsuits against oil and gas companies; whatcha gonna do now, Bobby? Those parishes [Jefferson and Plaquemines] got their own lawyers

11/18/2013 - Jefferson Parish wants to move trial of Hurricane Katrina flooding lawsuit

11/18/2013 - Local lawsuits against oil companies are more to Jindal's liking: John Maginnis

11/18/2013 - Flood authority to be asked to halt suit against oil, gas companies

11/17/2013 - John M. Barry: Companies should fix what they break

11/17/2013 - Louisiana's grand bargain?

11/17/2013 - Jindal in shadows of flood rate fight: Analysis

11/17/2013 - James Gill: Tide turning on oil industry

11/17/2013 - State never promised money to area flood authority, president says

11/16/2013 - Coastal litigation could spark reform

11/14/2013 - Parishes have no plans to sue oil, gas companies

11/15/2013 - Letter: Jindal selling out wetlands for political folly

11/14/2013 - Companies Leery of Jindal Stance on Legacy Cases

11/14/2013 - Super Legacy Suits: Parishes' litigation could bring Big Oil to bargaining table

11/14/2013 - Don Briggs: Coastal suits show need for tort reform

11/13/2013 - Debate intensifies over proposed federal discovery rules

11/13/2013 - Experts opine on oil and gas suits

11/13/2013 - Jefferson, Plaquemines file coastal erosion lawsuits against oil, gas companies

11/12/2013 - LOGA Response to Plaquemines and Jefferson Parish Lawsuits

11/12/2013 - OPINION: Ex-flood authority leader picks apart arguments against suing oil interests

11/12/2013 - Stephanie Grace: Will oil, gas lawsuit keep erosion conversation going?

11/10/2013 - Jefferson, Plaquemines eye action in coming weeks

11/8/2013 - East bank levee board at odds with Jindal loses its state subsidy

10/27/2013 - Something frightful brewing

11/5/2013 - CALDWELL: Avalanche of Contingency Fee Contracts Coming
Click here for flowchart included in the article.

11/5/2013 - Op-Ed: Lawsuit abuses jeopardize bright energy future for La.

11/4/2013 - BP tells 5th Circuit to throw out private oil spill settlement if business claims rules aren't fixed

11/4/2013 - Court to review approval of BP settlement

11/3/2013 - President's View: Clouds on the Horizon

11/1/2013 - Utilties regulator blasts Jindal on levee board suit

10/30/2013 - Louisiana sues Pfizer, saying it misled public about Zoloft

10/29/2013 - Honore delivers startingly radical call to action against forces destroying coast

10/30/2013 - In the words of former Gov. Mike Foster, "There's too much suing going on."

10/29/2013 - Bobby Jindal shows true colors in coastal lawsuit

10/22/2013 - Appellate court sides with employer in hearing loss case

10/22/2013 - Honore: Oil companies responsible for admitted damage

10/21/2013 - New Report Highlights 'Activist' Tendencies of the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal

10/21/2013 - Federal judge sets rules for submission of summary documents in BP oil spill trial

10/18/2013 - Ousted levee board member pledges to keep fighting

10/17/2013 - Committee holds hearing over reducing New Orleans judgeships

10/17/2013 - Jindal names 3 members to levee board who oppose suit against oil companies

10/16/2013 - Watchdog group: 3rd Circuit 'activist' court

10/16/2013 - New Orleans judges, city officials argue over cuts to judiciary

10/15/2013 - Attorney General Caldwell won't weigh in on fee for school lawsuit

10/15/2013 - Lawyer fees spark political debate

10/15/2013 - Public asked to weigh in on cost, caseload of Louisiana judges

10/14/2013 - Political Sideshow to Coastal Lawsuit

10/13/2013 - James Gill: Big shot steps in on behalf of oil and gas

10/12/2013 - It's Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week - Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

10/11/2013 - Federal judge orders BP, private plaintiffs to hammer out changes to business claims rules

10/11/2013 - Caldwell Reaches Out to Critics

10/9/2013 - Asbestos case remanded to district court for not meeting $74K jurisdictional

10/10/2013 - Justice Department rests in second phase of BP oil spill

10/9/2013 - BGR report spurs debate over judgeships before state Supreme Court's Judicial Council

10/8/2013 - Stephanie Grace: Independence at stake in appointments

10/8/2013 - Utilities commissioner calls for state Dems to back flood protection authority suit

10/2/2013 - BP wins 5th Circuit appeal on oil spill claims process

10/2/2013 - LOGA video on SLFPA-E lawsuit

10/2/2013 - Proponent of oil, gas suit loses spot on levee board

10/1/2013 - BP trial witnesses, lawyers tussle over characterizing what happened during the Gulf oil spill

9/30/2013 - John Barry not among nominees for Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East seats

9/30/2013 - Second phase of BP trial over the 2010 Gulf oil spill focuses on flow rates, 'top kills' and 'junk shots'

9/28/2013 - Can Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Make the Big Oil Lawsuit Go Away?

9/27/2013 - BP oil spill trial's second phase, starting Monday, will play key role in deciding massive fines

9/26/2013 - James Gill: Graves shows why lawsuit is needed

9/25/2013 - Levee board's lawsuit against oil companies to be topic of public forum

9/25/2013 - Jeff Landry: Caldwell involved in oil lawsuit

9/25/2013 - Buddy Caldwell says he did not authorize lawsuit

9/23/2013 - Lawsuit seeks Jindal adviser's correspondence with oil and gas industry

9/23/2013 - AG helping his buddies

9/22/2013 - Formal ceremony Friday for BR's first female U.S. judge

9/19/2013 - Abbeville atty to seek 15th JDC seat

9/2013 - Consumer lawsuit loans still need to be addressed 

9/19/2013 - John Barry on SLFPA-E Oil Suit (VIDEO)

9/19/2013 - SE Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East meets

9/17/2013 - Conservation group seeking to identify pollutants released during 2010 BP oil spill asks for its own trial

9/16/2013 - Gov. Bobby Jindal punishes levee board members who sued Big Oil; Chat with Jarvis DeBerry noon Tuesday

9/16/2013 - LANDRY: The Buddy System Shows Up In That Levee Board Lawsuit

9/13/2013 - Jindal won't reppoint 2 levee officials who support lawsuit against oil companies

9/13/2013 - 5 challengers vie for 3 seats on the East Bank levee authority

9/13/2013 - 'Big Oil' suit looms over flood board nominations

9/13/2013 - Levee board suit supporters are likely to lose seats

9/12/2013 - Levee panel wants suit against oil companies back in state court

9/10/2013 - DuBos: Levee board heads deserve to be reappointed

9/10/2013 - Levee body says suit against energy firms aims to enforce restoration clauses in state, federal permits

9/9/2013 - John Barry, On Why the Levee Board Has Sued the Oil and Gas Companies

9/9/2013 - Honore backs lawsuit against oil companies

9/8/2013 - Letter: Group backs Doody and Barry for SLFPA-East

9/6/2013 - Leaders of levee board reform say Jindal threats violate spirit of 2006 changes

9/5/2013 - Oil-gas industry, local levee board clash over AG's authorization of board's lawsuit

9/5/2013 - Oil and Gas Take Fight to Caldwell, The AG's One-Man Rapid Response Team

9/4/2013 - LO&G President: Actual damage not necessary

9/4/2013 - Why Jindal is so reluctant to make Big Oil pay for ravaging Louisiana's coast

9/4/2013 - Oil and gas association want Caldwell to reverse lawsuit approval

9/3/2013 - Dow Chemical and two others lose trial, must pay $5.95 million to man with mesothelioma

9/4/2013 - New Orleans could have as many as 25 surplus judges, BGR report finds

9/3/2013 - Concerns about Gulf spill settlement are irrelevant, plaintifs lawyers say

9/3/2013 - Stephanie Grace: Independence at stake in appointments

9/1/2013 - Facing Fire Over Challenge to Louisiana's Oil Industry

8/28/2013 - ExxonMobil not responsible for West Bank woman's cancer, Jefferson Parish jury decides

8/28/2013 - Jindal opposes coastal erosion lawsuit due to oil industry contributions, environmental groups say

8/25/2013 - LOGA VP Gifford Briggs and SLFPA-E VP John Barry debate lawsuit against oil and industry in Louisiana

8/21/2013 - If industry does not pay, we all will

8/25/2013 - Keep your eye on the ball

8/25/2013 - Our Views: Barry gets powerful ear

8/23/2013 - Support Small Businesses, Stop Lawsuit Abuse

8/22/2013 - Drilling-pipe cleaner sues oil companies over 'fear of cancer'

8/22/2013 - Gulf oil spill trial's 2nd phase to last 16 days, judge says

8/22/2013 - Suing oil and gas interests to save the coast: author John Barry weighs in

8/22/2013 - Lawsuit allegations are just that

8/22/2013 - Fireworks continue over lawsuit against oil and gas industry

8/21/2013 - State coastal authority votes to request East Bank levee authority to block oil, gas, pipeline suit

8/21/2013 - Levee board appointments may let Jindal interfere with suit

8/20/2013 - State moves to fill 3 East Bank levee authority seats, including posts held by president, vice president

8/19/2013 - Oil and gas vital to Louisiana (LETTER)

8/19/2013 - Barry says lawsuit opposition based oil & gas politics

8/17/2013 - Editorial: Lawsuit targets only one of many

8/15/2013 - New Orleans levee authority will consider 45-day pause to coastal erosion lawsuit

8/15/2013 - Levee board opens door to settling lawsuit

8/15/2013 - Flood board continues lawsuit

8/15/2013 - LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop Louisiana's lawsuit abuse

8/15/2013 - State coastal chief assails suit against oil, gas

8/14/2013 - La. panel questions reasoning of coastal lawsuit

8/14/2013 - Lawmakers, flood authority spar over wetlands lawsuit

8/14/2013 - Joint legislative committee convenes over coastal erosion lawsuit against oil companies

8/14/2013 - Former electrician sues numerous companies alleging lung cancer is result of asbestos exposure

8/14/2013 - Legislators question levee lawsuit

8/13/2013 - Major green groups keeping mum on flood authority lawsuit opposed by Jindal

8/13/2013 - Levee board's suit moved to federal court

8/12/2013 - Gulf oil spill claims administrator must respond to BP request to halt claims payments

8/12/2013 - BP sues federal government to get new contracts in wake of oil spill

8/13/2013 - Chevron U.S.A. wants flood authority lawsuit against oil, gas, pipeline companies moved to federal court

8/13/2013 - James Gill: Coastal suit muddies water

8/11/2013 - Louisiana coastal erosion lawsuit: State levee association committee comes out against it

8/11/2013 - Levee board association comes out against oil and gas lawsuit

8/10/2013 - What the levee authority really wants for Louisiana's coast: John M. Barry

8/8/2013 - Letter: Industry supports coastal efforts

8/8/2013 - ExxonMobil wants federal judge to hear Baton Rouge class action lawsuit

8/7/2013 - Massive oil and gas suit will face first test

8/6/2013 - Letter: Lawsuit will hurt La. coast

8/6/2013 - Letter: Why shouldn't oil and gas companies pay?

8/6/2013 - BP presents evidence of fraudulent claims, demands temporary halt of claims payments again

8/5/2013 - BP says rejection of private oil spill claims appeal could scuttle whole settlement

8/5/2013 - Petition asks state to support levee lawsuit

8/4/2013 - Kevin McGill: Is this flood board going rogue?

8/4/2013 - Stephanie Grace: Levee lawsuit already mired in politics

8/1/2013 - La. coastal damage lawsuit long overdue

7/31/2013 - Levee Board Lawsuit - the Latest Chapter in Trial Lawyer Greed

8/1/2013 - Oil spill deal is being used to enrich plaintiffs' lawyers: BP Vice President Geoff Morrell

8/1/2013 - Oil and gas industry has Louisiana's best interests at heart: Chris John

8/1/2013 - Environmental groups support levee board's oil and gas lawsuit

7/29/2013 - Louisiana politics challenges historic lawsuit against oil companies: John Maginnis

7/29/2013 - With levee authority lawsuit, state can't keep ignoring petroleum-related damage to marshes: Len Bahr

7/29/2013 - Oil and gas industry must pay for the damage it's caused: Lt. General Russel L. Honore

7/29/2013 - SADOW: On the Southeast Flood Protection Authority Lawsuit

7/28/2013 - Levee board's suit could be landmark case

7/26/2013 - State coastal authority requests meeting with East Bank levee authority over oil, gas, pipeline suit

7/26/2013 - Wetlands War

7/26/2013 - Landry preps for attorney general race

7/26/2013 - President's View: Some things that caught my eye this week

7/26/2013 - Stephanie Grace: History shows industry got a free ride

7/26/2013 - "Jackpot justice" is bad for Louisiana businesses: Jay Timmons and Dan Juneau

7/25/2013 - Lawsuit against oil and gas giants is a call to arms for Louisiana: Jarvis DeBerry

7/25/2013 - New Orleans, coastal lawmakers outspoken on levee board suit

7/25/2013 - Levee authority lawsuit: state lawmakers react

7/24/2013 - Locals interested in suit against oil companies

7/24/2013 - Louisiana Agency Sues Energy Companies for Wetland Damage

7/24/2013 - Appellate court asks judge to reconsider CITGO penalty

7/24/2013 - Suit seeks damages from oil companies for coastal erosion

7/24/2013 - Environmentalists allege constitutional violation in permitting gas storage salt dome construction in Lake Peigneur

7/23/2013 - East Bank levee authority to file lawsuit Wednesday aimed at getting oil, gas, pipeline firms to restore wetlands and ridges

7/23/2013 - Environmental groups' lawsuit to stop flow from failed Taylor Energy platform cleared for trial

7/22/2013 - Deadline murky for sinkhole suits

7/19/2013 - Judge refuses to suspend BP settlement payments

7/18/2013 - BP asks federal court to suspend claims payments during fraud investigation

7/17/2013 - Barbier grants motion for hearing on temporary suspension of BP claims program

7/15/2013 - Gill: BP fleece a done deal

7/11/2013 - Louisiana legacy lawsuits create unknown risks for some E&P companies

7/8/2013 - BP, plaintifs' laywers argue before 5th Circuit on challenge over oil spill payments

7/1/2013 - Petrochemical company wins case against insurer over pollution buy back program

6/28/2013 - Looking Back Part III: The Tort Reform Special Session of 1996

6/25/2013 - Injured contract workers file suit against Williams Olefins

6/23/2013 - Legacy lawsuit reforms mostly ignored by judges, say energy industry advocate and legal reform group

6/19/2013 - Scaled-back "Equal Pay for Women Act" to cover state workers

6/19/2013 - Bobby Jindal signs into law pay raises for judges, assessors

6/17/2013 - Class action suit sees settlement

6/14/2013 - Class action filed against ExxonMobil for multiple chemical leaks in Baton Rouge area

6/14/2013 - Class action filed after plant explosion

6/14/2013 - Federal judges to investigate misconduct complaint against 5th Circuit Judge Edith Jones

6/13/2013 - Judge Edith Jones' controversial remarks to be considered by Washington DC court

6/5/2013 - Mandatory retirement relief fails

6/3/2013 - Lawmakers fail to pass amendment eliminating mandatory retirement age for judges

5/30/2013 - Equal Pay for Women Act Cleared by Louisiana House Labor Committee

5/29/2013 - Assumption sinkhole lawsuits now total eight filed so far

5/28/2013 - Attorney general's contracts questioned

5/28/2013 - Bill to end mandatory retirement for judges moves to House floor

5/22/2013 - THE BUDDY SYSTEM: You've Got to Pay to Play

5/22/2013 - Court approves sinkhole class-action suit

5/21/2013 - THE BUDDY SYSTEM: Caldwell's Illegal (and Expensive) Contingency Fee Contracts

5/21/2013 - ATRA Ally Calls Out Louisiana Attorney General For for Pay-to-Play "Buddy System"

5/20/2013 - Attorney General called out for giving contracts to top campaign donors

4/9/2013 - ACTION ALERT: House to Consider Lawsuit Lending Bill Monday

4/30/2013 - Practice a danger to consumers

4/29/2013 - Bill would cap litigation loans

4/28/2013 - Loan and Order: States Object to 'Payday' Lawsuit Lending

4/26/2013 - Supreme Court creates another snag for class actions

4/2/2013 - N.O. judges not off the hook for insurance purchases yet

4/1/2013 - 5th Circuit Court sides with EPA in Clean Air Act case brought by Texas environmental groups

4/1/2013 - Class action settlements face growing scrutiny

3/28/2013 - Louisiana attorney general passes on sanctions against Orleans judges for suspect spending

3/19/2013 - Personal injury lawyer defends $900,000 in judicial spending as "amazingly efficient"

3/15/2013 - In BP oil spill trial, attention turns to Halliburton, Transocean

3/12/2013 - Bill would Require Details on Asbestos Payouts

3/14/2013 - Plaintiffs' lawyer resigns amid BP oil spill trial

3/12/2013 - Local judges put fish tanks, gun permit, handmade robes on expense accounts

3/11/2013 - As Asbestos Claims Rise, So Do Worries About Fraud

3/8/2013 - Second week of BP oil spill trial focuses on gross negligence

3/5/2013 - Scruggs asks 5th Circuit to toss guilty plea (BLOG)

3/5/2013 - Sinkhole case draws Brockovich

3/1/2013 - Tough road ahead for BP in Gulf oil spill trial, legal experts predict

3/1/2013 - BP's false oil flow claims may have delayed plugging of Macondo well, Transocean claims

2/28/2013 - Attorney Shelly Dick wins Judiciary Committee OK for seat on BR federal court

2/28/2013 - Johnson takes oath in public ceremony

2/27/2013 - Denton withdraws from judicial race

2/25/2013 - Oil spill begins for BP, Transocean, other companies: Blame game marks the first day

2/22/2013 - BP oil spill trial begins Monday in New Orleans almost three years after one of the worst spills in US history

2/22/2013 - Meet the lead attorneys involved in the BP oil spill trial

2/21/2013 - Federal judge rules some parts of BP criminal guilty plea, indictments of BP workers, can't be used in civil trial

2/15/2013 - Breaking Bad on the Bayou: Supreme Court and Attorney General Giving Louisiana a Bad Name

2/15/2013 - Vote on judge likely in two weeks

2/12/2013 - Judge nominee to get vote

2/11/2013 - UPDATED: Outside lawyers contracted by La. Attorney General making millions - have close ties to AG

2/08/2013 - Outside lawyers contracted by La. Attorney General making millions - have close ties to AG

2/04/2013 - Attorneys want $22.3 million in expenses reimbursed for work on economic and property damage settlement with BP

1/29/2013 - Federal judge accepts $4 billion BP guilty plea for Deepwater Horizon oil disaster

1/21/2013 - Top 10 jury verdicts of 2012

1/18/2013 - Justice department, BP defend $4 billion Deepwater Horizon criminal plea agreement

1/16/2013 - Louisiana AG's "Pay-to-Play" Party Rolls on in 2013

1/15/2013 - La. AG's oil spill tab nears $24M

1/11/2013 - Federal judge approves BP Gulf oil spill medical settlement

1/8/2013 - Justices Weigh Intent of a Class-Action Law

1/7/2013 - Chehardy elevates to appellate chief judge

1/6/2013 - Supreme Court class action

1/4/2013 - Beware Louisiana's Civil Justice System; It's a 'Hellhole'

12/26/2012 - Obama could reshape conservative 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

12/18/2012 - Louisiana makes 'Judicial Hellholes' list for third straight year; 'Legacy Lawsuit' reform noted as step in right direction

12/17/2012 - Louisiana looms large in oil spill case

12/13/2012 - Louisiana lands on 'Judicial Hellhole' watch list for third consecutive year

12/13/2012 - Louisiana Lands on 'Judicial Hellholes' Watchlist Again

12/12/2012 - Shelly Dick finally gets confirmation hearing, but it may be too late for Senate OK this year

12/11/2012- Building the Trust Fund (Op-Ed)

12/11/2012 - Asbestos lawsuit disclosure bill heads to Ohio gov

12/9/2012 - McDonald wins, Theriot on appellate court

12/7/2012 - Hughes, PAC have big money lead in court race

12/5/2012 - The State Supreme Court Race is a Classic Single-Issue Muddle

12/5/2012 - "Leave it to Beaver" emerges in Supreme Court race

12/5/2012 - Supreme Court candidates boost coffers

12/4/2012 - High court ruling to affect life terms for juveniles

12/4/2012 - Personal Injury Lawyers Go "All In" for Jeff Hughes

11/30/2012 - Contributions key in high court runoff

11/30/2012 - Judges bristle over finances

11/29/2012 - Clean water and land PAC spent roughly 40 percent of funds it raised on Hughes

11/29/2012 - Vitter removes block on judicial nominee

11/27/2012 - Wife of former pipe cleaner sues oil companies over alleged secondary exposure to radioactive materials

11/27/2012 - Class actions back on U.S. Supreme Court's radar

11/25/2012 - Voter turnout key in 1st Circuit race

11/25/2012 - Dupont, Theriot face off for appellate seat

11/25/2012 - Two appeals judges seek Supreme Court seat

11/21/12 - Louisiana Manufacturers Political Action Committee Endorse Judge John Michael Guidry for the Louisiana Supreme Court, District 5 Seat

11/18/12 - Jindal's support for judge opposed

11/16/12 - Court Candidates Split GOP, LABI endorsements

11/15/2012 - ATRA "disappointed" by Jindal's endorsement of Hughes for high court

11/15/2012 - Not just any Supreme Court race

11/14/2012 - BP, plaintiffs' attorneys urge federal judge to extend deadline in Gulf oil spill settlement

11/14/2012 - Clean Water and Land PAC money money makes its way into Supreme Court race

11/14/2012 - LABI
 PRESS RELEASE: Judge John Michael Guidry Receives Business Group Endorsement

11/13/2012 - Finally, an end to legacy-lawsuit abuse

11/12/2012 - Judicial candidate campaigns take divergent paths

11/11/2012 - Jindal backs Hughes for Supreme Court

11/7/2012 - Three judicial elections won outright, four headed to runoff

11/5/2012 - BP settlement, if approved, likely destined for appeal

11/5/2012 - Legacy Lawsuit Lawyers Working to Tip the Scales of Justice?

11/3/2012 - 8 candidates fight for seat on Louisiana high court

11/2/2012 - Thousands of opt-outs not expected to scuttle BP oil spill settlement

11/1/2012 - With less than a week to go, LA Supreme Court race still wide open

10/31/2012 - Panel oks revamp of judge pay review

10/31/2012 - LA Supreme Court races rakes in $1.98 million

10/30/2012 - Julie Quinn says she won't run for the judgeship in Jefferson Parish

10/30/2012 - Jennifer Sneed, former Jefferson Parish Council member, loses round on ethics charges

10/28/2012 - Letters: Learn about candidates in judicial elections

10/26/2012 - Judge delays oil spill trial, cites Super Bowl, Mardi Gras distractions

10/25/2012 - State to receive $18.6 million in drug settlements

10/23/2012 - Alexandria native Catherine "Kitty" Kimball looking forward to retirement after 20 years on Louisiana Supreme Court

10/22/2012 - Eight vie for Supreme Court District 5 seat

10/22/2012 - Small business owner plagued by asbestos lawsuits fears for future of business

10/19/2012 - District 5 hopefuls take part in forum

10/16/2012 - Louisiana Supreme Court dismisses role of politics, race in ruling on chief judge

10/16/2012 - Bernette Johnson will be LA Supreme Court's next chief justice

10/15/2012 - Judge Paul Bonin reelected to 4th Circuit Court of Appeal after opponent withdraws

10/5/2012 - Family of pipe cleaner claims radiation poisoning; Seeks punitive damages in suit against Shell, others

9/21/2012 - Louisiana drivers suffer high rate of auto misery

9/20/2012 - Supreme Court justice seeks $380K in fees, expenses

9/10/2012 - Chamber of Commerce Study give low marks to Louisiana civil courts

9/8/2012 - State appeals ruling in Louisiana chief justice spat

9/7/2012 - Letters: Lawsuit abuse hurts all of us

9/5/2012 - Class action lawsuit filed against Entergy following power outages

9/4/2012 - Federal Judge Picks Winner in Louisiana Supreme Court Dispute

8/21/2012 - More Lawsuits, Less Growth

8/17/2012 - Appeals court won't toss ex-Miss. lawyer's plea

8/16/2012 - Louisiana Supreme Court chief justice controversy argued before federal judge
07/11/2012 - Louisiana high court squabbles turns ugly

07/11/2012 - NAACP passes emergency resolution backing Bernette Johnson's claim to become Louisiana's chief justice

07/10/2012 - La. chief justice declines to discuss successor

07/09/2012 - Appeals court asked to toss ex-Miss. lawywer's plea

07/09/2012 - Marc Morial, Cedric Richmond ask Justice to block effort to keep Bernette Johnson from becoming chief justice

07/06/2012 - La. justice sues court for post

07/01/2012 - Commentary: Louisiana AG takes missteps with outside counsel

06/12/2012 - Private attorneys hired by AG in quasi-criminal proceedings rasies serious questions

06/11/2012 - Miss. high court orders new trial in asbestos case

06/08/2012 - House Judiciary Committee Passes Asbestos Transparency Bill

06/08/2012 - Tort Reform proponent says 2012 Legislative session had ups and downs

06/06/2012 - Diabetes Drug Maker Fights Pay-to-Play in Once-and-Future Judicial Hellhole

06/06/2012 - Gov. Bobby Jindal signs plan that could elect third African-American judge to 24th Judicial District

06/01/2012 - Report: Drug maker suing La. AG over outside counsel hiring

05/31/2012 - Legacy lawsuit compromise sent to governor's desk

05/31/2012 - Judge outlines new plan for Gulf oil spill trial

05/29/2012 - Appeals court upholds verdict in Miss. fraud suit

05/22/2012 - Legacy Lawsuit compromise advances

5/20/2012 - Tort reform group wary of Jindal

05/17/2012 - Why trial lawyers love Bobby Jindal

05/17/2012 - Deal reached on process for cleaning up old drilling sites

05/17/2012 - Oil and gas industry, landowners reach compromise in cleanup dispute with La. Legislature

05/16/2012 - Compromise in Legacy Lawsuits Reached

05/11/2012 - Controversial presentation on creating legacy lawsuits uncovered

05/11/2012 - Special Report: The long, lethal shadow of asbestos

05/02/2012 - Feds seek summer trial date for Gulf spill claims

04/21/2012 - Citizens' assets seizure on hold pending hearing

04/19/2012 - Judge authorizes seizure of Citizens Insurance money

04/18/2012 - Judge asked to sign off on BP oil spill settlement

04/18/2012 - BP oil spill medical claims settlement covers workers, some coastal residents

04/11/2012 - Second class action filed over vinyl plants explosion

04/04/2012 - BP oil spill trial plan could change

04/03/2012 - Should Gulf oil spill dispersant, clean-up companies stay in the litigation?

04/02/2012 - House Committee rejects lowering threshold for jury trials in lawsuits

03/25/2012 - Wide-ranging civil cases slow justice at federal court in New Orleans

03/23/2012 - Louisiana oil companies decry "abusive" rash of lawsuits, say industry hurting

03/23/2012 - Civil litigation reform bills could pass this session, advocate says

03/22/2012 - Measure limiting malpractice lawsuits coming up for vote in Congress

03/21/2012 - Property owners can challenge EPA in court, Supreme Court rules

03/20/2012 - La. Legislation Could Shield Louisiana Citizens From $104M Judgment

03/20/2012 - ExxonMobil should pay $10 million to Westwego man who has cancer, Jefferson Parish jury says

03/19/2012 - Fifth Circuit Rejects Appeal in $20M Transocean Case

03/14/2012 - "Secondary" asbestos exposure case filed against sewerage and water board and others

03/11/2012 - BP oil spill settlement is a bonanza for lawyers, columnist writes

03/10/2012 - BP oil spill claimants' legal fees might be paid by BP, plaintiff lawyers say

03/08/2012 - The Young Firm files another drilling mud asbestos suit

03/07/2012 - Lawmakers Targeting Asbestos Litigation

03/07/2012 - Legacy Lawsuits: The fight continues in Louisiana 

03/01/2012 - Gulf oil spill case court docket is busy as settlement talks continue

03/01/2012 - Bill would increase salaries for La. judges

03/01/2012 - Bills would alter rules for trials, suits

02/28/2012 - Study: Legacy lawsuits sapping Louisiana jobs

02/28/2012 - Mississippi man sues Chevron and others over asbestos exposure

02/22/2012 - Gulf of Mexico oil spill liability rulings filed

02/19/2012 - Gulf of Mexico oil spill trial to bring high-profile players into the ring

02/19/2012 - Man sues Exxon Mobil, others for hearing loss; claims he was battered by occupational noise

02/15/2012 - Appeals court affirms order that BP set aside up to 6 percent of any settlement for lead plaintiffs' attorneys

02/15/2012 - Class action filed against East Jefferson Hospital for allegedly overcharging patients

02/15/2012 - Most BP plaintiffs may be ineligible for compensation

02/14/2012 - Judge sets 1st hearing for diabetes drug lawsuits

02/13/2012 - Jury trials requested in asbestos suit on behalf of three offshore workers

02/12/2012 - Judge in Gulf oil spill trial can handle numbingly complex trial ahead, colleagues say

02/09/2012 - BP's blemished safety record is off-limits in trial, judge rules

02/07/2012 - Judge allocates time for start of oil spill trial

02/05/2012 - Gulf oil spill's "trial of the century" could end before it begins

02/05/2012 - Gulf oil spill blame is focus of New Orleans court case

1/30/2012 - BP tries to seal testimony, strike evidence in upcming oil spill litigation

01/30/2012 - With trial pending, BP asks judge to cull experts

01/28/2012 - Commissioner responds to Citizens' lawsuit

01/22/2012 - Caldwell, governor agree on legal fees

01/21/2012 - High Court refuses to overturn Citizens ruling

01/18/2012 - Gulf of Mexico oil spill claimants who settle, but don't sue, exempted from paying into lawyer fund

01/17/2012 - Attorney General reverses course, supports holding back percentage of BP settlements

01/09/2012 - Editorial: BP Makes Amends

01/05/2012 - Editorial: Put BP oil spill victims first in court hearing about potential attorney fees

01/05/2012 - BP oil spill payments resume after fee wrinkle

01/05/2012 - Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance asks for rehearing in adjustment case

01/05/2012 - Attorneys big winner in lawsuit

01/04/2012 - US Judge Tosses $322M Asbestos Lawsuit Verdict

01/05/2012 - BP oil spill payments resume after fee wrinkle

01/05/2012 - Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance asks for rehearing in adjustment case

01/05/2012 - Attorneys big winner in lawsuit

01/04/2012 - US Judge Tosses $322M Asbestos Lawsuit Verdict

12/29/2011 - Big year leads to bigger 2012 for U.S. Supreme Court

12/29/2011 - Fund will be creatd to reimburse plaintiff attorneys working on BP litigation

12/21/2011 - Four lawsuits filed against Temple-Inland

12/13/2011 - Barbier rejects state, city government damage claims against BP

12/10/2011 - Family, oil firm fight over land

12/10/2011 - Help decide the top 10

12/09/2011 - Zach Scruggs goes to federal appeals court

12/08/2011 - Asbestos case names nearly all employers man had in lifetime

12/08/2011 - New lawsuit filed in Gulf oil spill

 12/5/2011 - Attorney fees in BP litigation are disputed

11/30/2011 - Louisiana needs to speed away from No. 1 ranking

11-28-2011 - Jury favors BP in environmental damage suit; Houssiere plaintiffs seek second trial

11/21/2011 - Lower Threshold for Jury Trials Could Reduce Louisiana Car Insurance Rates

11/17/2011 - BP not entitled to insurance coverage under Transocean, Barbier rules

11/16/2011 - Federal judge rules against Feinberg

11/15/2011 - Judge Allows Alabama, Louisiana to Seek Punitive Damages in Oil Spill

11/15/2011 - BP loses two Gulf oil spill rulings

11/14/2011 - At a premium

11/07/2011 - Texaco sued for supplying benzene to Louisiana company over 35 years ago

11/06/2011 - Landrieu nominates 3 attorneys for vacant federal judgeship

10/31/2011 - Senate confirms Stephen Higginson for seat on 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals

10/28/2011 - Louisiana must turn over records to BP: judge

10/16/2011 - Tort Reform Issue in Race

10/04/2011 - "Litigation lottery" reviewed

10/3/2011 - Brown confirmed as N.O. federal judge

09/30/2011 - More jobs, not lawsuits

09/30/2011 - Groups Maneuvering for Active Legislative Session

09/27/2011 - Ad campaign touts limits on civil lawsuits

09/27/2011 - Group fights "frivolous" lawsuits

09/26/2011 - Louisiana voters back lawsuit reform

09/26/2011 - Poll: Statewide Consensus Backs Lawsuit Reform

09/26/2011 - Business coalition wants to limit civil lawsuits

09/26/2011 - Ad campaign seeks limits on civil lawsuits

09/23/2011 - In praise of Perry's Texas lawsuit reform

09/20/2011 - Judge must decide if state law applies to punitive damages in BP oil spill

09/18/2011 - Man awarded $7.55 million in Orleans Parish asbestos suit

09/15/2011 - Blame for 2010 Gulf Blast, Spill Will Be Decided by Trial Judge

09/12/2011 - House hearing: Louisiana's business growth stunted by asbestos lawsuits

09/08/2011 - Sulphur family appeals cap on damages to 3rd Circuit

09/02/2011 - Sound legal climate essential for a healthy job market

08/18/2011 - Guest Commentary: Legal Reform in the Lone Star State

07/27/2011 - Don't sound the death knell for class actions just yet

07/27/2011 - Judge orders Chinese drywall supplier to divulge details of $54 million settlement

07/27/2011 - Plaintiffs challenge GCCF's OPA compliance filed in BP oil spill

07/15/2011 - Judge gives preliminary approval of settlement in Chinese drywall litigation

07/15/2011 - Judge tosses RICO claims against BP for oil spill

07/14/2011 - Asbestos case hits a snag

7/10/2011 - BP fights payout formula

07/08/2011 - Martin Co. not liable for Alexandria woman's cancer, jury decides

07/03/2011 - La. Jury awards $1.5M in asbestos case


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